Katello Backlog


Team Tom - iteration 10

about 7 months late (02/20/2017)

thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18286 Refactor Update katello to use search-filters and filters correctly.
18036 Bug Docker repos with disable sync plans causes UI error
18009 Bug As a user, I want content hosts with no installed products to have a status different than red/yellow/green
17559 Bug Ensure that details pages are fenced
17793 Bug Can't read lifecycle env column names on the environment screen if there are multiple with long names
18308 Bug Pulp celery worker crash on syncing ostree repos
18346 Feature Add support for repo with containerver

Team Tom - Iteration 16

about 3 months late (06/26/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
19473 Bug Docker CV Filters need to work with the Schema 1/ Schema 2 changes
19466 Tracker Add Docker Schema V2 support for Pulp 2.13
19469 Bug Add v2 schema 2 hammer changes
19636 Feature As a user, I want to use hammer to CRUD activation key repository sets.
19637 Feature As a user, I want to use hammer to CRUD content host repository sets.

Foreman - Team UX - Iteration 21

Due in 14 days (10/09/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17990 Feature Use foreman's toast notification instead of inline bst-alert
21045 Refactor Ensure dates are printed consistently with core

Team Brad - Iteration 21

Due in 14 days (10/09/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20794 Feature Re-enable testing of katello-devel

Foreman - Foreman - Team Marek Iteration 21

Due in 22 days (10/17/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16509 Bug New container wizard does not store state of Katello image (step 2)
18217 Bug Docker registry sync does not use HTTP proxy configuration

Team Brad - Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16277 Feature View the version of a Content View in a Lifecycle Environment
16336 Bug Need to address concurrency limits in various bulk actions
17020 Tracker Tracker: Candlepin 2.0 Integration
17027 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 1: Enhance manifest import/refresh to support new candlepin async APIs
17030 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 2: Investigate swagger-based api gem
17145 Feature Candlepin 2.0: Add in rollback support for failed manifest imports and refreshes
17434 Bug Removing puppet module causes content view to not show that unit within it
18407 Bug Capsule sync UI inaccurately reports progress due to two tasks (sync and publish)
18575 Refactor [Refactor] Change katello-certs-check from Bash to Ruby for tooling
18705 Bug Clients show Advisory not applicable for this system when errata is applicable and event count is not zero
18709 Bug Cannot install a specific version of a package
19060 Bug Orphans removal script does not clean up puppet modules
19185 Feature When viewing a capsule sync task, the task should show what capsule has been synced
19304 Bug As per API v2 documentation for <server_url>/apidoc/v2/packages.html | GET /katello/api/compare is not working
19352 Feature [RFE] Create a filter based on a package build date
19370 Bug Katello schedules GenerateApplicability when syncing Puppet content
19382 Feature Issue warning when installing both pulp and pulp-node
19397 Bug Default Content View is undocumented
19474 Bug Transient error with 5 repository related tests
19645 Bug create virt-who hosts with 'enabled' unchecked
19712 Bug create validation to assert only one default capsule
19975 Bug add scenario for 'Publish a Content View'
20177 Feature Katello Navbar dropdowns open on click, topmost navbar opens on hover.
20439 Feature CSV export for katello Tables
20566 Bug Notify user when listen on candlepin events task handles a failed event
20585 Bug Better handle 404 from Pulp and 410 GONE from Candlepin when removing objects
20643 Refactor Katello::ContentView.update_cp_content outdated and non-functional
20934 Refactor use clamp and highline in all tools

Team Tom - backlog

backlog items for thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18153 Bug content view version description not editable in UI
17958 Bug Importing manifest for wrong organization gives no feedback
13009 Bug importing a manifest with expired subscriptions should indicate that in history messages
10582 Feature Generate content view filter based on package manifest
6850 Bug Many of the list/index page columns dont get when their details change
6943 Bug Repo Discovery page, repo validations look ugly
8224 Bug Repo discovery only works one at a time
9313 Bug Do not include resource array in nutupane.getAllSelectedResults() response
10026 Bug no error indication during creation of product during repo discovery
10198 Bug Docker UI: Need hyperlinks for easy navigation to docker images
14213 Bug RESTful UI routes should redirect to known route locations
16411 Bug Repo Discovery returns blank entry for base repo
16726 Tracker Bugs that will be fixed by removing nutupane
16894 Bug repo discovery page product selection not working
16895 Bug repo discovery page gpg key showing choice list of "undefined"
18081 Bug Use quick resource switch feature in katello
18167 Bug lifecycle environments UI page not showing correct environments based upon permissions
18204 Bug visiting product page and then selecting repository too quickly gives error about missing organization_id
18251 Feature auto-create or at least hint that dedicated registry needs to be created for ISV registries
18262 Bug Hide packages and errata tabs for registered atomic content host
19683 Bug container image repo synced to foreman-proxy-content loses pulp attribute repo_registry_id
18287 Bug OSTree Details page: Content View select is never populated
18372 Bug [UX] display "distributions synced" information in the repositories UI page
19346 Bug Syncing protected images fails with NOT FOUND
19347 Bug Hosts registered to katello cannot pull protected images
19682 Tracker container image and registry tracker

Foreman - Team UX - Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16569 Refactor Katello should only be using recommended patternfly font-awesome icons
17345 Refactor Content view deletion should use patternfly wizard
17352 Refactor Incremental updates should use the angular-patternfly wizard
17773 Bug Session expired redirects don't always redirect in browser
18374 Bug [UX] all host bulk action tasks need breadcrumbs back to main page
18380 Feature Remove now unused nutupane code, styles, etc. from katello.
19619 Bug UI page has mismatched data when moving between tabs
18172 Bug Continually prompted with "You must select a content view in order to save your environment."
19337 Bug [UX] repo discovery footer for page listing malformed
21022 Bug Bulk Actions dont handle confirmation properly

Foreman - Team Anurag backlog

Backlog items for Anurag, Amit, Kavita, Swapnil and Rahul

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17305 Bug content-host on provisioning details tab has error-state but the status indicator is green

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7125 Tracker Docker Content Support
5016 Bug Repo discover does not keep last discovered URL
5267 Feature Integrate Foreman auditing into Katello's actions 5.0
5134 Feature Support repo discovery from hammer cli
5311 Tracker Gutterball
4050 Bug CLI does not expand ~ in filepath of repo content upload (at least)
4068 Bug katello-disconnected doesn't handle error conditions properly
4097 Bug command line install errata by type
4098 Bug check size of filesystem to upload rpm
4107 Feature Repo auto-discovery from CLI needs to provide non-interactive interface
4110 Feature expose candlepin option to ignore signature checking on manifest, to enable quick automated tests with tiny content
4169 Feature Installing packages on multiple system using CLI
4183 Feature Installation progress outputs
4214 Feature there is an option missing for package group creation
4218 Feature V2 API: Add support for PUT of array of json relationship objects
4230 Feature Content host action auditing needed
4253 Bug system subscriptions need filter widgets returned
4284 Feature Allow users to update individual items for associations
4326 Feature Child Node Sync, there is no way to sync individual repositories or products
4632 Bug since subscription-manager cannot retrieve its certificate after the initial registration call fails, resuming a failed registration results in an unusable registered system
4694 Refactor Use ui-sref-active instead of ng-class where appropriate
4707 Feature When working with puppet modules in content views, show the origin repo (or get rid of repos)
4779 Bug Support adding/updating system groups for activation keys and subscriptions
4812 Feature Add dependency resolution for puppet modules
4813 Feature Handle default content views in the UI
4817 Feature Add content view metadata archives
4819 Feature Add Dynflow tests for content view publish and promote
4822 Feature Tasks vs History: probably should have a single UI
4823 Feature CLI: need to show content view history in the CLI
4840 Bug content view add/remove repos updated messages too generic
4876 Feature Make it clear that everything is included without a include filter
4897 Bug Make SyncPlan::Types localized
4913 Feature We need to allow users to pass associations in
4939 Bug Puppetforge sync times are *way off* says duration is 1 min even thou took 30 min
5046 Bug System errata page has styling issues
5058 Bug Can't remove repository during synchronizing
5061 Bug delete-manifest doesn't work correct
5091 Bug Subscriptions page queries the subscription API twice
5122 Bug Default location should not scope anything by default
5149 Feature As a user, I should be able to see a list of new packages that can be installed on a system.
5208 Bug Puppet Environments generated from content view version should not include content view id
5253 Bug API/CLI rename the remove action to "remove_associations"
5256 Feature Create a job to remove orphaned packages, errata, puppet modules, and package groups
5264 Feature Store content view metadata (filters, repo, etc) 5.0
5265 Feature Need a consistent way to handle severe server side exceptions in all our UI pages to show the user the error and indicate that something failed 5.0
5266 Feature Unified UI/API for tasks/notifications for Katello/Foreman within foreman-tasks
5275 Feature [15] Walkthrough videos
5280 Feature As a user I want to be able to specify per org, per product and per repository proxy configuration
5285 Feature As a user, I want to be able to import multiple manifests from one or more different Customer Portal accounts (distributors) into one Org 15.0
5286 Feature As a user I want to copy content from one custom repository to another 40.0
5293 Feature Add meta package and katello-installer options to easily setup libvirt provisioning on a Katello and Foreman box. 3.0
5295 Feature [13] Enhance Content view publishing to unit copy only deltas
5305 Feature Content views - copying and snapshotting 12.0
5313 Feature FIPS compliancy
5319 Feature Add display of repo urls (especially for http/unprotected repos) across environements and content views. 3.0
5327 Refactor Make repo path calculation much less confusing.
5328 Feature Support preloading content on clients
5333 Feature Clean up api v2 rabl templates and improve performance 3.0
5348 Feature Better release version integration
5352 Feature Add CSV export to bulk errata page
5364 Feature add support for org scoped API actions with IDs.
5370 Feature Bastion: replace "back to" interactions with breadcrumbs 3.0
5374 Feature Archive hosts so they can be hidden from the main UI
5375 Feature Duplicate System Detection
5376 Feature [RFE] Geppetto support / Eclipse plugin / user story
5400 Bug Calling remove-from-environment takes a long time
5405 Feature Allow users to publish a content view to multiple environments at one time
5478 Bug Puppet Environment importing doesn't seem to handle module removal/changing
5524 Refactor activation key needs dynflow for candlepin interaction
5538 Refactor Organization auto attach all systems authorization
5563 Refactor Switch to using 'track by' on ng-repeats to increase rendering performance
5572 Bug Katello entities should be consistently referenced in user documentation and server notifications.
5575 Refactor Rename Katello model KTEnvironment to LifecycleEnvironment
5583 Bug Have a more friendly developer error if orgs are not enabled
5590 Bug API routes need to be updated for environments
5594 Bug Odd slowdown in 'Systems' list
5615 Feature [RFE] activation key - add a secure "key" field to be used instead of name when registering
5638 Bug Make Katello api error rendering consistent with Foreman's
5646 Bug Why do some commands extend HammerCLIKatello::Command while others extend HammerCLI::AbstractCommand ?
5662 Feature wording change on Product -> Repositories page
5686 Bug Some controllers don't allow to search resources by name
5705 Bug capsule-certs-generate does not work on --devel install
5710 Bug Remove use of Candle Pin uuids from Content Host api calls
5720 Bug Roles: Add scopes to finds in converted controllers
5730 Bug make ContentHost tasks command use the new search by param functionality
5748 Feature Add back host collection history
5766 Bug Unable to associate gpg-key to a new product while creating it via repo-discovery
5842 Refactor Try reloading fixtures when classes change
5876 Bug Lifecycle environments and puppet environments conflict in id resolution
5953 Bug When creating new Orgs, "label" does not get populated automatically
5976 Bug Invalid feed error from Pulp is not being raised by Katello
6054 Bug hammer: cmd to remove a content host from host-collection should use system id instead of UUID
6066 Bug Installation URL when provisioning should be based off the current Location/Capsule
6073 Bug hammer organization info/update/create missing --label param
6074 Bug Default Capsule: update capsule locations when user adds/removes locations to the puppet environment
6095 Bug when possible, check sub-mgr version installed on content host to control product content display and editing
6104 Bug "Product Content" tab shows content sets not applicable to the content host
6118 Feature Auditing metadata changes
6190 Tracker Dynflowize bulk actions
6196 Bug some hammer repo commands dont take product id or information
6257 Bug JS to update puppet classes tab does not fire when not using Content Views
6264 Bug Allow selection of different kickstart variants and/or repos
6288 Bug Removing a lifecycle environment from a capsule does not cause repos to be removed from
6307 Bug content host API - json returned by index takes too long to process
6309 Bug subscriptions lists on pages are not infinite scroll
6315 Refactor See if we need to use destroy! in other places
6338 Feature katello-installer: support installing foreman/katello RPMs through installer
6365 Bug Failed validation on Repository label raises a weird error message on
6391 Bug Content view: need to click "go back" twice to return from content Packages/Errata
6395 Bug Manifest import needs to be completely converted dynflow
6438 Bug The composite field on content views allows nil
6440 Feature As an API user, I should be able to list package categories for a repository.
6459 Bug Repositories associated with content view not shown
6475 Refactor The old content view publish and promotion code needs to be removed
6500 Refactor use Foreman layout helper methods instead of KatelloFormBuilder field() method for deface overrides
6545 Feature on new host form, after content source is selected, the operating system select-box and architecture select-box is not filtered by available options (and vice versa)
6569 Bug api smart-proxies does not return lifecycle environments
6573 Bug Satellite6 should error when the user attempts to sort on a non-sortable field
6577 Feature View errata for a host from another version/environment of a content view
6590 Bug tooltip for subscription status reasons needs to be html
6598 Bug Long plan phases need to be handled asynchronously
6617 Refactor create join table between System and Host for content_view and lifecycle environment
6654 Bug Organization::Destroy dynflow action should be calling Product::Destroy
6667 Bug Add documentation on Certificates
6678 Feature Would be nice to have to have a sync progress bar on bulk repo sync page
6679 Bug Filtering products by system should only return enabled products only
6705 Feature [RFE] composite content view add - merge Version and Environment columns
6727 Refactor The sync status widget on the dashboard needs to be written to use dynflow
6767 Bug We should be checking in the model layer that models like products can't switch orgs
6917 Bug system/host-collection API should take database id rather than the uuid
6934 Bug Validation error on new organization is not displayed in the UI
6938 Feature activation keys that have one or more of the associated subscriptions fully consumed should be indicated as unavailable
6941 Refactor Products: remove readonly field
6950 Bug Not possible to install pulp node on the same system as an ipa server
6954 Bug Foreman tests should pass when run with Katello enabled
6966 Bug API: sorting should contain a default direction
6972 Bug Disabling Candlepin in Systems Controller Test prevents testing updates to content hosts
6980 Feature RFE Katello commands should use custom referenced resource formatters
6984 Bug each .on('change' javascript function within trigger onKatelloHostEditLoad() is called 3 times
7002 Bug add functional tests for actions added to Foreman
7049 Bug Puppet not being installed in kickstart katello
7094 Bug Missing api doc for subscriptions#available route
7101 Bug katello-deploy --devel-user changes user password
7102 Bug The rabl files are using the params hash
7109 Bug after adding another repo to a product, the products list shows Sync Status as "Never synced"
7134 Feature As a user, I would like all Content Hosts to automatically consume a Smart Management subscription. 5.0
7135 Feature As a user, I would like to block registration of hosts when there are no Smart Management subscriptions available. 5.0
7136 Feature As a user, I would like to have a Dashboard widget that details consumption of Smart Management subscriptions. 5.0
7180 Bug setup.rb does not seem to respect the installer's exit code
7183 Feature Katello deploy should be able to deploy a Capsule instance 3.0
7184 Feature Katello bats should allow testing of a Capsule
7196 Bug Tie into the Foreman rubocop rake task
7216 Bug Looks like the product options are missing for listing puppet modules by repo
7237 Bug Messages in host package and host package group are not translated
7267 Bug hammer --csv activation-key list behaves differently w/ and w/o --csv option
7287 Feature Want to add FPM to katello for building new Packages
7306 Bug Sometimes in the API, we find_by_id and fail when other times we just call find
7315 Feature Content host page should show content hosts across all organizations that a user has access to.
7330 Bug katello-agent can not be uninstalled on RHEL7
7339 Bug Sync Status: Info in API that may be better suited for UI/CLI
7364 Bug Katello host environment is not updated upon registration to itself
7387 Feature Allow subscription-manager to control all repo files, not just redhat.repo
7429 Bug hammer lifecycle-environment info --name Library --organization-id x fails to find environment
7461 Bug Can't add puppet modules to a content view
7511 Bug "Error: activation_key not found" when trying to update an activation key
7536 Feature As a user I would like a way to view reports on Subscription Consumption in Katello
7552 Feature As a user, I want Katello to ship with CentOS and Fedora products pre-configured
7555 Feature Feature Request: add Filter also to Product Repository (like "yum includepkgs and/or excludepkgs")
7556 Feature Feature Request: add "Start Time Window Option" for "Package Action - Update All"
7605 Tracker As a Foreman user, I would like to be able to add Katello later to an existing Foreman installation
7650 Feature Make sync plans more granular via include/exclude on repository-level
7708 Tracker Environment/Content View Views
7709 Feature As a UI user, I should be able to compare the content of two versions of a content view. 8.0
7710 Feature As a UI user, I should be able to compare the content of a content view version to the default content view in Library. 3.0
7712 Feature As a CLI user, I should be able to view a difference in errata between two environments for a content view. 2.0
7751 Feature As a CLI user, I should be able to apply an erratum to affected systems 2.0
7753 Bug Host group activation key list is not obvious
7758 Feature As a user, I should be able to manage external Pulp servers/repositories
7763 Feature Sync status page doesnot show repo type
7775 Bug As a CLI user, I want to view metadata for a package (filelist, changelog, etc)
7777 Bug foreman can't identify CN of node.rb when using the dev installer
7784 Feature As a fortello user, I want to be able to install fortello without docker functionality
7799 Feature As a user, I want to view docker information for a content host (subscription status, docker images running, docker images pulled, etc)
7808 Feature As a UI/API user, I would like to compare docker images (and tags) between two content view versions 3.0
7811 Feature As a user, I want the system to automatically remove orphaned docker images that have no tags 3.0
7824 Bug Disconnected output contains missing information for the user
7825 Bug Duplicate Puppet Modules do not seem to work correctly when a duplicate is uploaded with changes.
7835 Feature Content hosts should be able to retrieve GPG keys through the Capsule to which they are assigned.
7837 Bug Remove old search history and favorite code
7842 Bug Attempting to publish a content view with a repository that was cancelled during sync fails
7877 Refactor Remove TaskStatus object from Katello
7905 Feature As a UI user, I should be able to sort the errata list columns
7926 Bug Listing repositories for a content view requires organization-id
7930 Bug Have to pass in the organization to get a list of subscriptions for an activation key
7962 Feature By default only show subscriptions available to add for a content host that match its environment/Content view
7963 Bug Content host errata page should warn of repository/content view mismatch
7966 Bug content view errata by id page has too little vertical space, affects usability
8059 Tracker Virtualization host-to-guest
8060 Bug As a virt-who user, I would like to differentiate between Satellite-5 and Satellite-6 in the config.
8061 Bug Need a better error message for failed uploads from the CLI
8062 Bug When uploading content for an invalid repo id, get an unexpected message
8088 Bug Activation key Copy Create button should disable once it has been clicked
8098 Feature As a virt-who user, I would like to add and remove hypervisors explicitly.
8103 Feature As an admin user, I should be able to provide access control for docker pull.
8120 Bug Support configurable CDN ca certificate
8125 Feature As a user with multiple data centers, I need Katello to support MySQL backend so that I can use my fancy-schmancy replicated database universe for making sure Katello is happy when half the world blows up. 5.0
8128 Bug make 'counts' consistent across objects
8129 Feature Docker Image/Tag href's displayed on the UI need to be updated 1.0
8135 Bug Content Host: Host Collection limit is confusing
8161 Tracker Host Unification
8164 Feature As a user I should not be able to change the organization on a host 2.0
8165 Feature As a user, I should expect a host object created whenever a content host registers and there is not already a host existing 5.0
8166 Feature As a user, I should expect a system registration to determine which host it is based soley on hostname 0.0
8167 Feature As a user, I should expect a system registration to be rejected if a foreman host found with the same hostname has a candlepin consumer with different mac addresses, providing instructions to resolve 5.0
8169 Feature As a developer the content host attributes and associations should be migrated to the host object 8.0
8170 Feature As a developer, I would expect activation keys to be associated directly with hosts and host groups 8.0
8171 Feature As a user I should be able to access /api/v2/hosts/:id and get all of the needed information for hosts/content_hosts 3.0
8172 Tracker Isolate Client Communication through a Capsule
8184 Feature As a user, I should be able to restrict which client architectures can access a repository.
8186 Feature UI for selecting multiple *packages*, and 'apply them' to multiple content views in multiple environments. 3.0
8187 Feature CLI for selecting multiple *packages*, and 'apply them' to multiple content views in multiple environments. 3.0
8195 Feature Repoclosure should optionally be run at some point during the process to tell me if there is a dependency issue, either afterwards or as part of the process halting the push to an environment 8.0
8206 Feature I would like to change the columns on the content hosts page
8252 Feature Remove org restrictions in the API and CLI
8279 Feature Improve virt-who performance for large ESX installation
8287 Feature Need a way to export all Foreman Tasks to a text file 1.0
8288 Feature Enhance nutupane select all checkbox to allow the selection specified subsets of the list
8304 Feature create a foreman engine for reverse proxy so foreman can server templates with modified foreman_url
8309 Bug Figure out how we can use foreman-docker factories or setup some docker fixtures
8323 Bug add proxy information to disconnected docs on katello.org
8324 Tracker Errata Management Future
8370 Bug Race condition for Candlepin during installation
8408 Bug UI select dropdowns treated as filters next to a search box do not handle long names gracefully
8415 Bug Cannot edit Foreman host after upgrading to next minor release
8435 Bug When I upload content (packages, docker images, puppet modules, etc) to a repo, I should see some sort of information or progress bar
8439 Bug As a developer, I want to write code that views Katello objects as a different user than the current one
8449 Refactor Make authorization concerns DRY
8450 Bug missing remote_user when trying to create new organization
8496 Feature Inherit latest content view
8512 Bug don't put certificate metadata in PEM files
8541 Feature Add content specific options to the remove-content command
8554 Bug Need to fix N + 1 queries
8571 Feature As an UI user i like to see upgradable packages for a system in Content Host => Packages
8573 Feature As a user i like to set my own version numbers for views
8577 Feature As a user i like to search for a installed package on a set of systems
8622 Feature Show changes when publishing new version of Content View
8645 Feature add incremental update to bats testing
8656 Feature Ability to import errata data from an external source.
8741 Bug Use less generic selector for host view deface
8751 Tracker CLI stories for Content Host Bulk Actions
8752 Feature As a CLI user, I should be able to apply an packages to a group of content hosts
8753 Feature As a CLI user, I should be able to assign a content view and environment to set of hosts in a Host Collection.
8773 Bug Missing puppet environment for Default Organization View
8787 Bug GeoTrust/RapidSSL WildCard cert issue
8825 Feature a way to handle .rpmsave & rpmnew config files
8832 Feature Prevent users from deleting a content view version if it's being used in a composite content view version
8856 Feature candlepin / subscription-manager now has ability to show only content relevant to content host for enabling
8862 Bug The V2 API doesn't handle arrays of id/name of has_many relationships
8877 Feature Be able to share content views and repos across orgs
8889 Feature Make Library of any Content-View receive all updates just like Default Organizational View
8929 Bug Update all gives result success while package update failed
8952 Feature Ability to filter errata list by product 2.0
8955 Bug repo.rb and repos.rb contains lots of pulp sync information
8982 Feature Install ABRT plugins
8985 Feature Repo create should use Registries defined in Foreman Docker
9005 Bug repo create should spawn distributor publish in the background
9007 Feature Report enabled repositories for a registered system without having to install the katello-agent
9012 Refactor The manifest actions in dynflow ought to rely on other actions for deleting repos and products, etc
9042 Bug Adapt to candlepin's multiorg products
9054 Feature In the UI, provide indication of (and maybe a way to remove) orphaned Red Hat products (via dynflow)
9065 Bug incremental update should handle multiple errata and multiple content views with varrying errata needs (based on systems)
9066 Feature hammer content-host needs options for auto-attach
9067 Feature Requesting sub organizations and inheritance
9094 Feature During registration, systems should link to an existing record if one exists with that mac address.
9095 Feature As a user, I should be able to identify content hosts that have not checked in.
9116 Feature update hosts list to reflect CV and subscription status
9128 Refactor Refactor katello layout_helper so foreman layout_helper can be used
9151 Bug Activation Keys not loading when nesting a hostgroup
9157 Bug Hard coded port for docker pull via capsule
9178 Feature As a user, I can use Katello to manage Python repositories
9182 Bug Show an icon for Fedora EPEL Errata
9191 Bug systems_controller.rb:system_params() is checking for unnested params
9203 Bug The search box on index pages doesn't deal with long content very well
9213 Bug Product > Task Details page doesn't use full width
9236 Bug Bastion documentation needs updating
9237 Bug Publish content view version failing on several dynflow tasks
9256 Feature As a user I want to have the ability to determine object missmatches between the Katello database and Pulp and Candlepin 5.0
9257 Feature As a developer I want to ensure that adding Katello forces Organization and Location support to be on in Foreman after install 1.0
9303 Bug Katello.org doesn't render well on mobile devices
9329 Tracker As a user I would like the results of tasks to be more prominently displayed
9356 Feature Need to better handle sequential incremental updates
9371 Feature As a user I want a method for correcting existing host that do not have content host records 3.0
9372 Feature As a user, I should expect a system registration to be rejected if a foreman host found with the same hostname has a candlepin consumer with different mac addresses, providing instructions to resolve 5.0
9378 Refactor Need to handle the organization controller
9381 Feature Registering a host (which is not provisioned by foreman) via rhsm should show up in foreman
9383 Bug content host reported by virt-who does not coincide with content host of hypervisor
9411 Feature RFE: rake katello:delete_orphaned_content should track the progress of the task
9413 Feature Create an API by which katello plugins can add content types to katello
9432 Refactor Copy Activation Key needs to be dynflowized
9440 Bug Search vs Filter inconsistencies in how search fields are handled throughout the UI
9486 Refactor pool.rb lazy_accessor tech debt
9513 Tracker Package Applicability
9514 Tracker Installer on 1.9.3/SCL
9520 Bug Changing Release Version on Activation Key Doesn't Change $releasever when Building
9536 Feature katello-installer should set default_organization and default_location settings
9540 Feature Add documentation to Content View user guide to describe how to filter for an OS release
9568 Feature filter puppet modules by author
9611 Feature foreman report showing hosts whose Puppet Environment doesn't match the Content View
9616 Bug listing of subscriptions for a content host should default to "match system"
9623 Feature add foreman setting to lock puppet environment to content view
9638 Feature Global yum content filters
9652 Bug From RHEL 7 client I miss a lot of yum package groups
9662 Feature Repo priorities in activation key
9671 Feature [RFE] Add tooling to ease change of hostname
9675 Feature Enhance Content View Filters
9689 Feature Add some BATS tests for the Docker features
9717 Bug katello-installer --capsule-pulp-admin-password doesn't set pulp user password
9718 Bug Katello devel installer fails if --reset is used
9738 Bug The docker tag names aren't being displayed properly in the CLI
9814 Refactor dynflowize content host bulk actions
9948 Feature display smart management attribute on subscriptions and content hosts
9953 Bug Dynflow comsumes CPU with no tasks executing
9959 Bug permissions failures during installer
9960 Bug db migrate fail
9962 Bug db seed fails
9975 Bug Importing a new manifest does not remove old manifest entitlements from Subscriptions; error/spinner thrown on view
9976 Bug Web UI tries to allow promotion of CVs with no environment
9980 Bug Fix katello check when candlepin fixes -> bz 1207822
10013 Bug Bulk task pages constantly poll tasks
10017 Bug Missing redirect on http://katello.org/
10027 Bug failure to create product task has incorrect
10034 Tracker Atomic Content & Provision Support Katello/Foreman
10047 Feature UI - As a user I want to be able to see the ostree status information installed on a Content Host
10048 Feature UI - As a user I want to be able to see a list of Content Hosts - with atomic os
10049 Feature UI - As a user I want to be able to update the Content View associated to an Atomic Content Host
10050 Feature UI - As a user I want to be able to delete an Atomic Content Host
10051 Feature Backend - As a user I want to be able to have capsules store ostree content to work with isolated case
10054 Feature Backend - As a user I want to be able to register an Atomic Content Host with an activation key
10057 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to look at the available CDN rpm-ostree repos for a repo set
10058 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to enable an rpm-ostree repo via CDN manifest
10059 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to sync a CDN based rpm-ostree repo
10077 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to see the ostree status information installed on a Content Host
10080 Feature UI - As a user I want to be able to see the differences in the rpms between 2 ostree versions
10081 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to see a list of Atomic Content Hosts
10083 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to update the Content View associated to an Atomic Content Host
10084 Feature CLI/API - As a user I want to be able to delete an Atomic Content Host
10085 Feature UI - As a user I want to be able to specify content view filters to filter out bad ostree versions.
10091 Bug product repositories sync status is displayed as "Pending ago"
10114 Bug Document Katello specific additions to the host object
10165 Feature As a user, I want Katello to use my existing Puppet CA as the Katello CA
10173 Feature : Mail notification for subscription expiration
10174 Feature Sync status to include state
10181 Feature hammer sync-plan-create and repository-set should use labels
10182 Feature [RFE] Show package release dates in package lists
10187 Bug "Lifecycle" should read "Life Cycle"
10245 Feature Check Katello server Space
10277 Feature option to clear repository prior to re-sync
10283 Bug Installer fails when alternate directory is defined
10293 Bug content view puppet environment not available via api
10312 Bug Package install defaults to $INPUT*
10318 Bug Author field in metadata.json not parsed
10363 Feature Support for hosting Red Had Enterprise Linux 4.x repositories
10364 Feature Suggestions for managing puppet modules using CVs
10389 Bug puppet-capsule sets 'ServerName' to the same name across multiple virtual hosts
10398 Bug Adding service level to an activation key prevents custom products from being attached
10410 Bug Unable to list puppet-modules since product options are missing
10411 Feature subscription UI tables no longer have sub name and quantity rows grouped together
10432 Feature As a UI user i like see if the Katello-Agent is running in the Content Host view
10434 Feature Show "side loaded"packages in Content Host view
10458 Bug RPMs were downloaded with invalid checksums and pulp would not download the proper RPMs on future syncs
10460 Bug Prevent puppet environments from being deleted when produced by a content view
10474 Feature Add BATS testing for Atomic/OSTree code
10478 Feature host debian repos
10497 Bug Improve system rabl a bit more
10508 Bug pure hypervisors not included in subscription status dashboard widget count
10516 Bug Hide parameters in the installer that are not relevant to Katello (i.e. Foreman mysql options)
10519 Feature As a user i like to compare the installed rpms between 2 systems
10520 Feature As a user i like to install a 2nd system exactly like a reference system
10530 Refactor Separate deface selectors for host and hostgroup creation
10531 Bug As a developer, I want to replace puppet-certs usage completely with puppet-openssl 20.0
10532 Bug As a developer, I want candlepin to have a separate CA signed by the root CA 8.0
10597 Feature create foreman-tail for capusles
10667 Bug Daily sync plan set for 00:00 doesn't sync
10754 Feature User Creation Access Levels
10761 Feature Need a foreman-rake katello:check
10763 Feature Need a foreman-rake katello:fix
10765 Feature As a user, I want to provision an Atomic host, create a Docker container, and then install content from Katello.
10789 Feature Nested organizations
10807 Bug content view filter repositories page is missing information
10808 Refactor Repository content count logic is duplicated throughout the UI
10823 Feature Recognize additional PackageKit types
10834 Refactor Refactor to use foreman core setting for rest_client_timeout
10837 Refactor Convert repository list to nutupane details
10838 Feature Add Backend System Status to the Dashboard
10842 Bug content -> activation keys -> add subscriptions table makes no sense
10843 Bug content -> content views errata bugfix and enhancement icons are almost invisible
10844 Bug hosts -> content hosts - nothing shown after a host is created
10884 Bug Expose setting for --retain-old-count in repos
10920 Feature View/sort content host list by katello-agent installation status
10943 Bug 'hammer host-collection info' should display help text
10966 Feature Indicate to the user within a time interval that Subscription Manifest are going to expire
10968 Bug Content view selector doubled when selecting a Lifecycle Environment
10975 Feature ability to configure a mirror list
10990 Bug 404 Resource Not Found when attempting to load Products page
11042 Feature Lifecycle for smart variables
11043 Feature Lifecycle for config groups
11063 Bug Content host install specific version of package
11071 Bug fresh install of katello results in a FAIL on the command line
11107 Bug remote package install doesn't log what packages are being installed in yum.log on clients
11118 Bug Manage content UI bug
11142 Bug Custom product Delta RPMS extra directory found in content path
11182 Feature As a user i like to attach a site.pp to a content view that includes Puppet modules
11192 Bug Puppet modules need more comprehensive test coverage
11213 Bug for katello the sync-plan create --sync-date doesnt actually default
11238 Bug CDN Substitution - Need a better message for incomplete substitutions
11272 Bug bulk delete of hosts redirect to tasks progress page
11273 Bug rename UI/API 'packages' to 'rpms'
11276 Bug Changing GPG key on a library repository can break content views that contain that repository
11288 Feature detailed history for content version
11298 Bug hammer content-view info should list the associated project for repositories
11314 Bug Need "Manage" buttons aligned on Repo Details screen
11324 Bug Pulp: endless stream of Resetting dropped connection in Logfiles when syncing repo
11357 Feature Add ability to specify custom certificate for repo sync
11386 Bug Katello ignores puppet syntax errors
11435 Feature Host Unification Tracker
11446 Bug Turn on cop to enforce ruby19 lambda rocket syntax in katello
11455 Feature Highlight RHN Tools repo in Repo selection
11474 Bug Fix Katello N+1 Queries
11499 Feature As a user, i expect host create/update/delete to be dynflowed (wrapping the AR action), via foreman_tasks or in core to allow plugins to hook into CUD to interact with backend services (4)
11501 Feature As a developer, I want to migrate all the existing content host dynflow actions to use the new unified model (4)
11502 Feature As a user, i want an upgrade provided to move existing content-hosts to the new unified models (4)
11503 Feature As a developer, I want to pull system packages into the database (3)
11504 Feature As a user, I should be able to search hosts by content attributes (2)
11512 Feature As a user, I should be able to register with subscription-manager to an existing host that has previously registered with subscription-manager, and have the old registration be removed, generating a new UUID (3)
11514 Feature As a user, i expect package profile uploading to continue to work under the unified model (2)
11515 Feature As a user, i expect client actions (errata install, package install, etc..) to continue to work under the unified model (3)
11516 Feature As a user, i expect the subscription and content aspects of hosts to be identified by their host id, not a uuid (3)
11517 Feature As a user, i expect to be able to find the uuid of a host with subscriptions within the UI/hammer (1)
11521 Feature As a user, i expect existing apis (and thus hammer commands and the UI) to continue to work under the new model, if new apis are not added (8)
11522 Feature As a user, I expect to see an error when attempting to migrate hosts to another organization if they are registered with subscription-manager (2)
11523 Feature As a user, I expect the ability to unsubscribe a host registered with subscription-manager, yet leave the host record intact (2)
11524 Feature As a user, I expect any subscription action performed on a host that is not registered to candlepin to throw a warning suggesting that it be registered (2)
11525 Feature As a user, I expect any content action performed on a host that is not registered in pulp to throw a warning suggesting how it be registered (2)
11526 Feature As a user, I expect content actions to be hidden and not function for a host without any content aspect (3)
11527 Feature As a developer, I want an api to inject new apipie params into the params of host & hostgroup Create/Update (5)
11528 Feature As a developer, I want an api to define different rabl 'views' of a host/hostgroup for index and show. This may also need to include an 'includes' section for improving performance. (5)
11529 Feature As a user, I want to be able to specify what views to render for my host (3)
11530 Feature As a user, i expect an api for interacting with content and subscription aspects of hosts (6)
11532 Feature As a user, I want the ability to force unsubscribe hosts registered with subscription manager when attempting to migrate them across organizations (3)
11533 Feature As a hammer developer, I want to be able to inject attributes to display on an info command (4)
11534 Feature As a hammer developer, I want to be able to inject parameters into the GET request of a particular info command (8)
11535 Feature As a user, I want to see content and subscription related items when running 'hammer host info' (1)
11537 Feature hammer content-host errata apply (.5)
11538 Feature hammer content-host errata info (.5)
11539 Feature hammer content-host errata list (.5)
11540 Feature hammer content-host package install (.5)
11541 Feature hammer content-host package remove (.5)
11542 Feature hammer content-host package upgrade e (.5)
11543 Feature hammer content-host package upgrade-all (.5)
11544 Feature hammer content-host package-group install (.5)
11545 Feature hammer content-host package-group remove (.5)
11546 Feature hammer content-host update (for updating content view, lifecycle environment) (.5)
11547 Feature hammer content-host update (for updating service-level, release-version) (.5)
11548 Feature hammer host puppet-classes (.5)
11549 Feature hammer host puppetrun (.5)
11558 Bug OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError While sequentially publishing a content-view
11561 Bug Performance issues in the web ui accessing repo related pages
11669 Bug deleting gpg key while its associated to a repo leaves 'content' with gpg key url
11670 Bug modifying content view filter twice in UI does not persist change
11686 Bug Katello-Installer: --certs-default-ca-name does not update httpd configuration
11698 Bug Unregistering content hosts returns you to a page with a warning (rather than just the outcome)
11711 Feature Mirroring Oracle Linux ULN channels
11760 Bug Unable to delete repository if it was included to composite CV
11784 Bug Hammer content-view remove-version does not work
11785 Bug Issues with custom certificates
11788 Feature Add policykit instructions to the vagrant setup docs
11819 Feature As a user, I would like to join the aspects of two hosts into a single host.
11820 Feature As a user, I would like to customize the matching scheme for host and content-host.
11823 Feature katello-installer with salt
11832 Bug A number of factories in Katello are failing
11914 Feature As a user, I should be able to search hosts by whether they are a hypervisor, guest, physical, virtual
11920 Bug API List content_view_filters rules error
11935 Bug Installer fails when vlan interface is used
11938 Refactor Rails 4 - Remove WebMock.allow_net_connect!
11940 Bug hammer host-collection package commands don't have --organization params
11961 Feature Edit files on fly
11966 Feature Multiple GPG Keys
12038 Feature host unification: Add script to be run on previous version to detect systems that would need to be deleted on upgrade
12045 Refactor Rewrite website docs to refer to smart-proxy rather than capsule
12091 Refactor Should we disable MethodLength and ClassLength checking on dynflow actions in Katello
12107 Tracker ISS (Inter-Satellite Sync) Tracker
12114 Feature localization should use .mo files
12144 Bug Unable to subscribe host with more than 2 sockets
12164 Feature Add select all ability to content host errata
12165 Feature Add select all ability to errata
12176 Bug Removing a product, doesn't remove the published directory structure
12184 Refactor Please rebase candlepin to latest candlepin 2.0
12239 Bug Scoped search errors when searching on certain fields
12286 Bug BATS Test errata install on a content host
12297 Bug Unable to select subscription count more than 5 in dropdown box to an activation key
12309 Refactor Candlepin port clashes with default Smart Proxy port
12332 Bug add warning for unsupported katello releases
12374 Refactor Upgrade VCR gem to version 3.0
12379 Bug Improve messaging for hammer import
12383 Bug [host unification] subscription-manager register --name still uses network.hostname fact for host linkage
12386 Bug qdrouterd should listen to ipv6
12403 Refactor Separate style from HTML in e-mails
12440 Feature re-enable recursive content view package filters
12442 Bug Need to add a vhost for an infrastucture port
12493 Bug scoped search error w/ API param page=0
12503 Bug Registries - auto_complete_search returning 404 every time user activates search field
12504 Feature As a user, I would like to manage older repo exports
12528 Bug Customer needs to build HA Katello setup
12532 Feature add search by status on content host scoped search
12533 Tracker Subscriptions Tracker
12584 Refactor InstanceMethods module in app/models/katello/glue/pulp/repo.rb is at rubocop length max
12593 Bug system attach subscriptions is not doing async properly
12636 Bug Please add instructions for deploying on oVirt managed VMs
12638 Feature create export directory when installing or upgrading Katello
12639 Feature Add functionality that will allow satellite to be able to search for hosts based on last checkin
12646 Bug Isolated Reverse proxy exposes all of Katello/Foreman
12647 Bug hammer returns return code 0(zero) for failed repo sync
12665 Bug katello-installer failed dependencies
12680 Refactor candlepin_proxies_controller#consumer_show can be directly proxied
12690 Feature Unable to upload SRPMs
12735 Bug katello:reset breaks capsule on dev environment
12773 Bug deleting an organization does not refresh UI page
12777 Refactor Use foreman's url_schema validator
12789 Bug Publish with errata date filtering needs tweaking
12856 Feature [RFE] add option to unregister capsule as content host with capsule-remove
12875 Bug How to connect to Oracle ULN repos
12925 Bug Need to break up Repository model to smaller size
13021 Bug creating new content view via API when specifying repository id fails
13025 Bug Opening then closing a content view page with a failed publish continually hits server
13044 Bug scoped_search - auto complete - Suggestion box does not reappear after choosing a value from it
13117 Bug Scoped search errors on long queries
13118 Bug Scoped search autocomplete submits blank string
13172 Bug Add new smart-proxy-pulp params to capsule-puppet
13249 Bug content host 'host collection add' page does not properly display errors
13264 Tracker Katello Performance
13266 Bug Migrations redefining actual model
13267 Bug autoheal not properly set upon registration of a client
13275 Bug Subscriptions table uses unsupported datetime format for scoped search
13332 Bug ContentViews: Excluded packages apply to all repositories instead of only the affected ones.
13365 Feature Add setting for http and non-protected https for puppet repos and content view puppet environments
13436 Bug Bookmarks - unable to create search bookmark for Registries
13443 Bug Katello dev deployment fails: Duplicate declaration: User[dadavis] is already declared in file
13464 Bug hammer package list doesn't lists all installed packages for a specified host
13465 Bug Error message needs to be improved on creating package or package-group with incorrect host-id
13466 Bug Missing sub-command to list installed package-groups
13469 Refactor Repository model should know whether or not it can accept uploaded content
13475 Feature On an ISO export, need to make sure we handle On Demand repos properly
13488 Feature allow filtering of puppet modules by product and repository in content views
13492 Bug Change skipping test_install_consumer_errata
13493 Bug Docker plugin missing sass dependency after fresh install for Foreman 1.10.1 on CentOS 7.2
13506 Feature [RFE] /repositories/:id/export - add a "dry run" option
13511 Bug repository export of a repo w/o rpm packages errors
13553 Refactor Remove pulp http event notifiers from Katello code base
13555 Bug Move to Mongo26 SCL
13582 Feature ensure that Docker 'latest' tags work correctly in Katello
13587 Feature As a user I want to be able to Add/Remove ostree branches from summary
13706 Bug Dashboard items are on top
13738 Feature Set a default password for pulp-admin in Devel Install
13740 Feature Allow setting a default pulp-admin password for puppet-katello
13754 Bug On un-registering a content-host from webUI, UI raises misleading notification
13784 Bug Failed foreman-rake-db:migrade and seed during katello-installation with db_type=mysql
13792 Bug Repository Set enablement page needs to handle unsupported repo types better
13795 Bug Repository Set enablement page needs to handle unsupported repo types better
13800 Bug visiting Content -> Puppet Modules and then a modules Content Views page gives error
13816 Feature Allow listing and removal of content for file type repositories
13840 Bug Applying an errata causes unfinished transactions remain in the yum database.
13842 Bug Provisioning from dev env disables fetching kickstart template
13864 Feature The puppet-pulp module requires that mongo service be running for certain services and doesn't support running mongodb on a separate machine
13880 Bug iso export contains timestamp sub directory
13881 Feature Run repoclosure on a content view
13888 Bug attempt to export a lazy sync repo errors
13890 Bug repository export on a repo that was "on demand" will print a message for each missing package
13891 Bug No error message when attempting to remove a repository from a content view
13921 Bug content host product content needs spinner
13963 Feature Support multiple SSH keys in Katello cloud-init
13983 Feature ability to insert new environments in an environment path
14046 Bug In the API, the filter id param doesn't apply to certain content types (docker manifests, ostree branches, maybe more). Need to hide it in the api and remove the code.
14074 Bug Sync Status - Select All selects non-visible repositories for syncing
14084 Bug content host details page displaying wrong facts and values
14085 Bug hosts without a subscription facet should not display red in content hosts list
14088 Bug sync status page very slow
14110 Bug dashboard widget "Current Subscription Totals" does not have hyperlinked counts
14122 Bug hammer repository-set enable returns "Error: 409 Conflict" instead of "The repository is already enabled"
14136 Feature hammer repository-set enable needs --source-url
14137 Feature API needs param to allow hammer repository-set enable needs --source-url
14138 Feature Bastion/Katello - Enhance the List/Remove|Add pattern to support scoped search
14167 Bug hammer Content view Version info not delineating between types of repositories
14168 Bug Try to upgrade katello 2.4 with nightly Katello 3.0 and is failed
14216 Bug content host properties displayed on details page are not the same facts as used by candlepin
14224 Bug [RFE] Have in the guy the possibility of limit Bandwith to syncronize Capsule server
14230 Feature Display "Default Organization View" content view in listing and cv UI page
14238 Feature allow composite content-views to contain overlapping repos
14265 Bug hammer-cli-csv - cannot create hypervisor/guest hosts
14269 Bug scoped search queries use 'ilike' instead of 'like'
14274 Bug Adding hypervisors with virt-who fails with can't cast ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess to string
14276 Bug available repos page under content view page does not paginate results
14281 Bug Upgrade from Katello 2.3 to 3.0 Nightly Fail with packages not found
14296 Feature Support unregister via bulk actions
14302 Bug Support queue of applicability importing
14307 Bug change katello id resolver to not use 'name' parameters
14331 Bug using id param to add a puppet module to a content view working incorrectly
14348 Bug kexec template not automatically associated with Katello created operating systems
14353 Bug OSTree repository creation allows clicking save if URL no URL provided
14384 Refactor Add tests for remote-execution integration
14385 Feature As a user, I want to trigger a "background sync" for repositories in content view versions.
14398 Bug content view history is confusing for incremental updates
14400 Bug Show applicable errata counts on content host list and details
14403 Bug hammer host available-incremental-updates does not exist
14425 Bug Dashboard search box does not work for katello widgets
14426 Bug Empty errata purge task should not be run during CV publish if there are no errata
14427 Bug Content views without filters should not run index and purge steps
14437 Bug remove apache_manage_sys_content from katello selinux permissions
14443 Bug Toggling the content view filter "Include all RPMs with no errata." on clears the list of package versions
14491 Bug add setting to enable/disable lazy sync as a top level feature
14531 Bug Selet box on Content Host Registration shouldn't show Proxies that arent in the current Organization
14573 Refactor Foreman-Proxy Certificate Files
14599 Bug Missing .sync.yml in our puppet modules
14613 Bug Content View Version Publication POSTs to api continuously
14625 Feature API endpoint to update content view of a host
14632 Feature Cannot bulk alter subscriptions on Content Hosts
14646 Bug content host details page unnecessarily repeats the word "Product" for each installed product listed
14649 Bug hammer content-view version incremental-update doesn't properly resolve by version number
14653 Bug Show better error when a capsule is off and won't sync
14693 Bug subscription and content facet attributes not included in apipie docs
14708 Bug hammer fails to remove LCE from a CV if cv_id+org_id or cv_name+org_name are specified
14723 Bug "Current Subscription Status" widget gets slower as more subs are added
14732 Bug Running capsule-certs-generate as non-privileged user results in segmentation fault
14749 Bug DNS proxy is no enable after installation.
14762 Feature hammer cannot manipulate content source on hosts.
14767 Bug [3.0 RC3] Upgrade Procedure removes TFTP Feature from Samrt Proxy
14800 Bug Satellite 6.1.4 API docs link bug *Consultant in field*
14807 Bug Capsule sync redundantly generates metadata for all repos
14813 Bug Outdated message for capsule-certs-generate
14815 Bug Error Running Katello-installer
14816 Bug initialization of apipie happens after foreman host apipie already extracted
14828 Bug Error running Katello-installer
14830 Bug Installation media not needed for synced content.
14846 Bug Hammer fails to create activation-key
14859 Feature Enable virt-who content host to register hypervisors under different env/CV than its own
14870 Bug The same environment is resolved many times during one hammer command
14878 Bug Task export shall add extracted log files in foreman-debug
14884 Bug In the API/CLI, content view versions seem to have a name
14885 Bug Updating a content view name doesn't update the table
14891 Bug Slow query causing dashboard page to load very slowly
14944 Bug Updating content view of a managed host updates katello but not candlepin DB
14971 Feature Remove RHEL6 support in dev environments
14990 Bug Subscription manager is red even though content host is unregistered
14994 Feature Add a coverage report to hammer-cli-katello
15019 Bug Katello 3.0RC4 registering systems never returns
15026 Bug The selected errata count for content hosts can show negative selected
15031 Feature Expose nectar/pulp timeout values to users
15033 Bug katello-deploy version command line options
15052 Bug capsule-certs-generate misses key information
15053 Bug ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in Users#edit for non-admin user with all roles
15059 Refactor unnecessarily copying over ca cert to capsule repos
15064 Feature As a user, I would like the ability to export and import "file" type repos
15068 Feature Add ability to add SSL protected repositories in Katello
15079 Feature API for setting host's installed packages
15087 Bug gpgcheck is set to 1 even if repo has no gpgkey configured
15094 Bug Paginate errata filter API
15099 Feature add column to subscription host association to show quantity attached
15100 Bug restarting katello-service while sync is running leads to unkillable task
15116 Bug atomic image based provisioning doesn't setup user with ssh keys
15167 Feature Inform the user they can register their proxy to org/location with the installer command
15187 Feature Expose content comparison API for all types
15190 Bug running virt-who while a guest has a temporary subscription gives undefined method `[]=' for nil:NilClass
15191 Bug viewing CV version list slow as new CVVs added
15202 Bug add apipie params for host facts and installed products
15216 Bug Installer fails if Satellite hostname doesn't have a TLD at the end of the domain
15217 Bug Support puppet 4.0 in all our installer modules
15235 Refactor Refactor environment variables LC_ALL=C
15290 Bug `hammer host-collection hosts` command is undefined
15293 Bug "Reset Puppet Environment to match selected Content View" does not work in Satellite 6.2 BETA
15294 Bug "Reset Puppet Environment to match selected Content View" does not work in Satellite 6.2 BETA
15332 Bug Various fields stay empty when creating a new host based on a hostgroup with those fields not being empty
15338 Bug Do not require katello-devel-github-username to be set for a devel box
15343 Feature Promote Content View versions automatically
15346 Bug Make final output of installer more flexible
15421 Refactor Remove leftovers code from app/models/setting/content.rb
15437 Bug Capsule errors on repo syncs should specify that it is the capsule
15444 Feature Move API cache to Katello, and update on API change
15453 Bug Don't copy repos on promote that are identical to repo in destination environment
15494 Bug [RFE] built-in pre-check to see that the Capsule/Satellite has enough filesystem space
15547 Bug inform user if errata is regenerating for a host on the host errata details
15584 Feature Add scoped search to content host > subscriptions > list/remove
15596 Bug host collections search throws ISE
15623 Bug content host search completion choices for host_collection is displaying names from all orgs instead of just current
15650 Bug add host params on /content_views/:id/remove (and deprecate system params)
15692 Bug Run hammer-cli-foreman tests with the hammer-cli-katello tests
15798 Feature Don't publish the same repositories over and over again
15801 Feature Add ability to mass create fake hosts in perfhammer with latest version of Katello & Foreman
15807 Feature Add reverse DNS lookup to installer for server and capsule.
15825 Tracker Sprint 1 : Content-Focused
15840 Feature Install and configure tuned
15843 Bug Redirect to login page on CSRF error
15885 Bug Removed repo packages are not replaced with a sync
15896 Bug Tomcat configuration should only be bound to localhost
15897 Bug Support mongo SSL connection with pulp
15898 Bug Satellite 6 can't be installed if syslog not running - /dev/log does not exist
15901 Feature As a katello administrator, I should be able to manage the configuration of my katello through my katello
15904 Bug Installer upgrade should only perform errata/gpg steps once
15905 Feature katello-installer should do dns forward reverse validation
15906 Bug Do not re-run upgrade rake tasks on --upgrade
15928 Bug hammer package list fails with --organization-id
15930 Bug Organization options hit the API multiple times in hammer-cli-katello
15931 Bug katello installer doesn't fully support cname alternate cname for satellite server
15932 Bug capsule-certs-generate failed to increment release number when generating certificate rpm for foreman-proxy
15943 Bug Katello does not render 403 page properly, resulting in error
15963 Bug katello-installer --help typos
15964 Bug hammer host-collection requires organization options when --name is specified
15967 Bug foreman-debug collects just few mongo task statuses
15968 Bug add crane logs in foreman-debug
15994 Bug API Delete repository response empty
15999 Bug Unable to use foreman-installer -S capsule and not enable puppet and pulp as proxy items
16014 Bug Improve error message when media is not set properly
16029 Feature Unable to delete/remove Red Hat provided repositories, using process that is similar deleting a custom repository
16051 Bug Need to enable setting the crane port in puppet-capsule
16054 Bug Menu context is switching by itself when multiple content view are published side by side
16080 Bug hammer subscription list returns duplicate columns
16154 Feature Limit packages to sync.
16181 Bug Concurrent contentview publish cause high memory usage of mongodb & Ruby
16183 Bug The pulp does not generate correct repodata for content view, nor it copies all rpms of repository in content view directory
16187 Bug rpm -V does not work for katello certs rpm
16202 Feature virt-who should be a capsule function
16203 Feature Katello Health checks for TLS, qpidd queues, pending tasks etc.
16205 Bug virt-who create additional content hosts consuming twice the number of subscription
16261 Bug Validate that the CA cert's CN doesn't match the cert's fqdn
16262 Bug Validate that the capsule cert's CN doesn't match the server FQDN
16307 Bug unable to modify repos with hammer without --product-id
16308 Bug Activation Keys listing on Hostgroup New/edit pages do not respect selected content view
16329 Bug Content View Errata by ID filter does not paginate results
16333 Bug Drop down menu for composite content view versions are not sorted
16345 Bug Content view list entries duplicated [Web/UI]
16349 Bug Newly published Content-view version info is not working with environment name in hammer cli
16350 Bug improve the output of "hammer content-view puppet-module list"
16351 Bug Bulk Auto Attach needs better optimization
16352 Bug Need better error message for bulk attach subscriptions
16365 Bug Composite Content View shows "Not Yet Published" for older content views
16374 Bug Unable to install nightly katello dev setup
16386 Bug Email notification preference names are not localized
16392 Bug Katello should have a single way to manage CA certificates that it uses
16393 Feature when exporting CVs, create a "latest" symlink
16396 Bug Synced Content is only available for Centos 7 and not 7.2
16400 Bug Race-condition on enabling repositories or promoting to the same environment.
16401 Bug Enabling repos concurrently doesnt release lock even if its 100% completed.
16418 Bug Repository for MongoDB can not be discovered
16452 Feature include advanced upgrade documentation for Katello P3 to P4
16464 Bug Inconsistent use of scrollbars in the UI
16473 Bug Errors not reported when adding a subscription to a content host
16476 Feature [RFE] Add Capsule-backup option
16515 Bug Issues with setting start date for sync plan in UI
16543 Bug if qpid is slow/unresponsive, candlepin event listener will freeze in event loop, causing dynflow executor to stop responding
16574 Feature Allow activation keys to enable product repos regardless of whether there is a subscription attached or not
16585 Bug katello high availability with multiple instances
16587 Feature Need option which will help to unregister system from one organization and register to another organization.
16620 Bug custom certificates do not work out-of-the box on katello 3.1
16623 Bug katello capsule isolation diagram missing ports
16696 Bug katello agent should not attempt to contact subscription.rhn.redhat.com
16697 Bug katello package profile is uploaded even when system is not registered
16698 Bug [Katello 3.1] Client subscription-manager out of sync with server repos
16699 Bug puppet module version not correct in content view
16703 Bug if client runs out of disk space, katello-agent will hang
16707 Bug content_action_accept_timeout is 20 sec by default, should be 100 sec
16711 Feature Errors should show which capsule they are from
16712 Feature Unable to upload source RPM packages
16735 Feature Support setting more globla default repository settings
16744 Bug sync plan create api returns 500 for missing or improperly formatted sync date
16812 Bug Replace controller extensions with apipie extensions
16823 Bug exporting a CV with only a puppet repo results in error
16831 Bug Content view publish documentation missing parameter
16837 Bug Errata "select all" does not select all if more errata than initially selected exists
16854 Feature Add a an ansible playbook to install atomic-registry
16868 Bug host_subscriptions_controller PUT remove_subscriptions fails "NoMethodError: undefined method []"
16891 Bug Wrong URI In Environment API Documentation
16903 Bug 'katello-certs-check' should check for new line character at the end of certificates
16904 Bug Capsule ca-consumer rpm not available on https
16906 Bug Capsule does not work with certificate with key of 16384 bits
16909 Bug Issue with Password having special character '@'
16911 Feature katello-installer certificate options should not require --certs-server-cert-req
16912 Bug All services are set to start on runlevel 2 in EL6 environments
16914 Bug Use /var instead of /root as SSL scratch directory
16917 Bug Confusing Capsules with feature pulp and pulp-node
16918 Bug When default-ca is updated, the candlepin amqp keystore is not updated
16919 Bug Expose "puppet" puppet module at top of installer, don't wrap inside puppet-capsule
16920 Bug katello-installer --katello-oauth-secret forgets to restart tomcat service
16934 Bug katello-installer: set --certs-update-* options by default to true if --certs-server-* used
16937 Bug capsule-certs-generate command is not honoring the "--ca-common-name" flag
16938 Feature Katello services to be configured to restart on failure
16939 Feature Enhance the installer logs to pull in failures from dependent services
16940 Feature Find out if katello-installer --upgrade was run after yum update
16947 Feature capsule-certs-generate should make it easier to setup capsule via automation
16950 Feature Add option "deployment size" to tune system properly
16954 Bug Capsule/Pulp: many "Resetting dropped connection" messages on sync
16955 Bug Decrease the disk requirements of /var/lib/qpidd by decreasing efp-file-size
16956 Feature capsule-installer to test if katello is of the same version than capsule
16958 Feature installer pre installation check should investigate if iptables or firewalld are enabled and if so ensure required ports are opened
16974 Feature RFE: Consistency between "organization" and "location" APIs
17013 Bug All task history viewable on content host tasks page
17034 Bug foreman crashes when generating capsule with space in the name
17063 Feature As a user, I want to control which docker image tags are synced.
17072 Bug foreman-installer --upgrade-puppet outputs lots of yum command info
17101 Feature Allow users to monitor the package download progress of background syncs
17112 Bug As a user, I want to set crane's registry port in katello.yaml file via the installer
17113 Bug Remove pulp_docker_registry_port from Settings and move to katello.yaml SETTINGS
17139 Feature Have smart proxy installer method to alert user that cert tarballs needs regenerating for a particular upgrade
17140 Bug CP 2.0: implement async endpoint for virt-who hypervisors checkin
17141 Feature CP 2.0: present failed hypervisor checkin information to user
17154 Feature [RFE] hammer should allow to set download policy when enabling a repository
17184 Bug katello agent ignores yum's "installonly_limit" parameter
17189 Feature allow searching by repo name in subscription page
17234 Bug pulp can handle multiple tags for a single docker manifest
17242 Feature CLI: Allow promotion of content views to multiple environments
17243 Feature UI: Allow promotion of content views to multiple environments
17320 Feature Don't configure proxy at all when no server/port present
17362 Bug Content view filter cannot distinguish between multiple packages with the same version but different release number
17366 Bug Convert puppet-capsule to puppet-foreman_proxy_content
17367 Feature Capsule should listen for RHSM requests on port 443, like Satellite does
17419 Feature need a way to tell if a content node's repo is out of sync.
17422 Feature Add Pulp support to manage rubygems repos
17423 Feature Pulp download timeouts should be configurable
17424 Feature Don't re-download rpms if they exist on disk
17425 Feature Support bypassing proxy for some repository URLs
17429 Feature [RFE] Short lived URL based access to protected content (download selected pkgs from UI)
17430 Feature [RFE] show details of which pulp content is being deleted by command "foreman-rake katello:delete_orphaned_content RAILS_ENV=production >/dev/null "
17431 Feature [RFE] API to download packages from any sync'd repo on Satellite 6
17432 Feature Show the size of a repository in MBs on Disk
17433 Feature Enhance Pulp to to support exporting of BlueRay ISO images
17437 Bug foreman user not defined in manifest
17472 Bug Logrotate fails to rotate cpdb.log
17532 Bug Can't search packages by repository using hammer
17572 Bug Katello/puppet-certs - Puppet language error during agent run (success during apply),
17608 Bug Hammer --resolve-dependencies flag not working
17614 Feature Change nightly documentation to reflect Capsule name change to smart proxy
17620 Bug Content View Puppet repo not deleted from puppet master
17629 Bug Puppet Upgrade from 3 - 4
17646 Bug [RFE] Don't configure http proxy at all when no server/port present
17687 Bug Warning icon used in bulk action warning on Products screen is barely visible
17690 Bug Package > Repositories > Content View list is always empty
17694 Bug undefined method `values' for #<String:> (NoMethodError) during repository sync
17713 Bug Reindex doesn't account for missing rpms
17739 Feature Package/include oauth credentials when creating certs tar for capsule
17742 Bug non-admin user cannot enable/disable and sync redhat repositories with Satellite 6 web-ui
17743 Feature Disable sync plans automatically before upgrade
17744 Bug Misleading error message when trying to remove RH content via bulk actions
17746 Bug SRPMs should not be allowed to upload in a satellite product.
17748 Feature Notification via email when repo sync fail
17750 Bug Sync plan description not updated after modifcation
17752 Bug Labels on 'New Sync Plan' page have empty 'for' attribute
17755 Feature provide email notification of systems with subscriptions soon to expire.
17758 Bug handle variables in listing files by ignoring
17760 Bug Sync status for puppet repository shows success without any errors but the output shows "Failed to download XXXX modules"
17761 Feature Email Notification to list of users on promotion into new lifecycle environment
17762 Feature Repository Synchronization Emails should include number of new packages synchronized
17763 Feature Allow Repository Synchronization Emails to be configured at the Sync Plan Level
17764 Feature Katello repository sync email notification even no errata available to sync.
17765 Feature Errata Notification Emails should list security errata by their classification (Low, Moderate, Important, Critical)
17767 Bug Satellite 6.2: Hypervisors not recognized as "Type =hypervisor" under satellite content host
17775 Bug creating an ostree repository from the api/cli should not support checksum-type
17777 Bug Should be easy to find out which packages failed to download during a content sync
17779 Bug When doing a bulk action moving many (100+) content hosts to new content view, some clients stay on old content view
17780 Bug Can't specify organization in hammer content-view/repository delete/update commands
17782 Bug post actions missing for content hosts -> bulk actions -> auto attach
17785 Bug Inconsistent behavior of deleting a yum or puppet published repository in product
17786 Bug Expired session popup overlayed in a strange way
17791 Bug Tab with RPMS could display some progress indicator when loading its content
17792 Bug Enabling the Satellite Capsule 6 Beta via hammer CLI does not reflect in the web ui
17798 Bug Changing Content View of a Content Host needs to trigger GenerateApplicability task automatically
17799 Bug On importing manifest, production.log filled with 400 Bad Request
17801 Bug WebUI - Select an Organization pages throws 500 - MissingTemplate: Missing template bastion/layouts/application on selecting an org
17806 Bug enable Rails/DynamicFindBy rubocop cop
17834 Bug support running candlepin database on a seperate host
17835 Bug Subscriptions should ask Candlepin for less information
17896 Bug Switch to newly created organization
17905 Bug katello:upgrade_check aborts on systems without an UUID
17981 Feature Show notification in email (and in UI if possible) if any of the required processes in Katello are not running
17983 Feature Prominent notification of expiring subscriptions.
17984 Bug Monitor Event Queue - Actions::Katello::EventQueue::Monitor fails to process
18016 Feature as a user, I would like to know the approximate size of a yum repo export before exporting
18022 Feature Need ability to disable sync for single repository instead of entire product
18119 Bug candlepin event queue is not de-duplicated during processing, causing large numbers of events to fire
18128 Feature Support external mongodb for pulp
18133 Feature RBAC for repositories
18139 Bug Upgrade from katello 3.0 to 3.1 on rhel 6.8 requires foreman-release-scl update
18146 Bug katello does not set Xmx setting in tomcat.conf, leading to possible OOMs
18152 Bug renaming a repo does not change the "Display Name" in pulp
18168 Bug content view docker repositories UI page not showing correct environments based upon permissions
18169 Bug docker tags UI page not showing correct tags based upon permissions
18182 Bug capsule for puppet can't install without package httpd
18186 Bug `hammer capsule update` with invalid url shows improper error message
18225 Bug Installer does not prevent custom certificates archive installation being attempted on a different proxy
18249 Feature Hard to link Content views to Composite Content view
18265 Bug unify_hosts rake task does not output progress status
18276 Feature Use Katello puppet repositories as module repository with 'puppet module install module-name' command
18324 Bug delete manifest in UI does not refresh page after task complete
18331 Bug When katello-backup is stored on NFS share exported with the root_squash option it fails on chown operation
18332 Feature katello-backup verify (ability to verify backup without restoring, like in Satellite 5)
18341 Bug API sort hash is not working, but sort_by and sort_order are working but undocumented
18347 Feature Add support for arbitrary substitutions when enabling a repository
18349 Bug copy satellite-clone tool to katello
18355 Feature katello-backup - Disable autostart
18362 Feature Integrate Relax and Recover images for backup and redeployment
18389 Bug Updating a content view's label returns a 200 but it should be a 400 or 422
18390 Bug Activation keys are not validated.
18391 Bug Attempting to salt integrate in Katello
18394 Bug Sync plan docs mention monthly time period but that does not exit
18408 Bug qpidd max-connections setting is not preserved during upgrade and might cause upgrade failure
18444 Bug Trying to promote CV version into environment in which it already exists throws unhelpful error
18498 Feature [RFE] Allow creating package groups via UI
18539 Bug Katello RPM package leaves empty directories
18541 Feature Incremental updates using the Katello web UI
18615 Bug As a user, when a sync to foreman smart proxy with content fails I want a notice.
18647 Feature Support conditional activation keys
18666 Bug crane config is wrong on dev box
18683 Bug [UX] "remove product" should switch to task page
18694 Feature Need UI option to see which content views (and versions) are linked to yum repository
18698 Bug no new packages message is shown when there is a new package on repository sync
18721 Bug Make sure that the UI/CLI is properly showing the error from pulp on puppet module upload
18725 Bug Rename potentially confusing Library Default Content View
18743 Feature hostgroup create/update doesn't support --content-source
18744 Bug API - PUT method for applying errata to hosts does not validate values
18751 Bug missing options in hostgroup create/update
18779 Bug API organization_id can only be numeric
18781 Feature CSV export for products
18814 Bug Don't show two messages when sync is blocked
18876 Feature [RFE] Set location on client registration
18903 Bug Receive OvirtException when updating a Content View on any Content Host from RHEV 3.6 or 4 version
18913 Bug Block ability to disable orgs and locations in the installer
18914 Feature Accessibility of Satellite Web UI
18945 Feature Katello - Reporting on package upgradable_rpms
18964 Feature Docker Regsitry Image Name Format on katello
19000 Feature Don't permit registration of localhost
19006 Bug Cannot add Host group parameter "kt_activation_keys"
19040 Bug Unable to sync rawhide repositories
19058 Feature Automatic removal of old versions
19091 Bug Failed to call refresh: /usr/sbin/foreman-rake db:migrate returned 1 instead of one of [0] during fresh install
19094 Bug Installation failed when satellite-installer use character "\" in proxy-username option
19095 Bug port 8080 is needed by candlepin for one-time initialization
19098 Feature Add a warning and override requirement for installations with default partition schemes
19105 Tracker Repository STI refactoring
19106 Refactor Add single table inheritance to Repository model
19107 Refactor get rid of content type field in Repositories
19108 Refactor Repository STI refactoring - move content based on functionality
19109 Refactor Remove Content View Puppet Environment
19111 Feature As a user, I want to browse and edit CVV repos.
19114 Feature As a user, I want to change a repo in a content view version from on-demand to immediate
19133 Bug Increase the size of the katello_event_queue
19137 Bug Activation Key / Content View information always asking for content view
19140 Feature Feature Request: The ability to make a composite content view of other composite content views
19144 Feature Copy Products/Content Views between ORGs
19150 Bug Auto attachment of RHSCL Licenses to Hypervisors
19165 Bug --certs-regenerate-ca doesn't do anything
19181 Feature Speed up content view publishes by processing repos in batches
19186 Bug sync now button is grey on new ostree repos
19197 Feature Add ability to associate products and repositories with a GPG key
19198 Feature Edit GPG contents shouldn't show upload button
19201 Bug Content counts are not updated on repository info page after sync
19202 Bug OSTree branches page shouldn't have repository selector
19208 Bug When creating GPG key message is displayed with multiple icons on it
19237 Bug pulp_data.tar is often corrupted
19267 Bug skip metadata generation for all other content types aside from rpms when the content hasn't changed in a CVV promote/publish
19308 Bug undefined method `ref' for nil:NilClass on smart-proxy-content install
19353 Feature [RFE] There should be a way to report the storage size of a given repo
19356 Bug Searching an errata with "!" displays incorrect results
19367 Bug katello models not working with foreman-hooks plugin
19376 Feature RFE: Ability to set different download policy on smart proxies than Katello server
19406 Feature Sync plans does not allow sync per-repo
19407 Feature Lock subscription onto a host
19415 Feature Allow searching of content hosts by subscription name
19449 Feature katello-restore needs to check for sufficient free disk space before restore
19457 Bug Qrouterd is running unconfined
19460 Bug Set umask to default 0022
19477 Feature Custom EPEL product is not integrated seamlessly
19505 Bug Stop using /owners/<owner>/info for sub compliance dashboard widget
19551 Feature foreman-installer should check whether ssl-build directory is present and has all the required content
19578 Bug can't use ~ in file path name for foreman-proxy-certs-generate
19640 Bug Hammer-CLI-Katello doesn't search for lifecycle-environments properly when trying to promote.
19644 Bug SELinux should be configured to allow connections to katello-proxy-port
19656 Bug Hammer doesn't give a reason when it failed to upload a file
19736 Bug Hammer/Katello allows for multiple versions of the same package
19926 Bug Puppet module repo deletion has no protection
19928 Bug Uniqueness validation in package filter rule doesn't consider architecture
19982 Bug Docker repository not immediately available on local registry after sync
19985 Feature side by side repository selection in content view
20006 Bug User permissions for "Organization Selection"
20009 Bug [UX] bulk content hosts page has no indicator that action is being performed
20019 Bug cache errata counts on objects
20021 Feature Optionally create a katello-default-ca with public CA certs from multiple sources
20053 Bug Better error handling on katello-backup --snapshot when snapshot runs out of space
20078 Refactor Create a scoped_search service
20237 Bug transiet failures with vcr tests
20238 Bug Document tracer feature (including running katello-tracer-upload)
20323 Feature RFE: UI: Add bulk sync capability to capsules
20346 Feature hammer content-view puppet-module add" command should provide an option to specify any required version.
20414 Bug when i synced a repo, the action drop down remains on the page
20441 Bug katello-remove should remove all generated config files from the system
20477 Refactor remove usages of /subscriptions for candlepin interaction
20480 Bug API call for Applicable errata in host bulk action missing
20501 Feature Content View version differentials - a list of software that will be updated
20592 Bug difficult to dectect goferd plugin errors from bad ca cert
20629 Bug Commands in plugins use "ID" and "Id" inconsistently
20659 Bug Smart proxy labels should be bold
20734 Feature As a user, I'd like to restrict a product/repo to certain distributions
20842 Feature Creating package groups API was added, lets add the hammer command for this
20844 Bug Content views should be searchable on the basis on 'label'
20850 Tracker Allow split deployments using the installer
20851 Refactor Allow split deploying in puppet-katello
20852 Refactor Allow split deploying in puppet-foreman_proxy_content
20854 Bug Katello repository export requires a shared filesystem with Pulp
20856 Tracker Support HA Katello app servers
20859 Bug [RFE] Create way to reset Katello proxy settings back to defaults
20935 Bug investigate .uniq issue on scoped search queries

Closed Sprints

Team Brad - Iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14231 Bug "hammer content-view version list --organization Acme" lists all CVVs in all orgs

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17190 Feature Provide a way how to yum update without risking having update packages without migration script run

Team Brad - Iteration 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17766 Bug hammer erratum list: Search with product name return all erratum

Team Tom - iteration 9


thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16394 Feature Katello dev installer needs to include ostree repos

Team Brad - Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17768 Bug hammer host-collection erratum install : throw exception (404 Resource Not Found)
17769 Bug hammer host-collection package install : throw exception (404 Resource Not Found)

Team Brad - Iteration 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17022 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 1: Tag candlepin 2.0 rpms in koji
17023 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 1: Packaging updates to include candlepin 2.0
17024 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 1: Installer: updates to support candlepin 2.0

Team Brad - Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18060 Bug dynflow_executor memory leak when publishing CV triggers Actions::Katello::ContentView::CapsuleGenerateAndSync on multiple Capsules
18697 Bug Content hosts show red untitled status from webui yet subscribed from command line, as well as green fully entitled with no subscription attached
18703 Bug Unable to delete the composite content view version after upgrade
18708 Bug view_lifecycle_environments permission does not show lifecycle environments