From 11/07/2017 to 12/06/2017


01:28 PM Bug #21893 (Closed): GET /docker/api/v2/containers returns SQL error when sending optional compute_resource_id
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
# With compute_resou...
Sebastian Gräßl
12:51 PM Bug #21892 (New): Docker - containers log endpoint tries to connect to local /var/run/docker.sock even for external docker resource
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*Description of problem:*
Reading docker contain...
Sebastian Gräßl


12:12 PM Bug #21861 (Closed): hammer --version prints unknown version for the docker plugin
... Tomáš Strachota


10:06 AM Refactor #21814 (Ready For Testing): Add Rails 5 style migrations
The Foreman Bot
10:02 AM Refactor #21814 (Closed): Add Rails 5 style migrations
Migrations need a change in order to move to Rails 5.1 Ondřej Pražák


02:48 PM Bug #21742 (Duplicate): Excessive amount of warnings in logs: NameError: wrong constant name Docker/ImageSearch
I request backport into stable branch. Lukas Zapletal
01:02 PM Refactor #21732 (Closed): Replace :before_filter with :before_action
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-docker|9d5ef1c9840fe2a02ffa420ea9e0fd9923416774. Anonymous
11:49 AM Refactor #21732 (Ready For Testing): Replace :before_filter with :before_action
The Foreman Bot
10:32 AM Refactor #21732 (Closed): Replace :before_filter with :before_action
We should replace :before_filter as we are getting closer to Rails 5.1 Ondřej Pražák

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