From 01/26/2016 to 02/24/2016


09:57 AM Revision 1f0d7db4 (foreman_pipeline): One additional test skip
Ondřej Pražák
09:09 AM Revision 1a90f77a (foreman_pipeline): Disable unrelated failing tests
Ondřej Pražák
07:40 AM Revision 720671b8 (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #13288 - Fix for pattrenfly UI
Ondřej Pražák
05:00 AM Revision 636c8cd0 (foreman_pipeline): Skipping seed tests within context
Ondřej Pražák


03:53 AM Revision bd121913 (foreman_pipeline): Skipping bastion routes and seeds in context
Ondřej Pražák
03:06 AM Revision 45eaded9 (foreman_pipeline): Typo fix
Ondřej Pražák
02:56 AM Revision 52673b37 (foreman_pipeline): Tweaking test skips
Ondřej Pražák
02:07 AM Revision a8170cc8 (foreman_pipeline): Test skips for core's tests
Ondřej Pražák


04:52 AM Revision e3015d9b (foreman_pipeline): Gemspec cleanup - removed net dependencies, will use those listed in core's gemfile
Ondřej Pražák


03:29 AM Revision 715a7728 (foreman_pipeline): Using scp and ssh from foreman's gemfile
Ondřej Pražák


01:27 PM Revision b8a9f021 (foreman_pipeline): Merge branch 'remove-deployments'
Ondřej Pražák
01:07 PM Revision abf7df56 (foreman_pipeline): Removing foreman_deployments as a dependency since no Rails4 gem has been released yet and I really need to get this working on Jenkins
Ondřej Pražák


11:19 AM Revision 9698b29e (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #33 from xprazak2/bundlerd
gemfile.d folder with katello dependency xprazak2
11:17 AM Revision 59a52b80 (foreman_pipeline): gemfile.d folder with katello dependency
Ondřej Pražák


11:07 AM Revision c816f386 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #32 from xprazak2/kd
katello xprazak2
11:07 AM Revision 5e20a947 (foreman_pipeline): katello
Ondřej Pražák


04:16 AM Bug #13329: Remove checkboxes from tables
This is specific to Foreman Pipeline plugin. I was referring to the tables in Jobs index and Jenkins Instances index ... Ondřej Pražák


09:50 AM Bug #13329: Remove checkboxes from tables
I tried some places (architectures, hardware, media, then I got bored), and it seems to be ok, can you please list pa... Tom Caspy

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