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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
20355 Bug Closed Normal Request registry results in JSON Sebastian Gräßl Sebastian Gräßl 07/31/2017 08:01 AM
20067 Bug Closed Normal NameError: wrong constant name Docker/ImageSearch on creating a new Role Filter Ondřej Pražák Daniel Lobato Garcia 01/11/2018 07:01 PM
19633 Bug Closed Normal Rake tasks should be updated to new version Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 06/01/2017 03:01 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
19492 Bug New Normal incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT Andreas Pfaffeneder 05/09/2017 10:03 AM
19426 Bug Resolved Normal undefined method `email' for #<ForemanDocker::Docker:0x0000000ba99768> Mirco Santori 07/12/2018 09:55 AM 1.14.4
19396 Bug Closed Normal Tests failing with "ArgumentError: let 'X' cannot override a method in Minitest::Spec. Please use another name." Sebastian Gräßl 05/08/2017 07:24 AM
18733 Bug Closed Normal External Registry search falls back to Docker Hub Sebastian Gräßl Sebastian Gräßl 03/09/2017 10:01 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
18518 Bug Closed Normal New Container wizard is missing proper feedback on image search error Sebastian Gräßl Sebastian Gräßl 07/12/2018 09:55 AM Plugin (foreman_docker) 1.11.0
18505 Bug New Normal Foreman Docker Plugin disk usage Ajeesh Kannan 02/15/2017 03:09 AM
18502 Bug Closed High Creating a docker compute resource with unix socket URL throws error Sebastian Gräßl Sebastian Gräßl 07/12/2018 09:55 AM Plugin (foreman_docker) 1.11.0
18222 Bug New High Cannot add gitlab host docker registry as a new registry with the foreman-docker plugin Shaun Martin 01/24/2017 11:38 AM
18217 Bug Ready For Testing Normal Docker registry sync does not use HTTP proxy configuration Thomas McKay Sebastian Gräßl 08/20/2018 11:17 AM
18021 Bug Closed Normal Update the button label from New XXX to Create XXX June Zhang 06/21/2017 04:16 AM
17960 Bug Closed Normal Add foreman_docker permissions to Manager and View roles Ondřej Pražák Marek Hulán 04/06/2017 06:01 AM
17729 Bug Closed Normal API-doc : URL param description missing "docker and rackspace" [Part 2] Swapnil Abnave Swapnil Abnave 07/12/2018 09:55 AM Plugin (foreman_docker) 1.15.4
16784 Bug New Normal Removed containers do not show in the UI Daniel Lobato Garcia 10/04/2016 04:23 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
16783 Bug New Normal API index does not list all containers Daniel Lobato Garcia 10/04/2016 04:11 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
16594 Bug Closed Normal Capitalize the first letter of every word in the menu June Zhang June Zhang 09/19/2016 06:02 AM
16510 Bug Closed Normal UI: once docker image is used other tags cannot be searched Daniel Lobato Garcia Daniel Lobato Garcia 06/21/2017 10:55 AM
16507 Bug New High creating a container with image from '' results 'getaddrinfo: Name or service not known' Daniel Lobato Garcia Sebastian Gräßl 03/15/2017 03:28 AM
16235 Bug Closed High As a user, I would like to add a insecure registry. Thomas McKay 06/19/2017 07:03 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
16102 Bug Ready For Testing Normal hammer docker container status always reports Running: no Ranjan Kumar Ranjan Kumar 01/09/2017 01:57 AM CLI
16090 Bug Closed Normal Docker container wizard missing image false.png Ranjan Kumar 09/20/2016 06:02 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
16070 Bug Rejected Normal foreman-rake db:migrate fails with Mysql2::Error: Error on rename of './foreman/#sql-38c_9b' to './foreman/containers' (errno: 150): ALTER TABLE `containers` DROP `docker_image_id` Stijn Tintel 11/13/2019 08:52 AM
15528 Bug Closed Normal "new container" should not require command to be specified Thomas McKay Shlomi Zadok 06/28/2016 06:02 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
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