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Romain Vrignaud, 11/17/2011 09:00 AM

Smart-Proxy Installation


A smart proxy is an autonomous web-based foreman component that is placed on a host performing a specific function in the host commissioning phase.
It receives requests from Foreman to perform operations that are required during the commissioning process and executes them on its behalf. More details can be found on the Foreman Architecture page.

To fully manage the commissioning process then a smart proxy will have to manipulate these services, DHCP, DNS, Puppet CA, Puppet and TFTP. These services may exist on separate machines or several of them may be hosted on the same machine. As each smart proxy instance is capable of managing all the of these services, there is only need for one proxy per host.
In the special case of a smart proxy managing a windows DHCP server, the host machine must be running Windows and support the netsh dhcp utility, it does not need to be the Microsoft DHCP server itself.

see [[Smart-Proxy:Installation_instructions]]


Download the smart proxy code from
  • the git repository
  • the rpm location
  • this zip file.

When downloaded, extract into a suitable location and follow the README file.