From 04/29/2014 to 05/28/2014


06:59 PM Revision c2eb2804 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #42 from thomasmckay/roles-updates
general updates Thomas McKay
06:57 PM Revision 8c7ba4af (hammer-cli-csv): updates to csv
fixed lifecycle-env
ship it
Thomas McKay


10:24 AM Revision d116e495 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #41 from thomasmckay/import
a lot of fixes and updates across many resources to match katello update... Thomas McKay
10:22 AM Revision a77acc4a (hammer-cli-csv): a lot of fixes and updates across many resources to match katello updates
Thomas McKay


05:17 PM Revision ef519045 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #40 from thomasmckay/saturday
rubocop - fixes Thomas McKay
05:16 PM Revision 26b7d467 (hammer-cli-csv): rubocop - fixes
Thomas McKay


09:50 AM Revision 920571bc (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #39 from thomasmckay/csv-fix
removed commented lines from roles.csv Thomas McKay
09:50 AM Revision 868aeb92 (hammer-cli-csv): removed commented lines from roles.csv
Thomas McKay
09:48 AM Revision d0db9fd1 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #38 from thomasmckay/repos
fix roles import / export Thomas McKay
09:45 AM Revision c02629de (hammer-cli-csv): + updated 'hammer csv import' command
+ fixed import/export roles Thomas McKay


09:09 PM Revision 46515f84 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #37 from thomasmckay/megacorp
export smart proxies Thomas McKay
09:08 PM Revision 317e335f (hammer-cli-csv): export smart proxies
import smart proxies
locations added to smart proxies
cleaned up org loc associations
rubocop cleaning
starting c...
Thomas McKay


06:18 PM Revision 12d50274 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #36 from thomasmckay/actkey
fixing limit on activation key
self ack & merge
Thomas McKay
03:47 PM Bug #5513 (Closed): csv module: undefined method `version'
# rpm -q rubygem-hammer_cli_csv
# hammer --version
hammer (0.1.0)
Lukas Pramuk
02:31 PM Revision d0d41780 (hammer-cli-csv): fixing limit on activation key
Thomas McKay


06:43 PM Revision ea2edb0c (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #35 from thomasmckay/cleaning
general clean up of configs and tests
self ack&merge
Thomas McKay
09:23 AM Revision 9439ade5 (hammer-cli-csv): removed hammer-it
adding config
cleaning it up
cleaning up tests
updated case statement
Thomas McKay

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