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foreman-docker / locale / pt_BR @ c69bcf98

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99b91b0d 04/01/2016 01:10 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #10417 - Translate wizard states

Wizard states were shown after calling 'symbol'.to_s.humanize, which
didn't allow them to be translated. I define the strings to be shown
in the helper so that they can be translated.

b0e98702 03/28/2016 09:46 AM Bryan Kearney

Fixes #14244 - Update the strings to be more compliant with the project standards

792d601d 02/18/2016 03:54 AM Bryan Kearney

Fixes #11984 - Update the plugin to use the latest gettext from core,
and re-extract the strings.

Once this is merged, the project needs to be added to transifex.

04db1530 06/02/2015 10:35 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #10416 - Pulled translations