First patch release of Foreman 1.11.x.

Foreman_111_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
5859 Bug VM creation fails after IP conflict
6858 Bug HTML tags should be escaped when we update any parameter value under settings tab
7475 Feature Debian post script to configure network interfaces
7494 Bug Search on usergroup page doesn't filter the specified string (w/wo quotes)
7726 Bug Organization Editor: Clicking the multi-select plus icon adds items that were filtered out
9584 Bug User email address length has maximum length of 60.
9782 Bug Using media_path in Templates does not resolve properly
9932 Bug Setting 'Preallocate disk' flag for oVirt compute profile does not stick
10504 Bug customrun was broken and customrun_args is empty threw Nil -> string exception
10978 Bug "No networks found." while creating oVirt Compute Profiles
12318 Bug Template preview render error for image based hosts without installation media
12560 Bug pop over in reports page is unreadable
12936 Bug Hostgroup environment isn't inherited by Host via model API
13502 Bug Build failure on RHEL 7.2 - docker moved to separate package
13551 Bug Validate IP addresses passed to the DNS API
13662 Bug "Host configuration chart" widget hyperlink not working
13725 Bug Orchestration fails with 409 when there is a MAC DHCP conflict
13849 Bug updating a host's facet should not require the facet id to be included in facet params
13937 Bug Can't search host by domain parameters
13939 Bug API v1 hosts rabl references deprecated puppet_status call
13976 Bug Unckecking override checkbox in smart class parameters effects other checkboxes
13984 Bug When using image-based provisioning via hammer, the subnet is not inherited from the hostgroup
13986 Bug Provisioning via API without explicitly specifying the provisioning method can lead to using combination of image and build provisioning methods
14038 Bug Selecting multiple cores per socket not working against vmware provider (image cloning)
14096 Bug Statistics page reports: Unknown string: "994.52 MiB"
14113 Bug DHCP orchestration ignored subnet bootmode
14129 Bug Error 'TypeError: redeclaration of const KEY_DELM' for scoped search of smart class parameter.
14131 Bug Libvirt image provision fails on FreeBSD without bash
14142 Bug Race condition on all? versions of rack when smart-proxy is configured with both http and https.
14166 Bug empty facet attributes not handled - "Creating a 'new host' fails for lifecycle_env and content_view saying "can't be blank"
14173 Bug Mailer: Puppet Summary Report host listing should be alphabetically sorted.
14182 Bug Roles index does not use authorize scope
14183 Bug Smart variable not showing whitespace validation
14184 Bug Non-admin user can't create filters for not taxable resources
14200 Bug External user groups auth source dropdown menu doesn't open
14221 Bug Plugin asset compilation does not expand SCSS imports of CSS files
14237 Bug Text outside of tag
14239 Bug Creating a host via API fails with cryptic error when no primary interface is set explicitly
14240 Bug GET/POST/PUT /api/v2/auth_source_ldaps/ do not return 'server_type' attribute
14253 Bug Saving dashboard widget positions fails under Rails 4.2
14264 Bug Getting 500 when creating host through API and not specifying any interface attributes
14286 Bug GET/POST/PUT /api/v2/auth_source_ldaps/ do not return 'groups_base' attribute
14338 Bug ActionDispatch::Cookies::CookieOverflow
14387 Bug SSLv3 remains enabled on Ruby 1.8.7
14393 Bug Missing icons on smart_proxy/show page
14417 Bug Realm Documentation URL is wrong
14451 Bug Administer button moves when zoom level is changed
14458 Bug Taxonomy search should search with STI base class
14461 Bug Smart proxy fails to load any modules when running under ruby 2.3
14476 Bug Caster fails with incorrect exception trying to cast invalid real from string
14482 Bug Saving compute profile attribute sets shows list of profiles in two pane
14483 Bug Foreman not starting after update to 1.11 on Debian 8.4
14498 Bug RPM init script launches ~foreman/script/rails instead of bin/rails
14502 Bug apidoc for hosts suggest to use puppet_class_ids while the param is called puppetclass_ids
14504 Bug Reports STI should support inherited scoped search
14505 Bug Foreman smart proxy puppetca certificates not shown
14508 Feature foreman-rake console in sandbox mode
14511 Bug Current bookmark query is not populated when editing a bookmark
14540 Bug rake-apipie:cache:index fails: ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template ../../layouts/apipie/apipie
14572 Bug selecting template while creating compute profile should automatically populate network and storage
14586 Bug Default settings for Partition Tables and Provisioning Templates are ignored for seeded templates
14635 Bug CVE-2016-3693 - `inspect` in a provisioning template exposes sensitive controller information
14636 Bug Unable to search puppet classes with long names
14645 Bug Images for plugins in production mode result in 404s

Closed Sprints