From 10/25/2015 to 11/23/2015


05:43 AM Revision 9fff3c7b (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #12565 - Apipie added into engine
Ondřej Pražák
05:42 AM Bug #12565 (Closed): Add apipie initializer into ForemanPipeline::Engine
There is an initializer missing in Engine. See Ondřej Pražák
04:09 AM Bug #12562 (Closed): UI will not load when no organization is selected
Steps to reproduce:
1) Select 'Any organization' in organization dropdown
2) Go to Pipeline > Jobs or Pipeline > Je...
Ondřej Pražák
04:01 AM Refactor #12561 (Closed): Make changes to get ready for Rails4
According to the wiki, moving to Rails 4 will require some changes: Ondřej Pražák


11:05 AM Revision b1dbd17c (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #15 from xprazak2/kat-gem
katello from git xprazak2
11:03 AM Revision 71f0e32b (foreman_pipeline): katello from git
Ondřej Pražák
10:49 AM Revision f0583353 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #14 from xprazak2/active-rec
Specifying katello location xprazak2
10:47 AM Revision 5b861f0c (foreman_pipeline): Specifying katello location
Ondřej Pražák
07:11 AM Revision a5aa89a2 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #13 from xprazak2/migration-kat
Appropriate katello version xprazak2
07:09 AM Revision 91574d3e (foreman_pipeline): Appropriate katello version
Ondřej Pražák
06:48 AM Revision ea96f6eb (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #12 from xprazak2/katello-branch
Modifications to Katello migrations xprazak2
06:46 AM Revision 3728ccdd (foreman_pipeline): Modifications to Katello migrations
Ondřej Pražák
06:24 AM Revision f2c6acbb (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #11 from xprazak2/katello-migrations
Config templates should not cause problems for katello migrations xprazak2
06:19 AM Revision 5e526c4c (foreman_pipeline): Config templates should not cause problems for katello migrations
Ondřej Pražák
04:49 AM Revision 8db2a82b (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #10 from xprazak2/katello-dependency
Adding Katello into Engine xprazak2
04:49 AM Revision 0c151c8c (foreman_pipeline): Adding Katello into Engine
Ondřej Pražák
04:34 AM Revision 75bd87f9 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #9 from xprazak2/bast-dep
Adding dependency for bastion xprazak2
04:33 AM Revision 04ecb07f (foreman_pipeline): Adding dependency for bastion
Ondřej Pražák
04:19 AM Revision ba44c33f (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #8 from xprazak2/less-rails
Less-rails develop dependency for Bastion xprazak2
04:17 AM Revision acae3e84 (foreman_pipeline): Less-rails develop dependency for Bastion
Ondřej Pražák
03:44 AM Revision cc605b10 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #7 from xprazak2/bastion-require
Uninitialized constant Bastion fix xprazak2
03:42 AM Revision 1d126879 (foreman_pipeline): Uninitialized constant Bastion fix
Ondřej Pražák
03:27 AM Revision d899a342 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #6 from xprazak2/bastion-namespace
Fix for bastion namespace xprazak2
03:25 AM Revision b8eb7bc7 (foreman_pipeline): Fix for bastion namespace
Ondřej Pražák


12:00 PM Revision 2bffb6df (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #5 from xprazak2/deps
resolving dependencies xprazak2
11:58 AM Revision bef51bf9 (foreman_pipeline): resolving dependencies
Ondřej Pražák
11:25 AM Revision 1bb89e33 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #4 from xprazak2/katello-gem
Tweaks so that jenkins can find katello gem xprazak2
11:21 AM Revision 43000325 (foreman_pipeline): Tweaks so that jenkins can find katello gem
Ondřej Pražák
10:30 AM Revision 6ae76967 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #3 from xprazak2/gemfile
Dependencies version fix xprazak2
10:24 AM Revision be49852b (foreman_pipeline): Dependencies version fix
Ondřej Pražák
08:23 AM Revision 8cbb4309 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #2 from xprazak2/gemspec-fix
Specifying jenkins_api_client gem version that is available xprazak2
06:42 AM Revision 259a0156 (foreman_pipeline): Specifying jenkins_api_client gem version that is available
Ondřej Pražák
05:18 AM Revision 09a844d1 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #1 from xprazak2/gemspec-katello
Katello was added into dependencies xprazak2
05:09 AM Revision 02508002 (foreman_pipeline): Katello was added into dependencies
Ondřej Pražák


06:00 AM Revision 44ad10db (foreman_pipeline): More job tests
Ondřej Pražák
04:45 AM Revision 9fb80abe (foreman_pipeline): making promoting decisions more robust
Ondřej Pražák


08:12 AM Revision dce03a1e (foreman_pipeline): cleaning up tests
Ondřej Pražák
08:12 AM Revision eaa1eb25 (foreman_pipeline): removing garbage
Ondřej Pražák

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