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hammer-cli-csv / @ f5d21adb

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f5d21adb 09/30/2016 11:46 AM Thomas McKay

fixes #15581 - configuration based on foreman stanza

400832c6 09/12/2016 02:18 PM Thomas McKay

fixes #16493 - create manifest in portal

3fe1ff94 08/24/2016 01:55 PM Thomas McKay

fixes #15752 - continue processing even if error

a2eda8bf 08/03/2016 02:38 PM Thomas McKay

fixes #15740 - move red hat repo enable to products

This PR also fixed some aspects of the new VCR tests

b50ceaa2 08/02/2016 04:35 PM Thomas McKay

fixes #15916 - infrastructure to switch tests to use vcr

Switching to VCR will allow both running against a live server (as the existing tests do now) or to run in pre-recorded mode.

Setting initial code coverage to 26%

Added default rake task to run rubocop and test

b2e88b7c 04/11/2016 10:12 AM Thomas McKay

fixes #14162 - hide unsupported sub-commands and options

+ updated for ruby 2.0.0
+ updated README
+ fixed rubocop
+ updated tests
+ based on feedback switched to default being unsupported for new commands

6b4c161c 01/08/2016 10:33 AM Thomas McKay

general fixes

+ rex wip
operating-systems - additional columns, redmine issues created
+ allow --dir w/ individual --

f8fd124d 11/05/2015 08:22 AM Thomas McKay

Merge pull request #94 from beav/readme-update

README updates

02387fb5 11/03/2015 09:02 AM Thomas McKay

+ import/export host-groups
+ import/export domains
+ fixed --organization search options
+ updated export args
+ content-views test
+ updated test data
+ export job-templates
+ removed COUNT column from export

74968aff 10/28/2015 03:21 PM Chris Duryee

README updates

I consistently forget to update csv.yml :cat2:. This patch adds an additional
installation step to update that file.

088e0854 08/19/2015 03:04 PM Thomas McKay

+ removed copyright and old comments that had been moved to README

+ updated api call to add host collections to activation key

+ adding import/export settings

+ clean up options --organization and --file

+ added deprecation for --csv-file and --csv-export...

98d33947 04/28/2015 11:57 AM Thomas McKay

updated import / export provisioning templates

bdf6f18c 04/10/2015 09:09 AM Thomas McKay

optional disable or product sync, refactor task calls

+ refactor task calls in content-views
+ publish and promote working of content-views
+ various locale strings
+ corrected export of act keys
+ --sync option and :products_sync: configuration

spelling of sync, plus count description...

2645da78 03/17/2015 11:16 AM Thomas McKay

export content-hosts

+ export content-hosts
+ renamed some code from 'system' to 'content-host'
+ handle different server versions and their search syntax
+ add --organization to limit some commands to specific orgs

9e73e665 01/14/2015 02:06 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Styling fixes to README

Command in examples section was shown in only one line, formatting for the Usage options table didn't work.

2df1e79b 11/06/2014 04:02 PM Thomas McKay

v0.0.6 - Updates for SAM export

+ Version bumped to 0.0.6
+ Initial work on organizations, activation keys, and content hosts (systems)
+ Some fixes for running on ruby-1.8.7

bumped version to 0.0.5

updated README

84a813c7 09/25/2014 03:44 PM Thomas McKay

Merge pull request #57 from thomasmckay/import

corrected api errors in roles csv

90d0b5c8 09/25/2014 03:42 PM Thomas McKay

corrected api errors in roles csv

3954acb8 09/11/2014 09:53 AM Thomas McKay

Merge pull request #54 from thomasmckay/moar-docs

Updated organization docs

561a8ac9 08/26/2014 12:25 PM Thomas McKay

update roles use of api with test and docs

Note: The roles test does not work completely since changing user is not working. Unsure how to accomplish this. Tests run as admin do work.

98034f92 08/22/2014 10:48 AM David Davis

Adding rubocop to hammer-cli-csv

Fixes issue #30

d1b29b9c 08/20/2014 04:17 PM Thomas McKay

Updated organization docs

a389840d 07/20/2014 07:17 PM Thomas McKay

First pass at documentation

991240c0 03/05/2014 01:50 PM Thomas McKay

readme - updated license and starting readme

ab134b85 11/05/2013 03:12 PM Thomas McKay

initial-setup - hello word

02bfb430 11/04/2013 08:55 AM Thomas McKay

Initial commit