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02:26 PM Katello Refactor #19350 (Ready For Testing): remove unnecessary "include_root_in_json" in models
02:25 PM Katello Refactor #19350 (New): remove unnecessary "include_root_in_json" in models
02:23 PM Katello Refactor #19350 (Ready For Testing): remove unnecessary "include_root_in_json" in models
This is no longer needed in Rails 4 as it defaults to false [1]


04:01 PM Katello Bug #19227 (Closed): katello-change-hostname should check services before running
Applied in changeset commit:katello-packaging|b9f809c950ce264b752eea51647875a004cc6b14.
03:40 PM Katello Revision b9f809c9 (katello-packaging): Fixes #19227 - katello-change-hostname health check
This will check services before running the hostname change.
A `hammer ping` doesn't return a failing exit code if a
12:01 PM Katello Bug #18973 (Closed): Deleting a product results in "product not found" cp errors
Applied in changeset commit:katello|821cdc0caf6c6a2ddc998475e89cbd4e2c0e283f.
11:04 AM Katello Revision 821cdc0c (katello): Fixes #18973 - Remove content only once on product del


02:42 PM Katello Bug #19268 (Duplicate): Can't access apidocs upstream
02:41 PM Katello Bug #19282: Create New View button should be blue on content view page
The content view show page also is missing a blue primary button
02:39 PM Katello Bug #19290 (Duplicate): Unable to retrieve API bindings via hammer

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