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Enhanced report selection, export and deletion

Added by Ondřej Pražák almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Proposed title of this feature request
Request for better report selection, export and deletion capabilities in Satellite 6.

What is the nature and description of the request? 
User has requested better report selection, export and deletion capabilities in Satellite 6.
The user described this feature request as follows:
"In the GUI when viewing reports or other items a checkbox system needs to be added as the leftmost column so that you can select all. There also needs to be a item that allows you to select how many items to display including "all". Then for things like reports it would be helpful to be able to export these items as text, html, pdf, etc. or delete them if so desired.
The use case is for someone without direct access to a Foreman server to see the results of one or more puppet runs. If engineering staff, who does not have access to PROD Foreman or PROD data, was trying to help user troubleshoot a puppet module issue, user could export the requested puppet run reports and send them to engineering for review.
Another needed operation is report archival.  This should be able to be scheduled ANY done manually via the report selection described above.  Archival would involve selecting all reports order than a date spesified in archival settings in admin section and tar.gz'ing up reports and saving them to a designates place in file system.  The reason for this is if you have say 5000 hosts and puppet runs once an hour that is 5000 reports an hour.  That is a LOT of data to store and makes viewing/parsing this data difficult.  At some point you can make a seperate add on to the gui that is a reporting engine for reports and reported data including exported reports." 
How would the user like to achieve this? (List the functional requirements here)
To be able to:
- select all reports (and other items).
- select how many items to display
- export selected items as text, HTML or PDF outputs.


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#2 Updated by Marek Hulán almost 2 years ago

I think this needs to be broken down to smaller tasks and it should be implemented for all tables not just reports. Tasks I see
  • generic bulk actions (one that's shared for nearly all tables delete)
  • exporting action (probably separate task per each format)
  • archiving (we already have cleanup tasks, so maybe we just need to make it customizable, interactive and allow to save reports on hard drive instead of delete them)

#3 Updated by Shlomi Zadok over 1 year ago

I agree with Marek.
1. Exporting to PDF should be a Report functionality (so other report types (e.g., openscap) could inherit from it). I'd go with 'save as PDF' feature.
2. Reports bulk actions - should be added
3. (kinda related to 1): Maybe when deleted reports in the rake tasks we can add an option to export deleted reports to PDF and {b|g}zip them

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