Bugs And Features

This page is designed to sort feature requests and see trends to guide development

  • Foreman Installer
    2014 foreman installer MySQL support
    2013 foreman installer PostgreSQL support
    1996 Add support for installing on Debian/Wheezy
  • Foreman Administration / User experience
  • Smart Proxy
1966 Improve UI errors when smart proxy returns 400 bad request
1882 Automatically import available subnets from the smart proxy
1816 Smart-Proxy should revoke and sign certificate when changing puppetca for a host
1952 With DHCP integration, add an option to configure PXE Filename (and path)
1756 limit host provisioning to pxe configuration file creation
1536 Foreman should check DHCP entries on build
1518 Force pxelinux url
1458 HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Proxy-Support
1375 Add a test capabilities for smart-proxy to better report proxy configurations errors
1290 show dhcp scopes that smart-proxy controls
1287 use scope name for network name when using MS Dhcp
1244 smart proxies overview page needs a button to 're-read' the supported features of a proxy
1172 MS dhcp proxy does not know about leases
969 Direct Client->Foreman communication shouldn't be needed (and moved to the Proxy)
857 report on autosign permissions problems
782 DNS API should include the zone
729 The timeout between each smart-proxy, its target and foreman should be configurable
694 If the puppetca or autosign operations fail then alert the host's user
  • Foreman GUI
2008 Switching context should redirect to resource index instead of showing 404
1963 Make automatic host creation switchable
1925 Update Trends page to show single value
1894 Better GUI for libvirt compute resource customizations
1881 Auto refresh
1848 Add links to email summary report to give more direct access to interesting events
1846 Add a popup ballon with parameters list for all groups in Host Groups page
1844 Add a button to move to the next host (in the filtered search) from within host view
1990 Show full timestamp on /reports/
1980 Add Gentoo icon
1819 Link host classes to class browser
1744 Only display valid certificates by default
1740 VNC password should be optional on hypervisors
1679 Having a change summary box when editing host / hostgroup
1647 Allow reports to be configured so only last report (per host) is displayed
1466 Architecture should be visible in OS-Name
1454 Solaris installation scripts should be editable on the WebUI
1403 [foreman] [UI] - tables columns should be resizable
1416 being able to sort by Hosts column in /puppetclasses view
1354 Add vlan id and default gateway to subnet configuration
1345 Don't alter case of username in topbar
1344 Allow customization of columns in host view.
1279 add timeline in reports page
1155 Search / bookmarks results export
1062 The automatic loading of next ip when a subnet is selected should be made a manual operation
935 Puppetdocumentation should be directly accessible from Host creation / edition
891 add ability to manage/unmanage hosts from multiple edit dropdown box
890 create statitistics feature where user can create custom graphs based on a fact of choice
814 foreman host details page not displyaing correctly.
757 replace the default 404 page
746 Generate all the Host template when click on Build to avoid errors during installation
501 Better handling of error upon template rendering
451 no indications which fields are mandatory in the forms
380 HIstorical data for the Dashboard view
32 Provide a way to organize the Inventory display in the Hosts page
  • Other
1970 Override the foreman_url hostname
1969 Override hostname of puppetmaster instead of using proxy hostname
1939 Foreman should fail gracefully when it can't reach a compute resource
1935 Documentation tabs for Hosts, Hostgroups
1869 Template provisioning resolution should be parameterable and extended to other parameters
1727 Auto documenting smart-proxy and foreman settings.yml
1717 Improve smart-variable unassignment during a puppetclass removal
1999 Restricted type of resource in Location and Organization should be parameterable
1646 When creating a provisioning template it would be useful to be able to copy an existing one without cutting and pasting.
1635 Provide a role with a start page
1520 Default partition table per OS.
1510 Send a email after a host build has completed
1329 Encrypt BMC password
1328 Encrypt Hypervisor password
1325 BMC IP management should manage DNS
1258 add support to store BMC credentials
1253 Take a bookmark name in a search string and handle expansion on the backend
1243 A provision to a node should be treated as an event.
1213 It should be possible to get email reports of Audit changes.
1212 Ability to notify foreman of failed build
1194 Support hooking into host creation/deletion
1169 Reports and Fact POST, and GET for Host ENC Yaml, should accept Authentication.
910 add ability to use specified certificate with ldaps authentication
877 clean puppet node related info api
863 add ability to restrict ldap authentication to a security group
717 Add an option to overwrite foreman_url value for reverse proxy use
616 when searching for an ip address, dont try to ping the ipaddress of the proxy
161 No way to indicate multiple puppet intervals
58 trigger actions when a New sucessful host is added
  • VM
1711 Need an option to choose whether a Libvirt-based VM should have a VNC password set or not
1693 VM creation on compute resource should propose to choose administration NIC
1666 Ability to map a vm on an compute ressource with a regular host on Foreman
1665 Allow interface PXE boot choice when creating vm with multiple NIC on a compute ressource
1532 "built" step of a libvirt guest should modify the boot order of the guest
1500 fails gracefully when hypervisor has gone away
1193 Foreman should propose different drivers for NIC's VM
934 Host creation by virt should display allowed interfaces on host which do not support virConnectNumOfInterfaces
  • Extending Foreman
  • with other tools
2005 Add subscription-manager snippet, share SSL identity with Puppet
1933 Button to launch RDP, VNC SSH Console
1874 Operate Foreman in Puppet-less mode
1822 Puppetize host feature -- auto install puppet on new or legacy host
1809 Smart-Proxy control of IPA Server
1985 Smart proxy should use nmap
1685 Windows DNS: Secure connection using GSS-TSIG
1625 Add support for generating and viewing puppet dependency graphs in foreman
1585 Support Oracle AI for Solaris 11
1581 DNS management with Foreman UI
1571 Support parsing configuration_version from version 2 reports
1559 Templated PTR Records to support RFC2317 style classless reverse delegation
1554 Add support for fact retrieval via puppet inventory service REST API
1513 RFE: more granular support for RedHat Enterprise Linux
1508 Run a wide search on DHCP for IP address
1431 Add support of whitebox hardware model through motherboard facter
1373 Support puppet kick (puppetrun) options
2015 Support for external CA to puppetmaster
1224 DNSMadeEasy/Foreman/SmartProxy integration
1202 Read all subnet info from DHCP server (including name and DNS)
1164 Scripted Processes (note : the opener want to transform puppet/foreman into job scheduler)
1080 Add api support for puppetrun
996 add plugins support
851 Make Foreman Filebucket aware, able to see bucketed file contents and diffs
840 add api support to retrieve module documentation
828 each host should know when was his last fact refresh
833 Foreman should include Puppets "version" string for each report.
813 Support AD group membership for authorization and authentication
798 Make possible to schedule/execute tasks via Foreman's GUI
676 Syslog support
657 Physical location management/visualization
645 Patch management
551 Add DNS Aliases support
536 Support Oracle SGDB
502 Foreman can use the default HTTP provider now provided in puppet core
497 Compression in fact and report uploads
410 external node script could use the log facility provided by puppet
309 import existings puppet reports
213 Add repository management
61 Add Microsoft DNS Support
  • virtualisation
1978 add ovirt authentication source
1951 Support libvirt named NAT networks
1946 Addition VMWare options required for VM creation
1945 Better VMWare support for non-clusters setup
1944 Listing VMWare virtual machines under Computer resources is slow.
1943 VMware console should support encrypted communications if possible.
1871 VPC support on EC2 compute
1854 Support non thin provisoned disk with oVirt
1841 Support for Joyent compute resource.
1758 Please add support for AWS compatible Computer ressources
1719 Foreman should support Google Compute deployement
1662 Add settings options to secure VNC sessions between Foreman server and client
1641 Option to enable or disable autostart of provisioned VMs
1612 support openvz domain management
1531 Provide the libvirt new guest template file as a provisionning template
1501 ability to set MAC address of guests
1478 Minimum RAM specification for OS
1218 Please add support for OpenVZ hypervisor through libvirt
1145 Foreman to automatically select VM host for guest
735 limit the guest memory based on available memory on its hypervisor
  • unattended
1694 Add IPMI like support for non IPMI users
1982 Partitioning Features
1923 support converting bare metal hosts to/from VMs on compute resources
1828 DHCP-less gPXE Provisioning
1561 Add new provision template types for EC2
1553 Add a default newline to the end of provision templates (kickstart)
1459 iPXE support
1447 NFS-server Support
971 Support multiple disks
970 Support multiple NIC
824 Unattended installation monitoring
432 windows provisioning support
431 uefi support
430 elilo support
429 yaboot support
428 Ability to provision images
426 Ability to power cycle hosts
359 Add support for 'hostname=<hostname>' spoofing for Unattended Installs
  • Data management
    1995 Enable parameterized class support by default
    1988 Add API for Host Parameters
    1987 Ability to specify meta-parameters on classes, e.g. run stage
    1959 Instantiate Puppet define()s from ENC
    1910 add password type for class params
    1903 Make search based on parent hostgroup possible
    1896 Allow selection of hostgroups that will only be used for nesting
    1890 Implement a host status API call
    1865 Compute resource based parameter.
    1853 hostgroups can not be listed if filter = null
    1845 Add an option to Edit any host value for multiple hosts at once
    1813 allow to support multiple nics per host
    1805 support in hosts_and_facts to use any host fact to be display name
    1791 We should be able to tell foreman that a vm has moved from a compute resource to another
    1731 Inherited parameters display improvements
    1718 Summarize HW utilization for Capacity Planning
    1722 Partition table / hostgroup /environment
    1732 Owner choosing issue when creating a new host
    1652 Fix privacy for puppetclasses.
    1636 Array support in host YAML
    1616 Ability to add default class(es) to all systems
    1611 Search for hosts without certain facts
    1584 Add the ability to change ownership on a set of hosts.
    1583 Assign roles and filters to usergroups
    1562 Auto-assign a 'finish deploy' class to new hosts
    1527 Add support for per OS classes list. Steve Traylen
    1526 Addition of classes/puppetclasses to hostgroup/REST
    1480 Smart variables unique per puppet class
    1464 Parameters in subnets
    1435 Add Checkbox "Force remove classes" to classes import
    1425 Support for booleans in parameters
    1402 [foreman] [functionality] [RFE] - smart proxies allow to sign/destroy few servers at the same time
    1360 one click provision workflow
    1359 export to csv, excel
    1353 Foreman should be able to handle pre and post hook action.
    1327 Foreman should allow BMC importing value from custum facts
    1307 It should be possible to Create/Delete parameters for multiple hosts.
    1301 Consider adding an API key
    1249 Add ability to schedule changes
    1222 API enhancement
    1215 add a check if a user is allowed to search
    1206 Track additional service/virtual IPs assigned to a host
    1168 Ability to search for Facts (and Param) without providing a value
    1107 variables in settings
    985 no permission corresponds to 'Run Puppet' feature
    979 Integrate Foreman with Hiera
    848 add classes the host object
    819 foreman should delete puppet node / facts information too
    812 cant assign roles to groups, just to users
    692 Implement a way to export/import host groups and their associated puppet modules
    686 Normal implement inherit environment for a domain
    658 Dependency information
    593 split log for facts, reports and everything else
    564 Implement OUs hierarchy to allow reusing (host) groups with client/OU specific classes and parameters.
    563 Allow import and export "parameters" to/from a file (Global and on every level I can set parameters)
    499 freeze certian host values after creation
    473 Add the ability to have a set of default classes apply to all nodes via the UI
    416 Report on inconsistant facts
    387 Add select options ("all" and "none") on the Web GUI for bulk operations
    215 Allow blank values for parameters
    110 support hostname naming standards