Bug fix release for the Foreman 1.10 series.

Foreman_110_Schedule for an overview of the schedule


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
6535 Bug EC2 Security Groups - empty box
11346 Bug undefined method `lookup_value_match' , deployment of a vmware host by API
12187 Bug Warning! uninitialized constant Fog::Compute::OpenStack
12669 Bug undefined method `lookup_value_matcher=' for hostgroup
12791 Bug The architecture is not interpolated for the variable @host.url_for_boot(:initrd) on suse based systems
12909 Bug "Reset zoom" is hidden under legend
13041 Bug selinux context on /var/run/rubygem-passenger/passenger.*/generation-0/request issue after log rotation.
13129 Bug Intermittent failures in native MS test_records_should_have_options tests
13219 Bug Foreman unable to import puppet class with unicode characters.
13247 Bug Template fullscreen not resizing text area
13297 Bug Fails with PasswordAuthentication no but ChallengeResponseAuthenication yes
13341 Bug Fedora seeded installation media URL is wrong
13346 Bug provider native_ms - use of '.each_line' on array breakes smart proxy
13369 Bug Long parameter names are truncated and overriden together
13375 Bug display problem with one widget
13401 Bug ssh provisioning Should save stderr as well
13430 Bug virt power manager is missing reboot action
13434 Bug Primary interface with static networking should set DNS according to subnet
13442 Bug foreman-debug script should return a meaningful exit code
13515 Bug Foreman exception triggered when editing a role filter or adding a new one
13522 Bug Error 406 loading Puppet CA certificate list on Puppet 4 due to PATH difference
13684 Bug yum-config-manager is not available on RHEL 5
13724 Bug Invalid network devices on RHEL 5
13745 Bug Primary interface ignored during migrations

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