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05:13 AM Foreman Refactor #19615 (New): move flot charts to c3


08:48 AM Foreman Bug #19542: The new notification box is not really useful.
Roxanne Hoover wrote:
> Han Boetes wrote:
> > Here are my suggestions:
> > * make the popup menu a bit bigger so e...


07:40 AM Foreman Bug #19544 (Ready For Testing): fix test warnings
due to upgrade reactDom to 15.5, warnings have begun appearing in jest tests.
07:01 AM Foreman Bug #18438 (Closed): Allow adjusting notification checking period
Applied in changeset commit:b8c9069dfabed7b700b5ccf813429783e03d0541.
06:23 AM Foreman Revision b8c9069d: Fixes #18438 - control notifications polling
04:11 AM Foreman Refactor #19536 (Ready For Testing): improve webpack folder structure


08:01 AM Foreman Refactor #19502 (Closed): remove react warnings
Applied in changeset commit:c6c2116d964f1730cd6365d14f985f60de8b98ac.
07:20 AM Foreman Revision c6c2116d: Fixes #19502 - fix react warnings
07:19 AM Foreman Refactor #19508 (New): replace patternfly gem with npm package
04:13 AM Foreman Refactor #19502 (Closed): remove react warnings
some react warnings have started to appear after upgrading to react-dom 15, we should fix those to avoid problems whe...

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