Bug fix release for the Foreman 1.10 series.

Foreman_110_Schedule for an overview of the schedule


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
13545 Bug Editing template throws "undefined method `profile=' for nil:NilClass" error
13803 Bug Foreman-debug does not report SCL correctly
13828 Bug CVE-2016-2100 - unprivileged user can see private bookmarks in Administer -> Bookmarks
13834 Bug Hitting build on a host blocked by: "Environment cant be blank"
13852 Bug no (obvious?) way how to configure user data support for OpenStack image via hammer
13866 Bug jwt 1.5.3 breaks Ruby 1.9.3 tests
13929 Bug Pin test_after_commit to version < 5.0
13980 Bug VMWARE: since 1.10, NIC type and Network different from profile configuration
14000 Bug Non-admin user receives permissions error on config_templates API
14041 Bug VM provisioning : dropdown lists greyed out in new volume fields
14045 Bug select2 dropdown boxes don't match inherit button heights
14078 Bug Role seed was not updated with changed permissions in #7096
14114 Bug Rake tasks fail under rake 11.x with undefined method `last_comment'
14134 Bug Rake tasks fail under rake 11.x with undefined method `last_comment'
14159 Bug Excessively verbose output when executing tests

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