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Update help information for ordering fields

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it is not clear what are the fileds that can be used for ordering. for example:
1] pry(HammerCLIForeman::Host::CreateCommand)> continue
hammer host list [OPTIONS]

--environment ENVIRONMENT_NAME Environment name (--environment is deprecated: Use --puppet-environment instead)
--environment-id ENVIRONMENT_ID (--environment-id is deprecated: Use --puppet-environment-id instead)
--fields FIELDS Show specified fileds or predefined filed sets only. (See below)
Comma separated list of values. Values containing comma should be quoted or escaped with backslash.
JSON is acceptable and preferred way for complex parameters
--hostgroup HOSTGROUP_NAME Hostgroup name
--hostgroup-id HOSTGROUP_ID
--hostgroup-title HOSTGROUP_TITLE Hostgroup title
--location LOCATION_NAME Location name
--location-id LOCATION_ID
--location-title LOCATION_TITLE Location title
--order ORDER Sort field and order, eg. ‘id DESC’
--organization ORGANIZATION_NAME Organization name
--organization-id ORGANIZATION_ID
--organization-title ORGANIZATION_TITLE Organization title
--page PAGE Page number, starting at 1
--per-page PER_PAGE Number of results per page to return
--puppet-environment PUPPET_ENVIRONMENT_NAME Puppet environment name
--puppet-environment-id PUPPET_ENVIRONMENT_ID
--search SEARCH Filter results
--thin THIN Only list ID and name of hosts
One of true/false, yes/no, 1/0.
-h, --help Print help

Predefined field sets:
---------------------------+---------+------+ | Fields | ALL | DEFAULT | THIN |
---------------------------+---------+------+ | Id | x | x | x | | Name | x | x | x | | Operating System | x | x | | | Host Group | x | x | | | IP | x | x | | | MAC | x | x | | | Global Status | x | x | | | Organization | x | | | | Location | x | | | | Additional Information | x | | |

Search fields:
architecture string
boot_time datetime
build Values: true, false
class string
comment text
compute_resource string
compute_resource_id integer
config_group string
domain string
domain_id integer
environment string
facts string
global_status Values: ok, warning, error
has_ip string
has_mac string
hostgroup string
hostgroup_fullname string
hostgroup_id integer
hostgroup_name string
hostgroup_title string
image string
installed_at datetime
ip string
last_report datetime
location string
location_id integer
mac string
managed Values: true, false
model string
name string
organization string
organization_id integer
origin string
os string
os_description string
os_id integer
os_major string
os_minor string
os_title string
owner string
owner_id integer
owner_type string
params string
parent_hostgroup string
puppet_ca string
puppet_proxy_id integer
puppetmaster string
realm string
realm_id integer
smart_proxy string
status.applied integer
status.enabled Values: true, false
status.failed integer
status.failed_restarts integer
status.interesting Values: true, false
status.pending integer
status.restarted integer
status.skipped integer
subnet string text
subnet6 string text
user.firstname string
user.lastname string
user.login string
user.mail string
usergroup string string
uuid string

the "Search fields:" should be change to "Search/Order fields:"

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