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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
18357 DigitalOcean Bug New High Error creating hosts IPv6 DNS record task failed Tommy McNeely 01/30/2018 02:24 AM
16191 Foreman Feature Closed Normal EC2 IAM Role should be a VM setting rather than image setting Tommy McNeely 07/15/2021 09:19 AM Compute resources - EC2
12991 SELinux Bug Rejected Normal puppetdb connectivity should be allowed by passengr_run_puppetmaster Tommy McNeely 05/27/2020 08:31 AM
12990 SELinux Bug Closed Normal Unable to use symlinks in puppet environments (hieradata) Tommy McNeely Lukas Zapletal 07/12/2018 09:55 AM Smart proxy SELinux - 1.10.1
12955 Installer Feature Resolved Normal formean-installer should set appropriate selinux booleans for IPA authentication Tommy McNeely 10/06/2017 12:16 PM
12133 Foreman Feature New Normal Optionally log output of finish scripts (Image Provisioning) Tommy McNeely 02/24/2016 03:05 AM Unattended installations
12061 foreman_setup Bug New Normal --capsule-parent-fqdn should not be a URL, just a hostname Tommy McNeely 10/05/2015 07:15 PM
11967 Foreman Bug New Normal Complex passwords fail during creation of VMWare compute resource Tommy McNeely 09/25/2015 12:37 PM Compute resources - VMware
10627 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Monitor -> Reports will show reports for hosts not in the Organization context Tommy McNeely Dominic Cleal 07/10/2018 09:48 AM Organizations and Locations Foreman - 1.8.2
10577 Foreman Bug Closed Normal ERF42-4995 - Invalid authenticity token (Session timed out at login screen) Tommy McNeely Tomer Brisker 01/21/2021 10:27 AM Web Interface
10110 DigitalOcean Feature Closed Normal Allow hosts to be created with private network or IPv6 where available Tommy McNeely Timo Goebel 12/23/2016 11:01 AM
10109 DigitalOcean Bug New Normal Unable to create hosts after upgrading - undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass Tommy McNeely 04/13/2015 02:44 AM
9820 Foreman Bug Closed Normal API: Hostgroup Clone does not clone parameters Tommy McNeely Tommy McNeely 07/10/2018 09:50 AM Host groups Foreman - 1.10.0
9815 Foreman Bug Closed Normal HostGroup Clone doesn't work if the hostgroup has parameters Tommy McNeely Christine Fouant 07/10/2018 09:50 AM Host groups Foreman - 1.10.0
9469 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Delete report success action should redirect to /reports instead of a 404 error on /reports/(report-id) Tommy McNeely Shlomi Zadok 07/10/2018 09:47 AM Web Interface Foreman - 1.7.4
9386 DigitalOcean Bug New Normal Digital Ocean image_id periodically changes, reference "slug" instead Tommy McNeely 02/13/2015 07:06 PM
9124 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Root passwords that start with $ are assumed to already be hashed Tommy McNeely Tommy McNeely 07/10/2018 09:47 AM Host creation Foreman - 1.8.0
8778 Foreman Feature New Normal SSH Provisioning step should provide a "details" button/link to see output in progress Tommy McNeely 01/02/2015 05:21 AM Compute resources
8732 DigitalOcean Feature New Normal Console Access for DigitalOcean VMs Tommy McNeely 02/13/2015 02:04 AM
8650 DigitalOcean Bug Closed Low Host:VM tab should show region Tommy McNeely Tommy McNeely 02/13/2015 03:01 AM DigitalOcean - 0.4.0
8648 DigitalOcean Feature Resolved Low Add Documentation in the compute resource creation form to spell out "default region" more clearly Tommy McNeely Ido Kanner 01/03/2018 11:43 AM
8638 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Delete Host action should return /hosts instead of 404 on /hosts/delete-host.domain Tommy McNeely Shlomi Zadok 07/10/2018 09:46 AM Web Interface Foreman - 1.7.2
8617 DigitalOcean Feature Closed Normal Create / Use SSH Keys so that "root password" is not emailed. Tommy McNeely Tom Caspy 12/17/2014 02:01 PM
8616 Installer Bug Resolved Normal Warning: Setting config_version is deprecated in puppet.conf. Tommy McNeely 02/10/2015 10:15 AM Foreman modules
8498 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Root Password setting (root_pass) or (@host.root_pass) should be available to kickstart finish scripts for cloud servers Tommy McNeely Tommy McNeely 07/10/2018 09:47 AM Host creation Foreman - 1.8.0
8466 Foreman Feature Duplicate Normal Add support for LinNode in Compute Resources Tommy McNeely 11/21/2014 05:28 AM Compute resources
8465 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Add support for Digital Ocean in Compute Resources Tommy McNeely 12/02/2014 11:08 AM Compute resources
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