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eff60dd2 06/01/2016 11:48 AM Adam Price

fix misspelling in README

c22b9740 05/11/2016 08:24 PM David Davis

Fixes #15015 - Adding coverage checking to runcible (#176)

c6ff17f6 04/29/2016 09:29 PM David Davis

Fixes #14888 - Updating casettes for pulp 2.8.3 (#175)

d0bf219d 03/04/2016 08:15 PM Partha Aji

Refs #14032 - Cassettes - Ostree branches now searchable in a Repo

6a290cda 01/29/2016 05:34 PM Partha Aji

Fixes #13321 - Updated distribution paths in the tests

Relates to this change

63540c7c 09/23/2015 07:37 PM Eric Helms

Fixes #11030: Add Python support.

fc9ddd6c 06/23/2015 10:47 PM Partha Aji

Ref# 10036 - Fixes for pulp-server-2.7.0-0.3.beta

We were not able to run all the tests in the previous
instance of runcible on pulp-2.7 beta. This commit addresses that
and updates the cassettes

ed3a37ae 05/26/2015 02:17 PM Eric Helms

Update where to file issues for changeover to Redmine.

c06a94b6 05/05/2015 03:25 PM Partha Aji

Fixes #10036 - CRUD bindings for rpm ostree repositories

9fc51910 02/03/2015 08:47 PM Mike McCune

addresses #9179 - fix tests for Pulp 2.6

353dcb7f 12/18/2014 05:05 PM David Davis

Refs #8759 - Running runcible against pulp 2.5.1

926b9789 10/15/2014 02:50 PM Justin Sherrill

fixing runcible errors caused by rubocop changes

when we turned on rubocop, we converted unused method arguments
to start with underscores. This broke any method that relied on
binding.send(:local_variables). This disables that cop and fixes
all of those instances....

db77e602 09/24/2014 06:09 PM Partha Aji

Fixes #7617 - CRUD docker repo bindings

Added docker repo bindings to runcible
Includes CRUD for docker repo related operations along the same lines of puppet
and yum repo types.

e5ec19e6 05/15/2014 06:00 PM Justin Sherrill

adding support for pulp 2.4.0-0.14

380dd8d3 05/06/2014 03:31 PM Justin Sherrill

adding consumer(group) support for pulp2.4

2759f865 04/29/2014 10:24 PM David Davis

Worked on splitting up user and role cassettes

21aa0b85 09/19/2013 06:25 PM Justin Sherrill

cassette update

a8af5fc3 09/18/2013 06:38 PM David Davis

Upgrading pulp to 2.3

f74062dd 08/12/2013 08:45 PM Justin Sherrill

cassette update

b4428416 08/09/2013 03:18 PM Manjiri Tapaswi

Add Package Upload Pulp API support to runcible

72db3c84 08/01/2013 01:00 PM Dmitri Dolguikh

a tiny fix in README

4cd28ec3 07/31/2013 05:05 PM Justin Sherrill

fixture update

9677900a 07/31/2013 02:31 PM Justin Sherrill

Merge pull request #83 from jlsherrill/multi

Changing runcible to support multiple pulp servers.

e06e5c92 07/30/2013 06:40 PM Partha Aji

Added code make unit copy accept custom filters

661ca339 07/30/2013 06:31 PM Justin Sherrill

Changing runcible to support multiple pulp servers.

Now, classes need to be instantiated. For example:

Instead of Runcible::Resources::Repository.find()

you would need to use:

You can all instantiate Runcible::Instance to get access to all modules:...

54f9d7bc 07/12/2013 01:07 PM David Davis

Merge pull request #78 from daviddavis/pulp-2.2

Updating runcible for Pulp v2.2

49c9ce45 07/11/2013 05:53 PM Justin Sherrill

Improving some of the tests for pulp 2.2 and regenerating cassettes

89e6e478 07/11/2013 05:52 PM David Davis

Pulp v2.2: Fixing individual tests for Pulp 2.2

9f7ede0e 07/02/2013 04:03 PM Eric D Helms

Updating Readme to include steps for an official release.

aac97e38 06/13/2013 08:47 PM Justin Sherrill

cassette update

4de61051 06/11/2013 05:33 PM Brad Buckingham

955706 - update vcr_cassettes for pulp-server-2.1.2-0.1.beta

dcec3cd2 05/23/2013 12:54 PM Eric D Helms

Docs - Updating how to build and deploy documentation.

Adds the yard and redcartpet development dependencies required when
building the documentation.

afe425cd 05/21/2013 01:30 PM Justin Sherrill

adding additional importer/distributor options

e2989b74 04/23/2013 06:29 PM Brad Buckingham

vcr cassette updates for pulp 2.1.1-0.5.beta

261d5fc9 04/11/2013 06:26 PM Justin Sherrill

vcr update for pulp 2.1.1-0.1.beta

fdb5b1d4 03/22/2013 02:27 PM Eric Helms

Pulp 2.1 - Adding fixes to support the previous errors around
package group unit copy. This commit is against a beta build
of 2.1

49458300 03/18/2013 09:25 PM Eric Helms

Pulp2.1 - Adding note with link to current stable Runcible branch.

557d000b 03/18/2013 09:16 PM Eric Helms

Pulp 2.1 - Adding two API calls to handle content applicability
for consumers.

085c9956 03/18/2013 06:07 PM Eric Helms

Pulp2.1 - Updates to how consumer group content tests are handled
to test them properly.

27ba8849 02/26/2013 01:10 AM Justin Sherrill

updating README to correct test command & new single test mode

5c600f2f 02/01/2013 04:22 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates readme to include new test option.

c9b73a63 01/30/2013 10:16 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates README to include a section on building and releasin gem or RPM.

75cf119c 01/06/2013 11:56 AM Eric D. Helms

Updating to first Pulp V2.0 stable build.

056b223c 11/28/2012 08:49 PM Justin Sherrill

cassette update

83531b29 11/14/2012 08:33 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates readme with link to github pages.

b43ba6f2 11/13/2012 07:25 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates to the latest pulp beta and fixes all associated tests.

88fe80aa 11/06/2012 07:34 PM Partha Aji

Updating pulp version

6a970541 10/30/2012 09:22 PM Justin Sherrill

cassette update

de6a916a 10/25/2012 02:15 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates README indentation for code blocks and moves all Copyrights to Red Hat.

5731e8a7 10/25/2012 02:06 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates README to include configuration and examples.

da1cf7ef 10/25/2012 01:22 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates to add bold emphasis to pulp version in README.

db369a17 10/25/2012 01:12 PM Eric D. Helms

Adds Rake task to grab pulp version and input to the README.

11715b4b 10/09/2012 10:26 AM Eric D. Helms

Updates README with Travis status and new test options.

cfbd8d3a 10/01/2012 02:07 AM Justin Sherrill

updating readme to point to none mode

12a95cc1 09/21/2012 06:57 PM Justin Sherrill

README update for tests

243b30b6 08/28/2012 05:20 PM Eric D Helms

Initial shell for the Runcible gem.