Next major release of Foreman.

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Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
1329 Feature Encrypt BMC password
3200 Feature Add select boxes to Settings
3582 Feature Allow Subnets to have Parameters like Domains
3910 Feature for VMware compute resource (fog) give the option to add a cd drive to the created host
5707 Bug disassociate is highlighted for physical host
5816 Bug Non-admin user should be able to modify self
5883 Bug Host: provide user indication that the build token has expired
6167 Bug New Host: selection of "Host Group" and "Deploy on" is user-unfriendly
6376 Bug Firebug raises error: 404 not found: On selecting empty row from "hostgroup" dropdown under "New host" form
6539 Bug When provisioning a new host, missing templates error is not descriptive
6924 Bug UI should throw proper validation error while updating some params with any random value(like utf-8 or -ve values)
6958 Bug Hostgroup provisioning does not support nested groups
6959 Feature Set OS level info when the Compute Resource is oVirt
6977 Bug Global PXE Menu hostgroup name shall be first in menu label and also sort menu labels
8447 Tracker Puppet 4 support
8489 Refactor Set KeepAlive to on
8587 Bug hammer host enable build can be enabled also for unmanaged hosts
8884 Refactor Drop Ruby 1.9.3 support
9126 Refactor Move katello plugin policy into its own repository
9425 Bug Remove Default user role which does not work
9470 Feature Option to send Puppet error emails for all hosts to a user
10053 Bug Table lock hangs all processes
10183 Bug Power action "status" REST API responses from compute resources are not masked to shared values
10278 Bug New Hosts deployed on oVirt/RHEV have names with domain dots/periods replaced with hyphens (i.e. foo-bar-com)
10592 Bug Snippets do not appear to work in "PXELinux global default" template
10605 Bug Visiting /users/logout leads to 404
10956 Feature Support to set vmware VM annotations
10989 Refactor Remove 1.12 deprecations
11029 Feature Add hostname to Fact Values browser tab titles
11080 Refactor Move Puppet run providers to plugin-capable layout
11434 Bug Foreman 1.7.x -> 1.8.2 (Puppet collects/adds Lots of bogus interface entries)
12225 Bug TopbarSweeper should invalidate on plugin installation/removal
12295 Bug Smart proxy stops listening on HTTPS port after log rotate
12339 Bug Deleting the existing matcher and creating the same again throws error 'Match has already been taken'.
12425 Bug Fact import triggers ip conflicts checks, which drives cpu utilization to 100% on smart-proxy
12746 Bug Compute resources can disappear in a development instance
12912 Feature Switch to CentOS SCLorg SIG repository
12945 Refactor Applying table_css_classes helper in all relevant views
12962 Feature Xenserver unattended Template
12979 Refactor Add a helper for primary buttons
13000 Bug Networking snippet creating config files with wrong device name for alias and vlan interfaces
13091 Bug rbovirt times out when listing VMs in RHEV compute resource
13244 Feature Upgrade Ruby on Rails to 4.2
13304 Bug Disabled hidden button for smart class parameters should show a tooltip
13362 Bug Remove upstream parameter from Atomic kickstart
13376 Feature Rebuild packages under ror42 SCL
13437 Bug Bookmarks - 'public' attribute not mandatory
13536 Bug DNS provider dnscmf: PTR's are currently noop
13544 Feature Support IPv6 DNS in smart-proxy
13552 Bug Validate DNS names passed to the DNS API
13608 Bug LDAP Authentication failure: stack level too deep
13667 Feature puppet_proxy and puppetca modules load puppet gem in puppet 4.0 and higher environments
13698 Refactor update to rest-client 1.8.x
13727 Bug Error not raised while setting default value when 'Override' set to False for parameter.
13741 Bug Parameter with multiline value gets corrupted when set as hidden
13747 Bug webrick needs option to change SSL ciphers via configuration vs hard coded values
13757 Refactor Split layout helper into two or more helpers
13761 Feature Refactor virsh providers into libvirt with ruby-bindings
13821 Feature Puppet class parameters shouldn't alway show a text box when changing them
13827 Refactor Unpin patternfly-sass for 2.10.1 release
13878 Bug assets_paths initializer fails calling generate_railtie_name on Rails 4.2
13879 Refactor Load mocha/minitest integration explicitly in test_helper
13894 Refactor Add link to developer handbook in github repo contirubtion guidlines
13895 Refactor Replace deprecated :to with :action in routes
13896 Refactor Builtin Roles badly named
13897 Refactor Explicitly set :limit on all DB migrations adding string columns
13913 Refactor Split importing of host and facts into separate methods
13938 Refactor Remove reports fixtures
13941 Bug Core tests should not print API deprecation warnings
13947 Bug Remove html views for dhcp and root modules
13971 Refactor Change model.exists?(record) and .find(record) to use IDs
13974 Refactor Remove nested arrays from AR finder methods
13978 Refactor Replace AR connection value_to_boolean method with Foreman::Cast
14006 Refactor Mailers calling *_path with :only_path => false should use _url helpers
14050 Bug N+1 query on hosts#index from host's build token
14067 Bug Host#edit integration tests should not wait for tasks or #show graphs
14076 Refactor Remove Puppet class host groups counter
14079 Bug display_link_if_authorized hides disabled buttons
14093 Refactor Remove unused roles permissions column
14094 Refactor Replace DB migration foreign_keys calls with foreign_key_exists?
14097 Bug Only run DatabaseCleaner as 'truncation' on JS tests
14102 Feature As a puppet developer, I want the full location and organization passed as YAML to the ENC
14106 Bug Remove puppetclass no_route page
14133 Feature Update to rubocop 0.38.0
14155 Bug Tests are order dependent, should be runnable with random order
14190 Bug API and WebUI Inconsistent full hostgroup naming
14191 Refactor Remove test coverage
14197 Bug katello-installer --help references a flag using "RedHat" in the context
14198 Bug remote_addr validation is too strict for a regular expression
14202 Bug select2 missing from interface/NIC compute resource dropdown menus
14204 Bug Host creation fails when creating libvirtd VM with bridged network
14225 Bug super: no superclass method `load_defaults' for #<Class:..> on startup
14228 Bug running single test fails due to FileUtils not being required
14232 Bug Missing variable to include Sat 6 Hostname in PXE Menus
14252 Bug Creating a new organization redirects to list rather than host assignment and edit properties
14261 Bug User API should return correct admin status
14291 Refactor Remove app logins from every integration test
14298 Bug pop over in facts page is unreadable
14310 Bug Multiple host action buttons use incorrect permissions for display
14313 Bug expanding a fact does not maintain search making it impossible to find values
14318 Refactor Only load JS translation table for current locale
14319 Refactor Remove media_path template helper which is no longer used
14326 Bug No validation for compute resource description length
14330 Bug hammer option to change libvirt compute resource display is missing
14340 Bug Icons loading causes intermittent issues in integration tests (especially under heavier load of the test machine)
14341 Bug compute resource image listing is limited to 20 first images.
14350 Bug Intermittent HostgroupJSTest.test_0001_submit updates taxonomy test failures
14368 Refactor Update fog to 1.38.0
14369 Bug When creating new organization, host selection step won't show, if the user is n context of different organization.
14395 Bug Hosts > Operating Systems > [OS] > Templates tab: "provision" field label is lowercase, should be "Provision"
14401 Bug Host#refresh_global_status not persisting changes to the db
14415 Refactor Replace use of SETTINGS to check compute resource availability
14432 Bug Scoped search with 'value' key is not working for smart class parameter and variable.
14434 Refactor Refactor host token support into concern
14449 Refactor Hostname check should use Facter binary instead of library
14453 Feature Generate Kafo parser cache during build
14454 Refactor Change foreman-installer/kafo_parsers dependencies to permit Puppet 4 AIO
14455 Feature Add foreman_smartproxy provider with dependencies for AIO
14456 Refactor Improve topbar javascript code
14475 Feature Install configuration and answer file migrations
14479 Bug Function foreman_url check for tokens
14503 Bug Listing reports for a host via API/hammer consumes large amount of memory
14509 Refactor Refactor ENC output to be a generic exporter
14520 Bug Installer create upstream openscap repo file by default
14521 Bug TFTP orchestration fails for OS with iPXE w/o PXELinux associated
14522 Bug Openscap repository should be added by smart_proxy_openscap plugin rather than foreman_openscap
14535 Bug /api/smart_class_parameters needs administrator permissions
14541 Bug foreman-rake must preserve environment variables
14546 Bug No ability to restrict *_external_variables with search anymore
14555 Bug Welcome pages missing use of new_link helper
14559 Feature Enable reuse of foreman's #documentation_button in plugins.
14563 Bug drag and drop of dashboard widgets causes overlap of widgets
14564 Bug some buttons are no longer visible as buttons
14566 Refactor Replace show_console_action with a simple if statement
14567 Refactor Permit update of fast_gettext to 1.x
14575 Bug domain name value in YAML refers to domain Description instead of DNS domain
14588 Feature Improve extending template helpers from plugin
14618 Refactor Refactor plugin initialization and loading
14638 Refactor Refactor Subnet into STI to allow different subnet types
14639 Refactor test template proxy with no templateServer tries to access real smart proxy
14640 Bug provisioning template association text misses whitespaces
14642 Feature Support AAAA and PTR-Records for IPv6
14661 Feature Support IPv6 Subnets
14741 Bug Host templates tab fails with mark_translated: no implicit conversion of TemplateKind into String
14742 Bug Template kind friendly names from plugins can be reloaded and lost in development
14746 Bug Template kinds not translated in provisioning template form dropdown
14755 Bug Error during startup, terminating. unsupported signal SIGUSR1 (windows)
14765 Bug Exclude job templates for Foreman syncing
14775 Bug virsh/libvirt migration doesn't update DNS/DHCP module provider from *_virsh
14781 Feature network calls for host_build_status_test should be stubbed
14788 Feature Ubuntu/xenial tracker issue
14789 Bug puppetlabs-apache 1.9.0 adds phusionpassenger yum repo
14809 Feature Build RPMs for Fedora 24
14843 Bug foreman-rake config should print errors when providing an invalid value
14845 Bug Debian preseed: Use the first partition by default
14848 Bug Installer logs to /usr/var/log/foreman-installer by default
14852 Bug rest_v3.rb does not send headers when 'data' field in request is nil
14864 Feature Show link to subnet on host detail page
14865 Bug Intermittent hosts index multiple actions.test_0001_show action buttons test failures
14869 Bug Option to 'import' environments from puppet smart proxy missing with no envs
14876 Refactor Permit wirb 2.x on Ruby 2.0 or higher
14877 Bug Dashboard API response is hard to understand
14887 Refactor Remove test-unit dependency
14892 Bug some plugins break javascript topbar behavior
14898 Bug Failure when running rake config
14912 Bug hirb/wirb and console setup is not performed with bundler_ext
14913 Bug IRB console colours not configured with wirb 2.x
14934 Refactor Remove Rails 3.2.8 workaround in parameter model
14942 Bug puppet group fails when added to foreman user before puppetserver installation
14960 Bug alias_method_chain in settings helper breaks plugins
14962 Feature Support wild card certificates for proxy client authentication
14963 Bug Contents of select boxes in settings are static, not showing latest objects
14969 Bug Custom status is not reloaded correctly
14977 Bug report show toolbar buttons are just links
14980 Bug Unused_ip AJAX request fails: undefined method `from' for #<IPAM::Dhcp..>
14995 Refactor Default log level for smart-proxy should be INFO
15008 Bug foreman-installer fails on RHEL7 because of SCLo repository
15011 Bug migrate_foreman error upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2 -> error: katello_content_facets during foreman migration
15025 Bug Warning on startup: Couldn't find settings file config/settings.d/foreman_proxy.yml
15038 Bug migrate_foreman error upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2 -> error: users.helptips_enabled does not exist
15040 Bug Could not find table 'users' during db:migrate
15043 Bug mcollective puppetrun provider can't find puppet-agent mco binary
15046 Feature Add possibility to use bmc_nic in provisioning templates
15047 Feature Audit emails should describe the change made
15054 Bug 503 errors accessing AWS EC2 API during host tests
15060 Refactor Support activerecord-session_store 1.x
15066 Bug Unable to provision hosts on RHEV < 3.6
15110 Bug Default setting values used for module initialization aren't being marked as "default" when they are logged.
15130 Bug Puppet environment retriever set to config_file, not API when using "environmentpath"
15132 Bug /etc/puppetlabs/puppetserver/bootstrap.cfg is missing in Puppet Server 2.5.0
15137 Bug Error notification stopped to show after going to the same page
15151 Bug power-off confirm dialog box throws below error
15154 Bug Libvirt compute resource - unclear error on VM creation failure
15155 Bug Importing / publishing a CV with a class with a different default for a parameter wrongfully triggers validation and ISE
15176 Bug Bundler fails to find compatible fog-google version
15247 Bug toplevel constant PuppetError referenced by MailNotification::PuppetError
15250 Bug No Route Matches error when viewing salt states or environments on 1.12 nightly
15308 Bug editing puppet class parameter with arrays and hashes fails when not overriding
15323 Bug puppet.yml.example gives incorrect puppet_proxy_puppetssh provider name
15344 Bug Unable to add compute resource of type RHEV
15399 Bug undefined method `delete' for false:FalseClass during passenger_ruby config migration
15431 Bug smart proxy show buttons are missing css classes.
15434 Bug RHEL 7 provided rubygem-ruby-libvirt breaks proxy with libvirt
15508 Bug Network address uniqueness enforced, duplicates should be possible

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6994 Bug update apipie_examples.yml for theforeman.org

Team Daniel - iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15163 Bug Use new oVirt CA cert endpoint

Team Daniel - iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14924 Bug taxonomies/edit.html.erb takes minutes to render