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02:34 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #19611 (Assigned): Add 'pre_upgrade' sceneario: pre_upgrade_check_satellite_6_3_z
02:32 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #19610 (Closed): IO operations on disk and file system
# Speed check for HDD type of disk
# Speed check for Filesystem type of disk
# Unit tests for above


07:48 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #19564 (Assigned): Define order for checks
Define which check executes in what order.
Maybe an extra metadata or a configuration file to list down the checks i...


02:44 AM Foreman Bug #19326: Compute Resource - Make URL optional for certain providers(example: VMware)
Dominic Cleal wrote:
> Why would the URL be optional on a VMware compute resource? How would the CR be accessed, is ...


08:10 AM Foreman Feature #19327 (New): New Host without hostgroup should have default pxe_loader as 'PXELinux (BIOS)'
08:01 AM Foreman Bug #18381 (Closed): PXE loader attribute does not work with host group inheritance
Applied in changeset commit:b8b00a962d4f1a8ba21877896254845599474946.
07:56 AM Foreman Revision b8b00a96: Fixes #18381 - PXE loader show inherited value in host/hostgroup
05:14 AM Foreman Bug #19326 (Ready For Testing): Compute Resource - Make URL optional for certain providers(exampl...


11:37 AM Foreman Bug #18933 (Pending): OS: unify description vs title - replace description with title on UI
11:37 AM Hammer CLI Bug #17304 (Pending): hammer os: unify --description vs. --title for its subcommands

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