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12:01 PM Bastion Bug #19021 (Closed): Make row-selector width a variable
Applied in changeset commit:bastion|10811ea8434729a2f7301ff2e82a8c97dd18692b.
11:32 AM Bastion Revision 10811ea8 (bastion): Fixes #19021 - Create variable for table row-select width
We can use this variable in the css for
09:32 AM Katello Bug #19022 (Assigned): Can't click promote on force promote
found in latest master
To reproduc...
08:41 AM Bastion Bug #19021 (Closed): Make row-selector width a variable
This is so we can use that variable in Katello


05:01 PM Packaging Bug #18242 (Closed): Update Katello-backup to omit the /var/lib/pulp/katello-export directory
Applied in changeset katello:commit:katello-packaging|c6444fe026689f8e1f760558c19f8d504acbff71.
04:52 PM Katello Revision c6444fe0 (katello-packaging): Fixes #18242 - Omit katello-export directory in katello-ba...
This directory doesn't need to be included in the backup, we
can save space by not syncing it.
03:53 PM Katello Bug #18990 (Ready For Testing): Add links and make subscription add/remove tables more readable
The subscription add/remove tables found on the content host and activation key pages aren't very readable and are mi...
02:55 PM Katello Bug #18698: no new packages message is shown when there is a new package on repository sync
This is probably only happening when a package is "new to pulp" aka in another repository, we need to investigate more.
02:19 PM Katello Feature #18944 (Duplicate): Katello - Reporting RPM delta between content view versions
02:15 PM Katello Bug #18794 (Duplicate): Not all puppet modules showing up when adding them to a content view

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