Katello 3.4.6


Team Tom - Iteration 16

about 10 months late (06/26/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18261 Bug pulp-manage-db need to run after ostree is installed

Foreman - Team Marek Iteration 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20862 Bug Katello overrides apipie definition for hostgroups

Team Brad - Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17674 Bug Cannot open https://katello-url/audits
18614 Bug failure to sync container repos to proxy leaves task in paused/error
19686 Bug Errors syncing ostree repo to foreman-proxy-content capsule
20430 Bug katello-change-hostname should check for enough ram before making changes

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18083 Bug can't manage or create Org - error candlepin: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3
18129 Bug qpidd connection error during upgrade-puppet
18363 Bug Actions::Pulp::Repository::Destroy (error) after deleting repository
18806 Bug Duplicate declaration: /etc/foreman-proxy/ssl_key.pem
19757 Bug SELINUX denies loading SmartProxy overview page
20054 Bug katello-certs-check does not check server certificate's encoding
20100 Bug Host groups do not inherit content source from parent host groups
20424 Bug Aliasing action_permission in HostControllerExtensions breaks other plugins
20568 Feature [rfe] Make the resources in /pub available through https in addition to http
20574 Bug API call of GET /katello/api/host_collections says organization_id optional, but doesn't accept without organization id
20631 Bug pulp-gen-ca-certificate return 1 on proxy content
20717 Bug Smart proxy auto-synchronization fails with an error 'PLP0034' after content view promotion
20727 Bug Hypervisors show up as Hosts with no Puppet reports
20753 Bug After upgrade to latest version katello 3.4.5 the default templates still broken
20757 Bug Notification of more of 7 elements not show any scroll
20805 Bug katello-change-hostname should ask for credentials if not provided
20836 Bug Safe mode rendering does not correctly prevent using symbol to proc calls
20855 Bug view_capsule_content doesnt allow you to see what content is on a Capsule
20942 Bug leading slash (/) missing in dhcp/tftp/pxe file path
21080 Bug clean_installed_packages script will not exit after foreign key error
21422 Bug After update latest packages of katello 3.4 i just starting to get warnings
21435 Bug hammer host-collection list requires organization parameter with host-id provided
22299 Bug Smart Proxy with Puppet 3 and katello 3.4 fail upgrade to 3.5
22498 Bug Improve help and error messages when adding CVs to a CCV

Closed Sprints

Team Tom - Iteration 15


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19740 Bug puppet-pulp missing docker schema 2 for /etc/httpd/conf.d/pulp_docker.conf

Team Brad - Iteration 18


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19179 Bug New packages are not synced from the katello to capsule even after a successful capsule sync.

Team Brad - Iteration 19


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20719 Bug Cancel button not working on create activation key page

Team Brad - Iteration 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19974 Bug Refreshing a table on modal close seems to forget parameters
20393 Bug Foreman tasks table should be using index method instead of bulk_search
20532 Bug candlepin event listener does not release messages after error
20682 Bug Optimize package profile task processing time
20703 Bug Content Hosts Traces page doesnt work
20789 Bug Errata content host apply confirm button has no effect
20799 Feature katello-change-hostname needs better requirements checking
20863 Bug Katello overrides apipie definition for Smart Proxies
20874 Bug undefined method `kickstart_repos' for #<Suse:0x007f1bdbd558d8>
20876 Bug Editing a content view package filter rule with greater or less than breaks the filter

Foreman - Team UX - Iteration 21


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20600 Bug Host collection subscription management only operates on the first 20 hosts in the collection
21077 Bug Unable to apply errata to host collection

Team Brad - Iteration 21


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20584 Bug activation key page takes 10-20 seconds to load for each batch of keys
20650 Bug Fail when backing up to a directory postgres cannot write to
20830 Bug Add man pages to katello-change-hostname
21152 Bug Cannot attach VDC Guest subscription to an Activation Key.

Team Brad - Iteration 22


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21251 Bug host traces page doesn't work sometimes
21491 Bug incremental update via UI never creates an incremental update