From 10/09/2014 to 11/07/2014


03:47 PM Revision cb8a5799 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #66 from komidore64/ambiguous-regex-literal
rubocop - Lint/AmbiguousRegexpLiteral Adam Price
03:36 PM Revision 0aaf4889 (hammer-cli-csv): rubocop - Lint/AmbiguousRegexpLiteral
Adam Price
03:22 PM Revision 9b88847c (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #65 from thomasmckay/sam-sys-groups
SAM export system groups to host collections Thomas McKay
03:08 PM Revision 3e5a297d (hammer-cli-csv): SAM export system groups to host collections
+ corrected CLI params to properly read server, username, and password
+ awful work-around for organizations API requ...
Thomas McKay


05:28 PM Revision 24732758 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #61 from thomasmckay/sam-export
Updates for SAM export Thomas McKay
05:01 PM Revision c6b9e92e (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #62 from komidore64/gitignore
gitignore - let me specify a gemset too Adam Price
05:01 PM Revision e4a90601 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #63 from komidore64/ambiguous-operator
rubocop - Lint/AmbiguousOperator Adam Price
05:00 PM Revision 74c83587 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #64 from komidore64/hashsyntax
rubocop - Style/HashSyntax Adam Price
04:52 PM Revision 5cf43e00 (hammer-cli-csv): rubocop - Style/HashSyntax
Adam Price
04:20 PM Revision e2c07325 (hammer-cli-csv): rubocop - Lint/AmbiguousOperator
Adam Price
04:02 PM Revision 2df1e79b (hammer-cli-csv): v0.0.6 - Updates for SAM export
+ Version bumped to 0.0.6
+ Initial work on organizations, activation keys, and content hosts (systems)
+ Some fixes ...
Thomas McKay
03:12 PM Revision f263b7e3 (hammer-cli-csv): gitignore - let me specify a gemset too
Adam Price


06:41 PM Revision 48027eca (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #60 from thomasmckay/headpin-roles
Checks /api/status for SAM (Headpin) Thomas McKay
06:39 PM Revision c2496839 (hammer-cli-csv): Checks /api/status for SAM (Headpin)
Thomas McKay


10:08 AM Revision b7a2292b (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #59 from thomasmckay/minor-fixes
minor fix to roles output Thomas McKay

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