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hammer-cli-csv / lib / hammer_cli_csv / content_view_filters.rb @ f92e695a

# Date Author Comment
f92e695a 06/08/2017 09:01 AM David Davis

Fixes #19927 - Drop and readd rules when importing filters

This is a change to the way we handle filter rules. Basically, there is
no way to ensure uniqueness among filter rules so updating rules isn't
possible. The package filter rule has a unique check but it simply...

3fe1ff94 08/24/2016 01:55 PM Thomas McKay

fixes #15752 - continue processing even if error

c06f1783 08/22/2016 07:36 PM Thomas McKay

fixes #15743 - import and export of subscriptions one-per-line

6b4c161c 01/08/2016 10:33 AM Thomas McKay

general fixes

+ rex wip
operating-systems - additional columns, redmine issues created
+ allow --dir w/ individual --

02387fb5 11/03/2015 09:02 AM Thomas McKay

+ import/export host-groups
+ import/export domains
+ fixed --organization search options
+ updated export args
+ content-views test
+ updated test data
+ export job-templates
+ removed COUNT column from export

c4dbc7a3 10/07/2015 06:00 PM Thomas McKay

updates to tests and functionality

+ added export containers
+ export content-view-filters erratum and rpm types
+ 'hammer csv import' now works from --dir https://somewhere
+ 'hammer csv import' tests and fixes

6f221b51 09/04/2015 02:22 PM Thomas McKay

+ hosts export w/ organization
+ export / import puppet facts
+ added examples dir
+ subscriptions can have optional Organization column to be filled w/ --organization
+ content-view-filters export date based errata
+ read from http/file/stdin
+ removed gettext from gemspec (prevented installation)

088e0854 08/19/2015 03:04 PM Thomas McKay

+ removed copyright and old comments that had been moved to README

+ updated api call to add host collections to activation key

+ adding import/export settings

+ clean up options --organization and --file

+ added deprecation for --csv-file and --csv-export...

43345b14 04/06/2015 04:26 PM Thomas McKay

usability and fixes

+ import/export sync plans
+ added --organization to some resources
+ export and import red hat products in addition to custom ones to allow them to be sync'ed
+ import updated to include products and subscriptions properly
+ fixed products cli args...

1909f2e6 01/14/2015 02:11 PM Thomas McKay

lots of general clean up for SAM and robotello

dde142a9 07/16/2014 12:57 PM Thomas McKay

corrected syntax for ruby-1.8.7, gitignore .gem file

0b978f6e 07/14/2014 08:55 PM Thomas McKay

content-views and content-view-filters and myriad more

lots and lots of changes as foretello develop/master iterates to stability