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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
24087 Feature New Normal Port robottelo tests for test_docker Djebran Lezzoum Djebran Lezzoum 06/27/2018 12:56 PM Actions
22525 Feature Ready For Testing Normal as a user, I would like to see a background color change when I hover over tables Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 02/06/2018 10:46 PM Actions
21143 Feature Closed Normal Add foreman-docker icons for veritcal navigation Walden Raines Walden Raines 07/10/2018 01:46 PM Backlog Actions
20775 Feature New Normal Exposed ports support for CLI Sebastian Gräßl Daniel Lobato Garcia 08/29/2017 03:29 AM CLI Actions
20774 Feature New Normal Docker api gem supports api version 1.24 Sebastian Gräßl 08/29/2017 01:38 AM Actions
20773 Feature Rejected High Support for Private Repos at Docker Hub Sebastian Gräßl Thomas McKay 08/29/2017 02:51 AM Actions
20772 Feature New Normal Add ability to mount volumes in Docker Sebastian Gräßl 08/28/2017 02:43 PM Plugin (foreman_docker) Actions
20093 Feature New Normal Display the power status for a Docker container via hammer Daniel Lobato Garcia Daniel Lobato Garcia 06/23/2017 08:25 AM Actions
20092 Feature New Normal Add failed state and cause to DockerContainerWizardState Sebastian Gräßl 06/23/2017 02:26 AM Actions
19591 Feature Closed High unable to remove docker plugin cleanly Neeraj Harikrishnan Marek Hulán 02/26/2019 09:01 AM Actions
18902 Feature Closed Normal Enable autocomplete for container image Sebastian Gräßl Sebastian Gräßl 06/20/2017 09:01 AM Plugin (foreman_docker) Actions
18798 Feature New Normal Add ability to Publish Ports when creating new Container Morgan Peterman 03/05/2017 10:59 PM Plugin (foreman_docker) Actions
18713 Feature Duplicate Normal Add support for Docker Registries supporting API v2 Sebastian Gräßl Sebastian Gräßl 02/28/2017 03:00 AM Plugin (foreman_docker) Actions
15888 Feature Closed Normal Remove calls to attr_accessible David Davis David Davis 08/01/2016 04:01 AM Plugin (foreman_docker) Actions
14757 Feature New Normal [Docker plugin] Make Docker command optional Martin Mak 04/21/2016 09:47 AM Actions
14175 Feature Closed Normal Support Docker registry api v2 for external registries Andrey Aleksandrov Sebastian Gräßl 12/11/2017 03:10 PM Plugin (foreman_docker) Actions
12141 Feature Closed Normal Please add a unique CSS ID to container images in the All Containers page Og Maciel 10/21/2015 11:10 AM Actions
11672 Feature Closed Normal GET /docker/api/v2/registries/:id should return the username field Partha Aji Partha Aji 09/02/2015 06:01 PM CLI Actions
11204 Feature Closed Normal Automate foreman-docker rubygem release Daniel Lobato Garcia 07/23/2015 05:01 PM Actions
10176 Feature Duplicate Normal container name should be optional Bryan Kearney 06/11/2015 01:19 AM Actions
10172 Feature Duplicate Normal Add docker registry CLI Bryan Kearney 07/08/2015 06:15 PM Actions
10067 Feature New Low As a user I want to be able to link docker containers to their atomic host in the UI David Davis David Davis 04/08/2015 05:52 AM Actions
10029 Feature Closed Normal Docker registry API David Davis 04/28/2015 10:01 AM Actions
9754 Feature Closed Normal Need to be able to create docker registries from the CLI David Davis David Davis 06/23/2015 03:14 PM CLI Actions
9682 Feature New Normal Add supoprt for i18n Martin Bacovsky Martin Bacovsky 03/09/2015 10:13 AM CLI Actions
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