Next major release of Foreman.

Foreman_116_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Team Daniel - Iteration 9

about 5 months late (01/26/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16159 Refactor Rename mail alerts to not be "puppet" specific

Team Ivan Iteration 14

41 days late (05/16/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15711 Refactor Remove inheritance from classification system and move type specific functionality to providers framework.
19173 Bug host never leaves build mode when token expires during built
19296 Bug Template association remove link shows incorrect tooltip

Team Ivan Iteration 15

40 days late (05/17/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
19541 Bug UserMailNotification records are not set up properly when a mail notification is added.
19582 Feature Inform user that all Puppet Class sub entities affect saving the whole puppet class

Team Marek Iteration 16

Due in 1 day (06/27/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20035 Feature Administer -> About page should have a bullet link to the local API docs

Team Ivan Iteration 16

Due in 2 days (06/28/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20079 Bug Foreman does not verify CA on postgres DB connections with SSL

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15861 Bug audited_changes column is too small
17377 Feature Update fog-core to 1.43.0
17588 Refactor Remove 1.16 deprecations
17749 Bug foreman-debug archive files have confusing extension: .gz.txt
17771 Bug foreman-debug: script says it was successful even when it obv. wasn't.
18200 Bug Audit entries for encrypted oauth_consumer_secret created on app startup
18438 Bug Allow adjusting notification checking period
18445 Bug "Cannot define multiple 'included' blocks" for audit_extensions with eager_load enabled
18471 Tracker Drop Puppet 3 support
19116 Refactor Remove 1.17 deprecations
19132 Bug Provide puppet-agent-oauth for Puppet PC1 packages on Fedora
19161 Bug Plus icon doesn't change to minus icon
19288 Refactor Facts - action button should be word button instead of icon
19315 Feature Pages do not refresh after idle session timeout
19317 Bug Plugin and dashboard widget registry auto-reloaded
19340 Refactor new_host vs new_vm variable in compute resource VM partials
19383 Feature Provide description for Hammer command to disable/enable notifications for a host.
19384 Refactor [Icon Update] - suggest to add label beside the Remove icon
19388 Bug Multiple selection cuts long labels when highlighting
19418 Bug cancel button on discovery host provision does not work
19437 Bug ComputeResourceCacheTest fails with empty file cache
19459 Feature Add VM boot failure faster feedback loop for openstack
19475 Bug Rename test variables to more specific term
19476 Bug Smart proxy features list should be returned from #refresh API call
19478 Feature upgrade to webpack 2
19479 Bug two-pane notifications are not visible
19490 Bug remove apache license
19497 Feature include passenger-memory-stats & passenger-status in foreman-debug
19502 Refactor remove react warnings
19504 Bug Host class selection filter doesn't escape ':'
19506 Bug vmware cache is not refreshed after compute resource is updated
19512 Refactor update to node 6.10 as minimum node.js version
19528 Refactor Move FiltersHelperOverrides out of app/registries/ to permit autoloading
19544 Refactor Fix reactDom 15.5 test warnings
19579 Refactor require fog-libvirt 0.4.0
19583 Bug "Please select" for blank value in Subnet dropdown is misleading
19585 Refactor Allow csv exporter to access nested parameters
19588 Refactor Allow csv exporter to define different header row
19589 Feature Add an option to create plugin migrations with properly marked scope
19604 Refactor Update GuestOsIdentifier in vmware.rb to new vSphere 6.5
19613 Refactor Permit ancestry 3.x
19615 Refactor move dashboard flot charts to c3
19630 Bug Notifications are being created for internal admins
19632 Refactor SecureBoot support for non-intel architectures
19646 Bug Marking new host's NIC as "provisioning" does not suffice for PXE boot, tooltip is misleading.
19700 Refactor enable rubocop Performance/RedundantMerge and Performance/RedundantMatch
19717 Bug npm 5.0.0 conflicts with sass and phantomjs
19762 Refactor Upgrade rubocop to 0.49.1
19764 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Layout/AccessModifierIndentation
19913 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Style/ZeroLengthPredicate
19921 Bug upgrade fast_gettext
19922 Bug upgrade gettext_i18n_rails to 1.8
19923 Bug Unpin nokogiri gem
19934 Feature Prioritize attribute order in puppet classes limited to 255 chars
19977 Feature Fetch a value for a given parameter name (from a provisioning snippet) on a subnet
19979 Bug Puppet Integration with non-puppetserver Puppet 4.x broken
19991 Bug Interface responds to `network` but not to `network6`
19995 Feature search should use turbolinks
20000 Feature use turbolinks to load dashboard refresh faster
20001 Bug Allow access to inferface fqdn from snippets
20013 Bug Notification polling duplicated on turbolinks navigation
20033 Refactor Avoid redefining SEEDED_TEMPLATES and SEEDED_PARTITION_TABLES constants
20066 Bug global params are not evaluated in ENC output
20086 Bug message column name should have capital M on report detail page

Closed Sprints

Team Ivan Iteration 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17087 Bug Updating default_value of a hash/array smart class parameter with a non string value should return an error message

Team Marek Iteration 14


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17883 Bug Problem with resource pool vCenter 5.5