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01:01 PM Katello Bug #19499 (Closed): Make katello-backup metadata file in yml format
Applied in changeset commit:katello-packaging|fe514e94281f597be2f2f087bcb7683c28bd2b5f.
12:25 PM Katello Revision fe514e94 (katello-packaging): Fixes #19499 - Convert metadata file to yml format
This also adds a package list to the metadata file,
which will be helpful to users or scripts in
determining versions


05:44 PM Foreman Bug #19608 (Closed): kickstart_ifcfg_generic_interface template is broken

The @subnet6 object doesn't seem to exist. Below is the edited template (with that part removed) that I used to wor...
03:35 PM Foreman Bug #19606 (Feedback): Centos mirror has incorrect url when provisioning a discovered host
When provisioning a discovered host with centos 7.3, the proxy showed an error E, [2017-05-19T13:09:50.524779 ] ERROR...
10:24 AM Packaging Bug #19600: Foreman 1.15 install failing on GPG key error
sudo rpm --import imported the right key
10:22 AM Packaging Bug #19600 (New): Foreman 1.15 install failing on GPG key error
I got this error after following the steps in the documentation, this was on RHEL 7 server.
I tried yum clean all ...


12:02 PM Katello Bug #19578 (New): can't use ~ in file path name for foreman-proxy-certs-generate
latest dev/master...
11:38 AM Katello Bug #18704 (New): packages page is slow
11:37 AM Katello Bug #15567 (New): Katello 3.0 - Failed to delete a content view


11:43 AM Foreman Feature #19546 (New): Inherit host location/organization from host group
If I have a host group that has a location selected

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