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e5f2394a 04/25/2017 04:36 PM Justin Sherrill

Support rest_client 2.0

Runcible was built around being able to take a
rest client response body, pull out relevant details
and craft a new rest client response object with the boy
being the parsed json rather than the raw json. Rest Client
2.0 makes this impossible by making the Response object extend...

ee18d55e 03/30/2017 12:15 AM Eric Helms

Bump version to 1.11.0

2de23838 03/29/2017 05:30 PM Chris Duryee

Fixes #19055 - add new call for generate applicability

The previous applicability call would 'lock' on a single worker. This call does
not pin to a single worker, so applicability regeneration can spread across all

Note that this does not change any functionality, it just exposes a new call...

bbd31888 03/23/2017 04:27 PM Justin Sherrill

1.10.0 release

f87181a1 03/23/2017 03:16 PM Partha Aji

fixes #18993 - Set depth for ostree distributor

Prior to this commit one could only set depth for ostree importer.
This one enables one to set it for the distributor also.
This will enable pulp to selectively publish what its synced from
upstream feed.

27b106f4 02/23/2017 09:44 PM Justin Sherrill

1.9.3 release

4138d874 02/23/2017 09:33 PM Justin Sherrill

adding download repository support

c31e0728 02/23/2017 02:56 PM Sean O'Keeffe

Updated pulp docs urls

125877b8 02/10/2017 05:51 PM Partha Aji

Version bump

524638e4 02/01/2017 12:34 PM Partha Aji

Fixes #18076 - Can set OSTree repo depth

Enables one to set the importer depth value for the ostree repo.
look at for more info.

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