From 09/11/2014 to 10/10/2014


06:01 AM Bug #7893 (Closed): Access permissions test failures on master
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-docker|221cfd7c29baafd9cfa042557433524f939a91e7. Daniel Lobato Garcia
05:38 AM Bug #7893: Access permissions test failures on master
Fixed in Daniel Lobato Garcia
02:38 AM Bug #7893 (Closed): Access permissions test failures on master
* AccessPermissionsTest.test_0050_route containers/index ...
Dominic Cleal
04:57 AM Feature #7896 (Closed): Show suggestion to create valid compute resource on containers index
"All containers" will show just an empty page if no Docker compute resource is available. A notice message linking to... Daniel Lobato Garcia
04:55 AM Bug #7895 (Closed): Deleted containers message is wrong
Deleting a container shows a notice "Virtual machine deleted", it should be changed to "Container deleted", both for ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
04:53 AM Bug #7894 (Closed): Compute resource "Docker" shows "virtual machines" tab
Text should be changed either through a custom view or deface. Daniel Lobato Garcia
02:37 AM Feature #7875 (Closed): Jenkins should run on sent PRs
Done! Dominic Cleal


07:16 AM Feature #7875 (Closed): Jenkins should run on sent PRs
The testing suite should run in the matrix before we merge so we can be confident it works. Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:15 AM Feature #7874 (Closed): API index and show containers
An API controller that shows information about all containers and details is needed. Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:14 AM Bug #7873 (Closed): Tests for controllers and models
The project currently doesn't have any tests. It needs a test base as soon as possible. Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:13 AM Bug #7872 (Closed): Assign name to container
Currently the wizard allows you to create the container with a name but the moment it's saved the name goes away and ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:10 AM Feature #7871 (New): Deploy on Docker host
If there are any Docker hosts available (let's start with any CoreOS\Atomic systems in the Host page), we should be a... Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:05 AM Feature #7870 (Closed): Search images in the host/hub
Currently images are simply specified through a text field. We want to allow users to use the search field to search ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:02 AM Feature #7869 (New): Support quickstart images
It would be good to offer in the Image selection step a few links to known to work containers in the hub. Stackbrew o... Daniel Lobato Garcia
07:00 AM Bug #7868 (Duplicate): Allow more memory types
Currently available memory goes from 256MB to 16GB. It would be good to query the Docker host and show available opti... Daniel Lobato Garcia
06:58 AM Bug #7867 (Closed): Wizard should validate each step and destroy unfinished objects
Currently starting the container wizard creates a Container and builds the object step by step. If for some reason th... Daniel Lobato Garcia
06:56 AM Feature #7866 (New): Links to other containers
At container start time , and possibly even offer a default in the wizard, we should offer the option of linking to o... Daniel Lobato Garcia
06:54 AM Feature #7865 (Closed): Containers should be started with DNS options
Either the wizard, or the start button should display some info to set up DNS in the container. Format is:... Daniel Lobato Garcia
06:52 AM Feature #7864 (Closed): Exposed ports support
The configuration or environment part of the wizard should show a way of adding exposed ports. The Docker Remote API ... Daniel Lobato Garcia


05:03 AM Feature #7654 (New): Rolling-updates support regardless of base host
The two competitors in the area of hosting docker containers (CoreOS and Atomic) offer two rolling update tools. Core... Daniel Lobato Garcia
04:59 AM Feature #7653 (New): Support Atomic
We should support the creation of Atomic hosts. Templates and configuration can go through community-templates or be ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
04:56 AM Feature #7651 (Closed): Docker running container logs and information
All the information that can be pulled from the Docker API about a running should be shown. Daniel Lobato Garcia
03:57 AM Feature #7647 (Closed): Docker registry view access
Users need to be able to add new Docker registries and view at least a list of the images with information about them. Daniel Lobato Garcia
03:48 AM Feature #7646 (Closed): Create and manage Docker containers
As an user, I need to be able to create containers by choosing an image from a registry, and a set of basic commands ... Daniel Lobato Garcia
03:46 AM Tracker #7645 (New): Docker compute resource support
Daniel Lobato Garcia


07:40 AM Bug #5934: Cant create docker based hosts
pls. also see foreman-docker PR: Anonymous
07:36 AM Bug #5934 (Ready For Testing): Cant create docker based hosts
The Foreman Bot


07:48 AM Bug #5934: Cant create docker based hosts
There are a few issues here that need fixes:
- fix receiving a list of available images
- fix spawning a containe...


10:30 AM Bug #5934 (Assigned): Cant create docker based hosts

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