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e5919f78 09/19/2016 09:16 AM June Zhang

Fixes #16594 - Capitalize the first letter of every word

59460788 08/01/2016 02:24 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Version 3.0.0

cc6d0d73 08/01/2016 07:45 AM David Davis

Fixes #15888 - Remove attr_accessible calls

cae1f2ca 05/20/2016 08:55 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #15107 - Rails 4.2 test breakages

url_for in the new Rails carries some parameters that can break the link
creation. Additionally I've disabled ruby warnings in the rake test task

b11c7843 04/15/2016 12:31 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Release 2.1.1

00a1de6a 04/15/2016 10:31 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Release 2.1.0

1aa3ddb3 04/01/2016 05:09 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #14391 - Hide access to Docker compute resource via compute profile

Docker compute resources shouldn't even be shown in the compute profile
list, there's no information there that's relevant to containers. Also,
containers are not created using compute attributes.

6d9a867c 01/15/2016 01:49 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Multiple fixes to release 2.0.1

b92e3f84 12/18/2015 02:04 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Bump version to 2.0.0

26d54d2c 12/15/2015 01:14 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #12785 - Raise requires_foreman version to 1.11

Since now we use attr_accessible, and more changes are coming up to make
this plugin Rails 4 compatible, the minimum version needs to be 1.11.

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