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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
1115 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Host parameters are not available via the API Matt Moran Ohad Levy 06/17/2012 06:30 AM Foreman - 1.0
489 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Foreman API method to add/change values Matt Moran 06/19/2011 03:49 AM API
404 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Foreman creates node when importing facts Matt Moran Matt Moran 06/19/2011 03:41 AM Importers
398 Foreman Bug Closed Normal domain wrong if host contians a '.' Matt Moran Ohad Levy 10/05/2010 08:48 AM Host creation Foreman - 0.1-6
358 Foreman Feature Closed Normal reference hosts by HOSTNAME instead of internal ID Matt Moran Ohad Levy 10/03/2010 12:19 PM Web Interface Foreman - 0.1-6
132 Foreman Feature Closed Normal clone an existing host Matt Moran Paul Kelly 05/06/2010 04:20 PM Host creation Foreman - 0.1-5
75 Foreman Bug Closed Normal appends hostname to existing item in autosign.conf Matt Moran Matt Moran 07/05/2012 04:47 AM
67 Foreman Bug Closed Normal no route to host error Matt Moran Ohad Levy 11/12/2009 12:37 PM External Nodes Foreman - 0.1-3
45 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Enable an API to remove hosts Matt Moran Ohad Levy 11/09/2010 09:57 AM Web Interface
40 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Host information line should stay when clicking on host Matt Moran Ohad Levy 10/14/2009 08:44 AM Web Interface Foreman - 0.1-2
36 Foreman Feature Rejected Normal Clicking of classes in create group/node should determine the order Matt Moran 10/16/2009 01:26 PM
35 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Allow hostgroup nesting for puppet classes and parameters Matt Moran Ohad Levy 08/26/2021 05:27 PM Web Interface Foreman - 0.4
33 Foreman Bug Closed Low should report error if unable to write to tftppath Matt Moran Ohad Levy 10/11/2009 12:47 AM TFTP Foreman - 0.1-2
29 Foreman Bug Closed Normal TimeWithZone with String failed Matt Moran Matt Moran 09/28/2009 11:09 AM Importers Foreman - 0.1-2
28 Foreman Feature Closed Normal allow to have reusable configurations (snippets) across operating systems Matt Moran Ohad Levy 11/04/2009 09:32 AM Unattended installations Foreman - 0.1-2
27 Foreman Bug Resolved Normal foreman_url doesn't contain port in kickstart.rhtml Matt Moran 02/29/2016 05:10 AM Unattended installations

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