From 01/07/2017 to 02/05/2017


10:09 PM Bug #18384 (Closed): "namify" the Guest of Host column
When using the --prefix option, also namify the Guest of Host column... Thomas McKay


10:42 AM Revision b42ced74 (hammer-cli-csv): #150 remove the *1* field from composite lines in content view export
Eric Lake
10:36 AM Bug #18325 (Duplicate): content-views export of composite includes the "count" column Thomas McKay
09:57 AM Bug #18344 (Closed): Exporting composite content views results in an errant 1 in the file
When doing a
hammer csv content-views --export --verbose --organization $ORGNAME
the content views lo...
Andrew Kofink


01:50 PM Bug #18325 (Duplicate): content-views export of composite includes the "count" column
Export should not include the count column. To reproduce, create a ccv and then --export Thomas McKay


05:08 PM Bug #18229 (New): importing itemized subscriptions for content-hosts and activation-keys needs to support future dated subs
When future-dated subscriptions become available in manifests, importing a CSV to mirror existing with future dated s... Thomas McKay


12:34 PM Feature #18097 (New): As a user, I want to name :export: config sections for convenient use on the cli
For example, I have a custom export defined for content-hosts... Thomas McKay

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