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host debian repos

Added by Pat Riehecky about 3 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Foreman is capable of managing debian style repos. It would be nice if Katello could also manage debian style repos for heterogeneous sites.

Related issues

Blocks Katello - Bug #11273: rename UI/API 'packages' to 'rpms' New 08/02/2015

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Revision 333f0303
Added by Matthias Dellweg 6 months ago

Fixes #10478 - Add deb_repo to Katello

migrations, models, views, service, glue and a lot of small stuff

Many thanks to @jlsherrill for reviewing and helping

Revision de1ddfa0
Added by Matthias Dellweg 6 months ago

Refs #10478 - Try to fix last issues


#1 Updated by Pat Riehecky about 3 years ago

Err, foreman manages debian style systems....

#2 Updated by Michael Moll about 3 years ago

See https://github.com/pulp/pulp_deb and https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp_deb for the Pulp resources regarding that topic.

Once apt/deb support is in Pulp, Katello has to get extended to also handle apt repos (probably the easy part) and katello-agent has to get ported to Debian/Ubuntu (which is the way harder part).

#3 Updated by Eric Helms about 3 years ago

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#4 Updated by Sean O'Keeffe over 2 years ago

  • Blocks Bug #11273: rename UI/API 'packages' to 'rpms' added

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#7 Updated by Matthias Dellweg 8 months ago

We have a working scenario here:

It depends on additions to runcible:

The pulp_deb dependencies are already merged upstream.

Features include Apt-Repositories, listing of deb-Packages, inclusion and publication in versioned content views.
Not yet included: subscription-manager, katello-agent

#8 Updated by Matthias Dellweg 6 months ago

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