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Reported issues: 135


10:51 AM Smart Proxy Bug #19625: Smart proxy starts up successfully when module fails due to file permissions
> ok, perhaps another solution would be to have a config option that does stop on warnings, for debugging purposes.


01:10 PM Smart Proxy Support #19592: Smproxy Failes :- Rack::Handler::WEBrick is invoked
> Is some other packages which need to be insatalled
Yes. This ruby environment is missing the puppet gem.
12:50 PM Smart Proxy Bug #19596: "Connection refused - recvfrom(2)" error when building new host
Version 1.11 isn't supported anymore. Please try to reproduce the issue in version 1.15. Also, when providing log sni...
12:46 PM Smart Proxy Support #19592: Smproxy Failes :- Rack::Handler::WEBrick is invoked
> It was working fine on 1.9.3 Ver, Is there any other way to fix this issue without upgrade on 1.15
Yes, installi...
05:06 AM Smart Proxy Bug #4026: native_ms/dnscmd providers should use shell escaping when running commands
I don't think this can be closed -- dns_dnscmd provider doesn't escape data passed to it.


10:14 AM Smart Proxy Bug #2257: Deadlock condition if the proxy is restarted mid-timeout
This is still an issue
05:32 AM Smart Proxy Feature #17289 (New): Call stop on running async services on proxy shutdown
Nobody is working on this feature atm. Resetting to "new".


06:57 AM Infoblox Bug #19540 (New): undefined method `find_subnet' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) when attempting...
After updating to Foreman 1.15 I ran into a number of problems trying to create a new host and get a suggested ip add...


12:21 PM Smart Proxy Support #19451: ERF12-4115: Unable to get classes/enviornments from Puppet
Please check puppet server log. You probably need to relax access controls on /v3/environment_classes resource. Pleas...
09:03 AM Smart Proxy Bug #17556 (Rejected): ISC dhcpd provider potentially discards leases too early or too late
The comparison works correctly -- ruby automatically converts times on both sides of the comparison to the same timez...

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