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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
20733 Bug New Normal Create Docker container issues Anonymous Daniel Lobato Garcia 12/27/2017 05:11 PM Plugin (foreman_docker)
9033 Bug Closed Normal Errors encountered when using new container wizard are not being shown to the user Anonymous 01/28/2015 06:01 AM
9004 Bug Closed Normal New Container wizard doesn't correctly move between persisted states Anonymous 01/19/2015 08:01 AM
18505 Bug New Normal Foreman Docker Plugin disk usage Ajeesh Kannan 02/15/2017 03:09 AM
5934 Bug Closed Normal Cant create docker based hosts Alejandro Falcon 07/12/2018 09:54 AM 1.7.2
19492 Bug New Normal incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT Andreas Pfaffeneder 05/09/2017 10:03 AM
12608 Bug New Normal undefined method `cpu_shares' Andy Gomez 11/25/2015 11:23 PM
14039 Bug Duplicate High Containers can't be deleted via API or hammer Brad Buckingham Tom Caspy 04/07/2016 10:41 AM
14244 Bug Closed Normal Add in translation changes which were missed in earlier pull request Bryan Kearney Bryan Kearney 03/28/2016 10:01 AM
13391 Bug Closed Normal Update the zanata mapping file Bryan Kearney Bryan Kearney 02/08/2016 08:01 AM Plugin (foreman_docker)
12116 Bug New Normal `hammer compute-resource create -h` do not mention Docker Bryan Kearney 07/10/2018 02:34 PM Plugin (foreman_docker)
11984 Bug Closed Normal Add foreman-docker to transifex in order to be trasnlated Bryan Kearney Bryan Kearney 02/18/2016 04:03 AM
11073 Bug New Normal Creating docker repo UI does not require all necessary fields Bryan Kearney 07/09/2015 01:26 PM
10417 Bug Closed Normal Container States from the model are not extracted for translations Bryan Kearney Daniel Lobato Garcia 04/01/2016 02:05 PM
10416 Bug Closed Normal Docker Plugin is not picking up Translations Bryan Kearney Daniel Lobato Garcia 06/11/2015 12:21 AM
10200 Bug Closed Normal Unable to create new container, submit button failed to save Bryan Kearney Daniel Lobato Garcia 06/22/2017 02:38 AM
10199 Bug Closed Normal Docker Compute Resource - New Image: Submit button should be disabled upon click Bryan Kearney Daniel Lobato Garcia 04/01/2016 02:05 PM
10197 Bug New Normal Changing tabs on New container wizard deselects external hub already selected Bryan Kearney Daniel Lobato Garcia 04/17/2015 04:23 PM
10196 Bug Duplicate Normal Change 'Virtual Machines' tab to 'Containers' for Docker type compute resources Bryan Kearney Daniel Lobato Garcia 04/20/2015 10:36 AM
10191 Bug Closed Normal Parameters passed to Docker container are not being used when creating new container Bryan Kearney 07/01/2015 04:02 PM
10190 Bug Closed Normal When searching for a docker image an error is showed when / is typed Bryan Kearney 06/21/2017 10:41 AM
10189 Bug New Normal Is not able to create a container using a custom docker image Bryan Kearney 04/17/2015 04:02 PM
10128 Bug Closed Normal For a docker compute resource, the "Test Connection" button is always green Bryan Kearney 06/10/2015 03:01 PM
9544 Bug Closed Urgent downcase_hash_keys function missing Christopher Williamson 03/23/2015 02:27 PM
30181 Bug New Normal Docker pull fails to retrieve image from foreman Dana Vatavu 08/11/2020 12:29 PM CLI
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