From 09/04/2014 to 10/03/2014


05:03 AM Feature #7654 (New): Rolling-updates support regardless of base host
The two competitors in the area of hosting docker containers (CoreOS and Atomic) offer two rolling update tools. Core... Daniel Lobato Garcia
04:59 AM Feature #7653 (New): Support Atomic
We should support the creation of Atomic hosts. Templates and configuration can go through community-templates or be ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
04:56 AM Feature #7651 (Closed): Docker running container logs and information
All the information that can be pulled from the Docker API about a running should be shown. Daniel Lobato Garcia
03:57 AM Feature #7647 (Closed): Docker registry view access
Users need to be able to add new Docker registries and view at least a list of the images with information about them. Daniel Lobato Garcia
03:48 AM Feature #7646 (Closed): Create and manage Docker containers
As an user, I need to be able to create containers by choosing an image from a registry, and a set of basic commands ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
03:46 AM Tracker #7645 (New): Docker compute resource support
Daniel Lobato Garcia


07:40 AM Bug #5934: Cant create docker based hosts
pls. also see foreman-docker PR: Anonymous
07:36 AM Bug #5934 (Ready For Testing): Cant create docker based hosts
The Foreman Bot


07:48 AM Bug #5934: Cant create docker based hosts
There are a few issues here that need fixes:
- fix receiving a list of available images
- fix spawning a containe...


10:30 AM Bug #5934 (Assigned): Cant create docker based hosts

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