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h1. Contribute
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Foreman is built and maintained by community volunteers. If you enjoy using it and would like give back to the community, there are several ways to contribute back to the project.
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h2. Code Related
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These require a familiarity with Ruby on Rails development. If you are still new to Rails, Community members can help you if you get stuck with something or have any other questions.
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You will need to download a copy of the current development-code. The official code repository is located in Github and can be downloaded by following the [[Installation_instructions#Latest-source-code]].
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Please note that there are two important branches:
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*Master* - latest stable release code
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*Develop*   - new features and bug fixes
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Master is frozen between major releases.
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h3. Development
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First, make sure you are a member of the "Foreman Developers mailing list":
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Patches to fix bugs or add new features are always appreciated. If you are going to work on a specific issue, make a note in the issue details so the developers will know what you're working on.
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We try to keep a one commit per bug/feature policy, please try to create an issue which is specific for your patch details.
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h3. Submit Patches
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Patches are normally reviewed before they are merged into the develop branch, in orderer to send them to the developers mailing list, please commit the code as normal and then execute the following rake task
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rake mail_patches
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which would send your patches to review, once accepted they will merged upstream.
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h2. Non Code Related
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These don't require any software development experience, just some time and the desire to help.
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h3. User support
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Helping out other users in the "Forums" is always useful. Frequent problems or questions should be brought up so the wiki can be updated to help future users.
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Testing is also very welcomed, for any issue encountered, please open a bug / feature request.
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h3. Issue triage
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Sometimes issues are reported without all the information needed by a developer. Getting the details of the bug or feature from the reporter and the community will help everyone understand what is needed.
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h3. Design and User interface
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Foreman uses a very basic design and user interface. Any improvements to it including new themes, skinning, or interface adjustments could help every user.