Next major release of Foreman.

Foreman_117_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Team Marek Iteration 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19554 Feature Provide warning for unsupported PXE loader combinations
20201 Feature Global HTTP proxy for outgoing requests
20708 Bug Audit do not properly display and search on partition tables and provisioning templates
20763 Bug "Create SSH key" GUI button incorrectly named

Team Anurag Iteration 20

6 days late (09/19/2017)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20840 Bug Updating Subnet Parameter with invalid name doesn't shows any error
20858 Bug Add pxe_loader field info into GET api of api/v2/hostgroups/:id

Team Marek backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
10726 Bug Updating an interface via API changes its type
20672 Bug Auto-assign Entries should use a button
20890 Bug SSH key validations should return better messages

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
13599 Bug Proxy exception messages are truncated
19116 Refactor Remove 1.17 deprecations
19519 Bug Firefox prepopulates "Account username" of LDAP settings with normal user credentials
19577 Tracker Drop Ruby 2.1 support
19912 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Style/WordArray
20454 Bug Patternfly pagination does not support entering a page number
20470 Bug Filter modification on roles is not audited
20485 Feature cache notification drawer state
20487 Feature Add rebuild_config to hostgroup API
20500 Feature Allow API GET /api/hostgroups to return hostgroup parameters
20516 Feature API Hosts GET returning also owner_name
20589 Bug "Last login time" time stamp doesn't update, when Satellite 6 is configured with gssproxy
20652 Refactor move ovirt js code into webpack
20654 Feature Colors used for Failed and for Failed Restarts should be different
20660 Bug Proxy features should be list, refresh Icon should be replaced with button
20665 Bug Smart proxy delete button should not be red
20678 Bug Improve provisioning template history
20705 Bug Pagination links broken on audit page
20736 Feature Default User role that can also save bookmarks
20737 Feature Provide some description to built-in roles
20750 Feature Comment field wont show up in host page
20783 Bug Inline messaging regarding email notification should be within "Notification" fieldset
20800 Bug Login page should comply to Patternfly
20801 Bug Granularity info should be in alert-box
20807 Refactor Remove 1.18 deprecations
20820 Bug ajax vars not loaded for host import
20822 Feature VM: Show Link to Associated Host
20833 Bug storybook should use the same application styles
20835 Feature Print time in foreman-debug verbose mode
20846 Refactor refactor usage of ES6 Map to using _set
20867 Bug Scoped search 4.1.1 introduces a regression and breaks tests
20878 Bug VMware image-based provisioning: Rewrite boot order
20889 Feature make it possible to install Satellite's httpd with mpm_event
20897 Bug Move description for "Default" into help-tooltip on partion table form
20905 Bug Audit Details page should have message when nothing is to show
20913 Bug Functionality of Assigning role to the user is missing
20920 Bug Rails 5 causes error when server is trying to start
20949 Refactor Replace deprecated ActiveModel::Errors usage
20950 Refactor change 'uniq' to 'distinct' in ActiveRecord finders
20951 Refactor Replace render :text with :plain
20952 Refactor Replace Hash-related methods called on AC::Parameters
20953 Refactor Remove unnecessary argument to assert_nothing_raised
20954 Refactor Accessing mime types via constants is deprecated
20955 Refactor Remove conditions from {destroy, delete}_all calls
20956 Refactor Passing a class as a value in an Active Record query is deprecated
20957 Refactor Replace alias_method_chain with Module prepend
20958 Refactor Passing an argument to force an association to reload is deprecated
20959 Refactor Remove :status option on 'head' to positional argument
20960 Refactor Use activerecord-session_store with Rails 5.1 compatibility
20966 Feature Do not throw exception on API power requests for hosts that does not support them.
20969 Bug Allow setting rails version in settings.yaml.dist
20986 Bug user_id parameter in ssh key create action is wrongly documented
21010 Refactor Reorganize seed files
21011 Bug Default role creation should skip permission check and auditing
21024 Refactor Reorder ActiveRecord associations in order of use
21036 Refactor Don't use class as class_name in associations
21084 Refactor Always use Rails 5.0, Drop Rails 4.2
21086 Refactor Remove pinnings for Ruby 2.1
21088 Bug update default js deprecation version
21097 Refactor remove settings deprecated by Rails 5.0
21098 Refactor Update functional test request positional args to keywords
21099 Refactor Replace redirect_to :back with redirect_back
21100 Refactor Explicitly set DB migration compatibility to 4.2
21101 Refactor Pass 'parameterize' separator as kwarg
21102 Refactor Replace 'xhr' in tests with keyword argument
21103 Refactor Replace 'false' AR callback results with explicit throw

Closed Sprints

Katello - Team Brad - Iteration 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20902 Bug plugin_webpack_directories.rb removes 'katello' from bundle name