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8db52777 09/21/2016 09:46 AM Ondřej Pražák

Version 0.1.0

79437866 06/13/2016 06:51 AM Ondřej Pražák

Fixes #12601 - Refactor the seeds

067581a0 05/26/2016 07:41 AM Ondřej Pražák

Use Travis for CI

test_plugin_pull_request job on our Jenkins is not yet
in foreman-infra, which is kind of a dead end for me.
I need to remove mysql from test_plugin_matrix because
katello does not support it and there are crashes during
migrations (indexes too long). It can be easily...

099eb35b 05/24/2016 01:34 PM Ondřej Pražák

Make additional attributes accessible for job

67d5ada5 05/17/2016 04:59 AM Ondřej Pražák

Fix typo in skip_tests

05a73056 05/17/2016 03:31 AM Ondřej Pražák

Skip test for docker

ae5c2ae8 05/16/2016 09:57 AM Ondřej Pražák

Skip unrelated broken tests

63646944 05/16/2016 08:10 AM Ondřej Pražák

Remove whitespace from roles.rb

23d64bcf 05/16/2016 04:53 AM Ondřej Pražák

Improve comment style

d929eae4 05/16/2016 03:28 AM Ondřej Pražák

Skip core permission tests

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