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Paul Kelly, 03/28/2010 11:47 PM

Dynamic disk partioning


When configuring a host for an unattended kickstart build it is possible to specify the host's disk layout as an explicit sequence of partions or use a pre-exec dynamic disk layout script. In either case enter the explict partition list or the pre-exec script into the host's disk layout text area, (or choose a predefined configuration.)

If the text is to be interpreted as a dynamic disk layout then please ensure that the pre-exec shell script contains a comment line starting with "#Dynamic" and that your script writes a static partition table into /tmp/diskpart.cfg.

If a disk partition table contains /^#Dynamic/ then the kickstart process will execute the text as a bourne shell script as its very first step and will then include the file /tmp/diskpart.cfg into the downloaded kickstart file.


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