• If demoing a terminal
    - ensure the font is large (typically 2 shift-ctrl-+)
    - ensure your color and font are readable from arms length to the keyboard as a heuristic
  • If demoing a browser
    - when on a widescreen monitor, shrink the browser width to 1300-1400 pixels
    - increase browser zoom if possible (ensure it doesn't break styling)
  • If demoing a presentation
    - ensure you hide or remove action bars or do a full screen presentation
  • Include initial background on the topic. For example, if demoing an update to the Content Views UI, remind the audience what a content view is and how to get to the starting point of the UI.
  • Remember that you are trying to inform users why the change is important for them to know and how they can make use of it.

Demo Moderator

  • Turn on Q&A application on Hangout page before starting hangout
  • Start by introducing what the general theme of the Demo is, and the overall flow, include:
    - What the demo is for
    - When and how questions can be taken (e.g. at the end, after each presenter, using the Q&A app, whether the moderator will read the questions or the presenters)
    - If there is a time limit, mention at the start for the presenters that you will be timing and enforcing