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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
36214 Foreman Feature New Normal Add an option to create multiple hosts from a hostgroup Nofar Alfassi 03/21/2023 03:10 PM Host creation
36212 Ansible Feature New Normal Add a link to the job invocation when running Ansible roles on a host Nofar Alfassi 03/21/2023 10:11 AM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.1.1
36210 Ansible Bug New Normal Set correct exit status for Ansible job run on multiple hosts with a non-existing module Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/20/2023 04:20 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.1.1
36195 Ansible Task New Normal Create a test suite to verify the compatibility of Ansible Runner with various Ansible versions Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/19/2023 06:16 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.1.1
36193 Ansible Bug New Normal Secrets can be seen in UI Host details Nofar Alfassi 03/13/2023 01:30 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.1.1
36165 Ansible Bug Duplicate Normal Can't start Ansible roles via 'WebUI --> Configure --> Host Groups --> Actions --> Run all Ansible roles' Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/07/2023 02:31 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-10.0.0
36130 Ansible Bug Closed Normal job invocation shows wrong info after remote execution job (regression from 6.11) Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/21/2023 11:40 AM Ansible - smart_proxy_ansible-3.5.3
36128 Ansible Bug New Normal The calendar for the date picker isn't displayed properly on recurring jobs form Nofar Alfassi 02/20/2023 01:50 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-10.0.0
36088 Foreman Bug New Normal Settings states Foreman instead of Satellite in some entries Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 02/23/2023 03:49 PM Settings
36085 Ansible Bug Duplicate Normal "Capsule Upgrade Playbook" job template is now "Smart Proxy Upgrade Playbook" Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 02/13/2023 09:13 AM Ansible - foreman_ansible-10.0.0
36060 Foreman Feature New Normal Make host name clickable on the host edit page Nofar Alfassi Girija Soni 02/08/2023 05:53 PM
36021 Ansible Refactor Closed Normal Add an option to configure Ansible job for hostgroup Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/23/2023 09:56 AM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.0.0
36018 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Http proxy url text overflows in next row. Nofar Alfassi Girija Soni 03/21/2023 02:24 PM Web Interface
36017 Foreman Feature Ready For Testing Normal - Administer->Settings, On tab Autentication - Input field for 'Trusted hosts' not accepting multiple values Nofar Alfassi Girija Soni 02/08/2023 11:09 AM Settings
35994 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Permission denied on Ansible part of host page when usergroup of user have administrator role Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 02/14/2023 05:31 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.0.0
35990 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Parameter 'search' on fact_value API endpoint results in internal server error Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/14/2023 05:11 PM API Foreman - 3.5.2
35890 Foreman Refactor Rejected Normal Enable harmony mode with Uglifier to use ES6 syntax Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 01/23/2023 05:02 PM
35876 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Add tag_type parameter to replace_value_control Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 03/12/2023 01:52 PM JavaScript stack Foreman - 3.5.2
35799 Ansible Bug Closed Normal ansible report returns 500 error code Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 02/28/2023 03:26 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.0.0
35726 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Add pagelet mountpoints to form template to make it extensible in plugins Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 01/04/2023 11:16 AM Templates
35669 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Fix Ansible Provider Test Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 10/25/2022 02:03 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-10.0.0
35642 Foreman Bug Closed Normal New UI shows creator of host as the 'Host owner' not who actually created Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 12/14/2022 12:00 PM Inventory
35586 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Import Ansible roles button in UI uses functional, but depricated endpoint Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 02/15/2023 08:05 AM Ansible - foreman_ansible-10.0.0
35585 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Unable to enable callback plugin per-template Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 02/15/2023 08:14 AM Ansible - foreman_ansible-11.0.0
35525 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Wrong Ansible documentation links Nofar Alfassi Nofar Alfassi 09/15/2022 08:24 AM
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