Infrastructure Updates 2018


What Who Dependencies Notes
Use fastly as CDN evgeni see Infrastructure_CDN

To Do In The Near Future

What Who Dependencies Notes
Migrate PR-Processor ? Openshift v2 shutdown
Get more people to do infra work * More documentation would help.
Review & Refactor current Puppet code ?
Update the SELinux Puppet module used ? The 1.0.0 release includes some breaking changes
Migrate Puppetmaster to EL7 ? Get a new VM We're getting a VM from for that. foreman-installer in addition to the current Puppet self-managing would be good, The current Puppet CA expires in August 2018.
Update Foreman to 1.16+ ? Migrate Puppetmaster to EL7
Set up remote execution plugin ? Update Foreman to 1.15+

To Do Later

What Who Dependencies Notes
Use Jenkinsfile instead of JJB * Update Jenkins to 2.60+ (done)
Migrate Jenkins master to EL7 ?
Set up a Monitoring System ? mmoll will ask the Netways guys about Icinga things
Update Redmine gwmngilfen plugin in progress
Update Puppet to 5.x ? Update Foreman to 1.16+
Update backup system from dirvish ?


What Who Dependencies Notes
Migrate mmoll Ubuntu/xenial.