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09:45 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #20027 (New): Sat6.1->6.2 upgrade leaves 3 directories under /var/lib/pulp as orphaned wi...
Thought this could be a good use case to be handled in foreman_maintain.
Cloned from: https://bugzill...
07:56 AM Foreman Bug #18870: undefined method test_mail_user_url
Hi Shod,
Can you please confirm, are you still facing this issue?
07:50 AM Foreman Bug #11645 (Resolved): Change "Parametrized_Classes_in_ENC" to say "Parameterized"...
Resolved by: http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/7167
07:43 AM Foreman Bug #15284: Development env reload breaks setting collection
Lukas Zapletal wrote:
> Dropdown is no longer available and the field (e.g. Puppet - Default Organization) fallbacks...


10:44 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #19942 (New): Put together upstream upgrade scenario


07:37 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #19716 (New): isc dhcp configuration check
07:05 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #19715 (New): Distinguish server and smart-proxy. Raise WARNING for later if self-registe...


02:34 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #19611 (Assigned): Add 'pre_upgrade' sceneario: pre_upgrade_check_satellite_6_3_z
02:32 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #19610 (Closed): IO operations on disk and file system
# Speed check for HDD type of disk
# Speed check for Filesystem type of disk
# Unit tests for above


07:48 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #19564 (Assigned): Define order for checks
Define which check executes in what order.
Maybe an extra metadata or a configuration file to list down the checks i...

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