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02:30 PM Katello Revision c23b9bf2 (katello-installer): Merge pull request #550 from mbacovsky/20550_reset_remote_db
Refs #20550 - Reset remote database


04:15 PM Katello Bug #20550: backup & restore do not work with remote DB
Removing old katello-packaging PR, only the katello-installer PR is needed
04:02 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #23289 (Closed): find puppet server package depending on upstream/downstream and puppet versi...
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|1adafb6ca5658a0798c4f4a3ae8981f1dae51dde.
03:29 PM Foreman Maintain Revision 1adafb6c (foreman_maintain): Fixes #23289 - Add puppet-server to feature check
both 'puppetserver' and 'puppet-server' are puppet server
packages depending on puppet 3/4


04:20 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #23271 (New): Add service-wait to service command
The katello-service script uses the 'service-wait' script, which we do not use in foreman-maintain yet.


02:50 PM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#583)


06:39 PM Katello Bug #23192: installation fails with postgresql => 9.6 external database
Opened cp bug here:
02:02 PM Katello Bug #22952 (Closed): Account for different datetime format in Suse errata
Applied in changeset commit:katello|2e718b8bc247bf7cb3a1b0efac97b5b5c17b130e.
01:33 PM Katello Revision 2e718b8b (katello): Fixes #22952 - Handle SUSE errata's epoch dates
SUSE errata dates are stored in pulp as seconds since epoch dates,
whereas Red Hat errata dates are formatted date st...


08:02 PM Katello Feature #23087 (Closed): (MANAGE SUBS) As an API user, i want to know the upstream quantity for a...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|78c0c322d27ec84a8c0b37431d17eb900a15a8e8.

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