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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
34501 Katello Bug Closed High Fail to import contents when the connected and disconnected servers have different product labels for the same product Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 03/10/2022 07:01 PM Inter Server Sync Katello - Katello 4.5.0
34370 virt-who configure Bug Closed Normal description of filter_host_parents does not match virt-who-config Jonathon Turel Marek Hulán 02/16/2022 09:01 PM
34059 Katello Bug Closed Normal db:seed can fail when there are host mismatches Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 02/04/2022 04:14 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 4.2.2
33936 Katello Bug Closed Normal Upgrade fails with PG::NotNullViolation: ERROR: column "subscription_id" contains null values Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 01/17/2022 09:43 PM Upgrades Katello - Katello 4.2.2
33874 Katello Feature Closed Normal UI for Connected ISS Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 01/14/2022 04:28 PM Inter Server Sync Katello - Katello 4.3.0
33783 Katello Feature Closed Normal Support connected Inter Server Sync Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 11/03/2021 10:00 PM Inter Server Sync Katello - Katello 4.3.0
33677 Katello Bug Closed Normal b'The link "here" in tabs of a content host (/content_hosts/1/...) is not opening any page' Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 10/13/2021 05:39 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 4.3.0
33651 Katello Bug Closed Normal Cache resource list API responses Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 01/14/2022 04:28 PM API Katello - Katello 4.3.0
33640 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Improve caching of SettingRegistry#load_values Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 10/12/2021 06:28 AM Settings Foreman - 2.5.4
33639 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Reduce allocations in FactImporter#update_facts Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 10/11/2021 05:16 PM Facts Foreman - 2.5.4
33508 Katello Bug Closed Normal Cleanup unused methods in Candlepin Consumer resource Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 09/22/2021 05:31 PM Tooling Katello - Katello 4.3.0
33496 Katello Bug Closed Normal Update to support qpid_proton 0.35 Jonathon Turel Evgeni Golov 09/22/2021 05:38 PM Client/Agent Katello - Katello 4.0.3
33338 foreman-tasks Bug Closed Normal Tasks bulk search refers to 'Locks' instead of 'Links' Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 08/31/2021 01:14 PM
33321 Installer Bug Closed Normal Candlepin.conf refers to incorrect job schedule options Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 09/28/2021 02:08 PM Foreman modules
33308 Katello Bug Closed Normal Audit the code for SmartProxy lookups that should be unscoped Jonathon Turel Lucy Fu 11/04/2021 04:01 PM Foreman Proxy Content Katello - Katello 4.3.0
33243 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Database seeds are not executed in order of their file names Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 08/11/2021 06:55 PM
33075 Katello Bug Duplicate Normal ContainerContainerRemoteResponse error when syncing container repo Jonathon Turel 07/21/2021 05:56 PM Repositories
33020 Katello Bug Closed Normal Remove old EnvironmentCreate action Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 07/27/2021 02:09 PM Content Views Katello - Katello 4.2.0
33019 Katello Bug Closed High Introduce a valid solution to fix the error "Katello::Errors::CandlepinError: Environment with id XXXX could not be found" Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 07/27/2021 02:09 PM Content Views Katello - Katello 4.2.0
32839 Katello Bug Closed Normal Make with_ansible? check more precise Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 06/23/2021 05:34 PM Tooling Katello - Katello 4.2.0
32799 Katello Bug New Normal Update Red Hat Repositories page dropdown to Patternfly 4 component Jonathon Turel 10/18/2021 05:12 PM Repositories Katello - Katello Backlog
32711 Katello Bug Closed Normal Red Hat repositories page filtering dropdowns do not work in production Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 07/06/2021 01:20 PM Web UI Katello - Katello 4.1.0
32591 Katello Bug Closed Normal katello-agent uses incorrect ping mechanism Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 05/18/2021 12:04 PM Client/Agent Katello - Katello 4.0.1
32569 Katello Bug Closed Normal katello-agent actions can prematurely time out Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 05/12/2022 07:27 PM Client/Agent Katello - Katello 4.0.1
32527 Katello Bug Closed Normal Transient package groups test Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 05/10/2021 09:01 PM Tests Katello - Katello 4.2.0
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