Katello 3.4.0

Katello 3.4


Team Tom - backlog

backlog items for thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17158 Tracker Replace Nutupane with Single Item/List Views
18253 Feature repo search for docker image repos using the results of docker search

Foreman - Team Marek backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17215 Feature Include Host's Host Collection to YAML definition.

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18617 Bug Update pulp server conf template 2.12
8407 Feature API Missing activation key listing available service_levels
13815 Feature Show content counts for file type repositories
15189 Bug Package list in CLI lacks information
15758 Bug Remove katello-disconnected (or katello-utils)
17060 Bug Add hammer ping and katello-service status commands to foreman-debug script
17148 Feature Add ability to search for hypervisors and guests
17165 Bug Remove Nutupane from Puppet Modules pages
17219 Bug obsolete squid directives
17220 Feature Add links to the refresh manifest kcs article
17567 Feature Eliminate capsule-remove in favor of katello-remove
17622 Feature Enhance UI to make the need for virt-who apparent
17714 Refactor Move puppet to top level of the installer
17757 Bug Standard user is unable to access "Red Hat Subscriptions" page
17857 Refactor Remove scoped_search 4 deprecations
17865 Bug FileUnitPresenter has the wrong filename
17882 Bug Update the button label from New XXX to Create XXX
17966 Bug Create blue primary buttons for each page
17986 Bug Typos in installer --help
18063 Bug Org create returns unclear message when trying to assign a non-existent subnet
18117 Bug Make katello-backup aware of Puppet4
18118 Bug Make katello-remove aware of Puppet4
18137 Bug The Script katello-backup reports Permission denied messages
18138 Bug Puppet repository update fails with no method puppet_path for nil when missing a default smart proxy
18198 Bug katello-debug to collect httpd pulp logs
18247 Bug Capsule-certs-generate` asks to register capsule to `Default Organization` instead of org set at install
18268 Bug Unable to pull content from katello after registering a content host after hostname change process
18277 Feature katello-backup should take backup of redhat-release file
18333 Bug katello-backup returns with wrong exit code when failing
18335 Feature Satellite 6: database online-backup should add pg_dumpall -g to include global permissions
18354 Refactor Use Setting[:entries_per_page] not Setting::General.entries_per_page
18360 Bug db:migrate fails with wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) due to pagelets change
18396 Bug Collect additional pulp configurations left out by katello-debug
18406 Bug goferd segfaults while pushing erratas to 1K clients
18441 Bug datetime format should be db independent for support mysql
18470 Bug Hammer does not list over 20 item per page for some resources
18475 Bug Uninitialized contant Host::ContentFacet on hostgroup edit
18497 Feature [RFE] Allow creating package groups via API
18499 Bug hammer throws error "Uuid can't be blank" while adding groups to a content view filter of content type "Package Group"
18523 Bug hammer cli : hostgroup info is not showing content-related fields
18543 Bug Not all foreman modules are excluded from the parser cache
18558 Feature Add option to force sync repository
18571 Bug katello debug should not use known directory structures
18641 Bug Cannot enable compute resource via "foreman-installer --scenario katello"
18667 Refactor Adapt HostCollectionsController to Rails 4.2.8
18685 Bug Documentation: Troubleshooting page links to nothing
18727 Feature Need a way to run bunch of tests based of wildcard
18738 Bug PG::Error: ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table "katello_environments" when viewing activation keys as a user with customized viewing permissions
18749 Bug require test file in content_view/puppet_module/add_test.rb
18754 Feature Add top level file type UI page
18755 Feature Add UI page to manage file content in a repository
18756 Bug katello-backup --incremental failure does not provide adequate error message
18785 Bug Hammer shows no errata "installable" even if it is actually installable"
18832 Bug Make sure permissions are present before test execution
18849 Bug katello-certs-check doesn't check expiration date
18874 Refactor Remove jquery-ui-rails gem dependency
18881 Refactor remove jquery from katello
18884 Bug Fix indentation in answers files
18895 Feature [RFE] Traces should effect the hosts status
18907 Bug Fix Smart Proxies test to use factory girl
18916 Bug identify pulp errata by id only, to save pulp celery memory
18925 Feature Add schema to full backup if dbfiles are corrupted
18959 Bug undefined method when no Pulp capsule present
18965 Bug Do not bring all services down during offline backup
18979 Bug Latest errata widget host count isn't correctly pluralized
19016 Bug Pulp Node inconsistencies
19018 Feature File big issue into syslog when katello-service performs an action
19027 Bug Unknown class TransportFailure
19038 Bug After katello-agent installation goferd is not started
19076 Bug use single-consumer call when regenerating applicability
19100 Bug Fix typo in unify_hosts script
19118 Bug Add foreman CLI deployment through installer
19128 Bug Wrong link in foreman.tld/subscriptions to hypervisor hosts
19143 Bug Content Views display 2x when creating a new Composite CV
19154 Bug katello-backup should backup certs & foreman_cache_data on Puppet 4
19155 Bug katello-remove should remove Puppet 4 content
19180 Refactor Remove crane from the installer
19187 Bug Syncing ostree repo duplicates branches
19216 Bug katello-service should include puppetserver
19263 Bug katello-remove errors if a directory is also a mount point
19274 Bug Missing "Override to no" option for enabled field in "Product Content" tabs
19282 Bug Create New View button should be blue on content view page
19371 Bug hammer --noncomposite ignores the value passed to it and always removed composite views
19420 Feature Add a rake task to bulk update the download_policy on all repos
19446 Bug Incremental backup script in effect is performing full backup.
19453 Bug katello-backup does not apply postgres group owner to the whole backup path
19498 Bug katello-service uses logger -p without a priority
19499 Bug Make katello-backup metadata file in yml format
19642 Bug Puppet classes are not available for inclusion in host groups until imported from the filesystem
19679 Bug Katello seed fails with undefined method `trigger' for Actions::Candlepin::Owner::Create

Closed Sprints

Team Brad - Iteration 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17028 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 1: Update katello-candlepin ruby bindings
17029 Feature CP 2.0: Phase 1: Update katello layers to support new katello-candlepin ruby bindings
17132 Bug Incorrect memory value under content host properties

Team Brad - Iteration 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17709 Bug Cannot create a hostgroup with a content view
17911 Bug Inconsistent naming of errata applicable vs affected
17929 Bug Trying to delete a Puppet content view version throws the error " TypeError: Value (NilClass) '' is not any of: ForemanTasks::Concerns::ActionSubject"

Foreman - Team Daniel - Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17266 Bug Fix tests that depend on CVE 2016-7078
17867 Refactor Adopt patternfly forms on discovery sync
18141 Bug Katello fields do not show up on host view
18166 Bug Use ReactJsHelper on Sync controller
18188 Bug undefined local variable error when navigating to red hat repositories page
18196 Feature Ask users to run foreman-tail during upgrade
18226 Bug Unable to delete Default Location from katello
18236 Bug Use regular names for settings

Team Brad - Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17522 Feature Need a server side tool to assist with the process of changing the hostname of the Katello server
17663 Bug create a virt-who guest and hypervisor report
17691 Bug "hammer repository upload-content --path" redundantly non-performant against big repos
17941 Bug allow for force generation of repo metadata
17950 Bug Collect /etc/profile.d files during foreman-debug run
18034 Bug Lifecycle environments not displayed correctly with restricted permissions
18075 Bug [RFE] Include disk space check in katello-debug
18145 Bug [RFE] Add RHSM.log to katello-debug

Team Tom - iteration 9


thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15396 Bug Upload manifest button should lock out
17163 Feature Remove Nutupane from Errata Pages
17168 Feature Remove Nutupane from Content Host pages
17640 Feature Remove nutupane from puppet modules pages
17642 Feature Remove nutupane from OSTree branches pages
17726 Bug update content view docker to include filters
18049 Feature Remove nutupane from environment pages
18050 Feature Remove nutupane from task details
18163 Bug cancel button for new docker content view filter returns to the yum filters page
18164 Bug do not show file repositories tab on content view versions without any file repos

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17192 Bug Provide more information about currently running upgrade steps

Team Tom - iteration 10


thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18320 Bug Missing bulk content host auto-attach button
18140 Bug unable to set focus in text field of content host bulk actions errata modal
18052 Refactor Group bulk products buttons into dropdown
17427 Feature OSTree Sync pulls only the latest version
17555 Bug Replace secondary add/remove tabs with patternfly secondary tabs
18220 Bug Fix usages of sub-header angular block in katello
18283 Bug The Docker Tags page spins forever under Any Context
18361 Bug need ostree repo sync show better progress information.
18383 Bug Some styling issues on the content view filter pages
18393 Bug cannot go to task details from errata task list
18411 Bug tag in pulp-2.12
18420 Bug errata by date content view filters do not display the dates properly
18423 Bug [UX] content host page for unregistered host shows both states
18448 Bug searching on content hosts page and hitting enter opens 'register a host' page instead of searching
18459 Bug [RFE] - Applying Erratum to a client, Cancel and Next button only visible while scrolling through the entire list of content-hosts
18465 Bug [UX] host UI page link to content host incorrect
19138 Bug Content view publish styling is off

Team Brad - Iteration 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15555 Bug Hammer repository remove-content should allow reposotiry ID resolution by name, organization, and product
16276 Feature Add content counters to Content View Versions Repositories overview
17564 Bug Unpacking tree in Red Hat Repositories sequentially contacts CDN for each and every CDN path
17949 Bug 255 character length too short for content view names
18032 Bug Regression: Syncing large Library of content from Katello to Proxy takes hours even if no content changes
18258 Bug Allow batched content install actions during errata install
18352 Bug `hammer content-view remove` has unnecessary option `--content-view-version-content-view-ids`
18368 Bug no implicit conversion of String into Array (TypeError) when running katello-restore
18392 Bug require test file in content_view add_repository_test.rb
18413 Bug candlepin 2.0 requires numeric ids for products
18419 Bug katello errata by date content view filter cannot be created in ui
18453 Bug Organization delete fails when products exist
18503 Bug rake katello:rubocop does not provide accurate return code

Foreman - Team Marek Iteration 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18508 Bug Katello kickstart template hardcodes root password hash algorithm

Team Tom - iteration 11


thomasmckay, partha, walden

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18631 Feature As a user, I want future-dated subscriptions to be displayed.
18452 Feature [UI] As a user, I want the product content UI pages to be a table.
17970 Feature Refreshing a manifest should re-generate entitlement certificates.
18634 Bug [UX] bookmark search on content hosts add subscriptions page does not specify controller param
16824 Bug need mechanism to clear repository upstream username and password
18370 Bug [UX] change dropdown buttons in katello to use "Select Action" and correct patternfly styling
18484 Bug Katello is not able to sync OSTree contents using proxy
18526 Bug checkboxes in forms should have the label and checkbox in-line
18533 Bug Docker upstream repository name length limit
18577 Bug auto-complete tag name on content view docker tag no longer working
18578 Bug link from a yum repository in a content view does nothing
18579 Bug Ostree View Branches link missing
18711 Bug Can't enter text in box in manage packages modal
18773 Feature Need API's to content overrides for bulk hosts
18774 Feature Need API's to content overrides for AK
18827 Bug 3.3 - Search box is small on CV puppet modules page
18846 Bug hammer activation key content overrides needs to use updated api
18847 Bug Correct the directory name for hammer activation keys tests
18858 Bug [UX] content view puppet modules page blank, missing way to add modules
18859 Feature Need API's to content overrides for single host
18860 Feature hammer host subscriptions content overrides needs to use updated api
18879 Bug upgrade fail with error : Upgrade Step: set_virt_who_on_pools (this may take a while) ...
18897 Feature [UX] selection choices for content host subscriptions
18939 Bug Fix katello models to not have red confirmation buttons unless an action is destructive
19004 Bug As a user, I want a clear indication in UI when content access mode is org_environment
19057 Bug Need to address Inconsistent Json between product content jsons
19073 Bug Upgrade bastion to 5.0.0
19074 Feature Upgrade bastion to 5.0.0 part 2 the sequel
19080 Feature hammer host subscriptions product-content needs to show available product content
19089 Bug Tasks table not setting table.working to false correctly
19158 Bug removing multiple subscriptions causes parallel calls to candlepin
19178 Bug JS error on repository page
19182 Bug Updating an ostree repo causes ISE

Team Brad - Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14611 Feature Add content-view purge command
16052 Bug Non-enabled products can be added to a sync plan by ID via the API
16256 Bug Repeated SSL warnings in httpd logs
18028 Bug Custom product content published in Library isn't syncing to capsule
18263 Bug Resyncing of RH kickstart repos after the hostname change - failed
18266 Bug after running the hostname change, the old hostname is still showing in the content host registration page
18267 Bug https://katello.example.com/pub shows entries for the old hostname
18405 Bug Update installer upgrade process to include resolving data integrity issues.
18416 Bug Weight capsule sync tasks appropriately
18524 Feature Allow force republish of content view version repos
18589 Bug Add better documentation on how to add tests to hammer-cli-katello
18593 Bug docker repos not synced to capsule
18655 Bug Do not index full rpm metadata if already present
18656 Bug syncing a capsule fails with ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound Couldn't find SmartProxy with 'id'=2
18669 Bug VCR test fails on json 2.*
18670 Bug upgrade to vcr 3.0
18702 Bug `hammer package list --product-id 1` returns all packages for all products
18759 Bug registration with activation key fails with 'Couldn't find Domain with 'id'=1 [WHERE (1=0)]'
18819 Bug Publish content view with puppet module fails "Validation failed: Puppet environment can't be blank"
18848 Bug publishing a puppet module in a content view errors

Foreman - Team Marek Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18536 Bug Trying to apply errata on host-collection using hammer fails

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18586 Bug Add action scopes to hosts API controller.

Team Brad - Iteration 12


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17378 Bug candlepin uses ca cert for server cert
18242 Bug Update Katello-backup to omit the /var/lib/pulp/katello-export directory
18270 Bug after hostname change - publishing a content view with puppet modules in it throws ssl error
18580 Bug [UX] "Manage Manifest" button on subscriptions page should land on "Import/Remove Manifest" page
18696 Bug [RFE] add confirmation step for manifest deletion (explaining when refresh will do, and when have to use delete)
18812 Bug Content hosts show red untitled status from webui yet subscribed from command line, as well as green fully entitled with no subscription attached
18844 Bug Support verify content sync on bulk products
18891 Bug Content Hosts Traces page doesnt work
18894 Bug auto load rake tasks
18896 Bug candlepin /pools API deprecated
18983 Bug Composite Content View shows incorrect total number of included repos
18984 Bug rake katello:clean_backend_objects fails with Must specify at least one search criteria.
18990 Bug Add links and make subscription add/remove tables more readable
18991 Bug tests failing with ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
19042 Bug Getting error "no implicit conversion of Fixnum into String" while performing manifest refresh
19054 Bug Katello backup uses special characters in directory name
19079 Bug Adapt hammer-cli-katello to use the new options changes in hammer-cli

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 12


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17298 Bug Enable Process Recycling for Pulp Worker Processes
18682 Bug Offload upload package profile to dynflow executor

Team Brad - Iteration 13


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18421 Bug Succesfully promoted <content_view_version> to undefined
18923 Bug Hammer- can't remove puppet module from content view by id -- uuid is sent instead
18973 Bug Deleting a product results in "product not found" cp errors
19184 Bug Ensure that satellite-clone hammer script is tested
19189 Bug db:migrate breaks RPM build
19210 Bug 6.3 Red Hat Repositories Page: repository enable checkbox does not render properly
19227 Bug katello-change-hostname should check services before running
19250 Bug Repo sync: several parameters not passed to pulp
19262 Bug hammer ping returns exit code 0 when service is failing
19273 Bug Reset does not recreate candlepin db due to cpdp/cpinit in wrong location
19276 Bug --reset should stop workers or it will fail on pulp-manage-db

Team Tom - Iteration 13


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19136 Bug 400 on installable bulk errata on content hosts page
19166 Bug Fix styling issues on CV deletion pages
19194 Bug Creating a sync plan while creating a product doesn't work
19195 Bug Some new item forms are indented
19203 Bug Docker tags lifecycle environments filter is badly styled
19207 Bug [UX] content view action button needs switching to "select action"
19209 Bug Interval is shown twice on sync plan info page
19283 Bug Table columns are misaligned on content view filter repositories page
19339 Bug Repository Sets pages are not being displayed in production because of dependency injection typo
19467 Bug Add Schema column for Docker Manifest

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 13


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19162 Bug Update foreman-tasks to 0.9.0

Foreman - Team Marek Iteration 13


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18223 Bug new container from content view ui page not working

Team Brad - Iteration 14


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18987 Bug --certs-regenerate-ca should also regenerate ueber certificates
19023 Bug Potential for stuck task in repository remove_content action
19026 Bug Stop calling back to candlepin for qpid messages
19119 Bug The same client is showing under host collections list/remove and add tabs
19120 Bug virt-who reporting fails with "No route matches [POST] /rhsm/hypervisors/Default_Organization"
19323 Bug Content -> Errata & Packages do not take selected organization into consideration
19338 Bug CV publishing with puppet module does not add puppet class
19421 Bug Foreman Proxy with content ping check doesn't report capsule with issues
19433 Bug Update `trigger` usage to `triggering_action` from dynflow change

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 14


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19336 Bug Remote execution from Host Collections with non-admin user fails with error 'rendering 403 because of missing permission'

Team Brad - Iteration 15


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18971 Bug Custom pools deleted after importing or refreshing a manifest
19256 Bug Installation/update of katello-agent on RHEL 5 fails
19607 Bug Content host errata list does not display with error "404 not found"

Foreman - Team Anurag Iteration 9

Team Anurag Iteration 9

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18084 Bug Search raises PGError on feeding a non-integer value for a integer field
18572 Bug Hammer - Unable to remove repo content using repo name if more than one repository with same name exists

Foreman - Team Anurag Iteration 12

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18784 Bug Sync Errata should send emails only if Errata count is greater than 0