Next major release of Foreman.

Foreman_113_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
4477 Feature Improve permissions on resources in host creation/editing form
1170 Feature Statistics Page - Group by Hostgroups
1172 Feature MS dhcp proxy does not know about leases
4528 Feature Support Facter 2 structured facts
5785 Bug Override class parameter by subnet no longer works since 1.5
3917 Feature Add strong_parameters to foreman
7955 Bug /apidoc should point to v2 documentation by default
8108 Refactor use AJAX to load Dashboard widgets
8289 Feature use cloudinit user data in ovirt/rhev compute ressource
8797 Refactor Separate style from the HTML in emails.
9110 Feature Add freeip route to API
12193 Bug Deadlock occuring when creating host
12633 Feature Add Pxegrub2 variant and allow multiple TFTP config files
13164 Bug view_params is missing
13529 Bug Duplicate permissions are allowed and not recognized
13845 Refactor Remove 1.13 deprecations
14410 Bug Failure to run DB migrations prevents plugin permissions being loaded
14663 Feature Support IPv6 DNS Orchestration
14664 Feature Add IPv6 Subnet to Host, Hostgroup and Nic Models
14665 Feature Add IPv6 Support to API
14666 Feature Add IPv6 to UI
14720 Bug User not shown error message when invalid email address copied from external auth source
14771 Bug Changing host group causing OSes for wrong architecture to show up
14783 Bug Operating system description length accepts more than 255 characters
14817 Bug Proxy js should only be loaded on relevant pages
15037 Refactor Improve editable elements
15092 Feature Provide fast CSV exporter framework for integration
15134 Bug Intermittent HostJSTest::NIC modal window::adding interfaces.test_0003_setting primary updates host name failure
15213 Bug DHCP conflict detection fails with exception if proxy is unavailable
15234 Feature Query which groups have a particular role.
15244 Feature Provide CNAME support in the DNSCMD provider.
15300 Bug Rubygems source should be HTTPS
15306 Bug Orchestration does not roll back queued actions if DB error occurs
15333 Refactor Move environment field definition to helper
15336 Bug Org/Location removal results in a ISE
15342 Bug apipie-params rpm missing dependency on rake
15358 Bug UserData default is insecure
15359 Feature UserData default should install an automation tool (puppet/chef/salt)
15360 Feature UserData default should Patch the system and reboot
15362 Bug Global status audit display status numbers instead of label
15370 Feature Additional validations for email and trusted hosts settings
15416 Bug Update untouched templates during seed
15439 Feature Improve invalid medium error
15452 Feature DIsable Dynamic DNS for Microsoft DHCP <-> DNS interoperation
15464 Bug Pagelets should be keyed by the partial they appear on
15556 Bug Plugin enable options are confusing
15572 Bug vender class test is inverted in native MS provider
15573 Refactor Support rest-client 2.0.0
15575 Feature Add functional tests for trend pages
15590 Feature Support IPv6 TFTP orchestration
15594 Bug Use Ruby 2.0 on Ubuntu/trusty for hammer packages
15599 Bug Unattended controller can't access host parameters in kickstart templates
15601 Bug to_ip_address cannot retrieve PTR record
15629 Bug Validation errors for Domain and OS Parameters tab not showing
15635 Refactor add tests for dns orchestration
15655 Bug [upgrade] db migrate failed with error: undefined local variable or method `openscap_proxy_id'
15659 Bug PowerManager::Virt uses deprecated Object#timeout method
15681 Bug Fog Openstack version should require at least version 0.1.7 to ensure compatibility with Openstack Liberty
15682 Bug User with invalid email address from LDAP auth source still able to log in
15699 Bug "Value is invalid" running rake test on host without FQDN/domain
15704 Bug Email configuration should use sendmail by default and not 'smtp.example.com'
15720 Refactor Replace *_filter in controllers with *_action
15751 Refactor Replace spork with spring preloader
15753 Refactor Unpin pg gem
15761 Bug "execution expired" during HostJSTest: saves correct values for inherited fields without hostgroup
15762 Bug HostJSTest: show action buttons fails intermittently to match flash
15771 Feature the API end point api/v2/hosts/:id should return the host's token
15787 Refactor Update shoulda-matchers to 3.x
15792 Bug ERROR: Unrecognised option '--enable-foreman-plugin-remote-execution'
15829 Refactor Update ace-rails-ap to 4.1.x
15847 Refactor URL helpers must be used in mailers
15863 Feature Log request IDs (tagged logging) in production.log
15894 Refactor Retry intermittently failing integration tests
15919 Feature load statistics page faster
15924 Feature Allow specifying scheduler hints to the openstack server upon creation
15951 Bug host's interfaces_attributes compute_attributes not passed to vm
15975 Bug subnets/_fields partial depends on @subnet instance variable
15985 Bug Pxegrub2 config file prefix missing
15989 Feature add clone button to host view page
16009 Feature Support for native iPXE
16021 Bug inotify queue overflow halts ISC lease file monitoring
16039 Bug cannot load such file -- fog/openstack/compute on fog-openstack 0.1.11
16046 Bug "Don't know how to build task 'webpack:compile'" running jenkins:integration task
16073 Bug Changing interfaces on unmanaged hosts leads to an invalid host
16074 Bug development version listens on and by default
16089 Bug jquery-rails gem installed by flot-rails
16122 Bug Implement equality (==) operation on Subnet and Record to improve/simplify testing
16139 Refactor Add link to Code Related Contributions in github repo contirubtion guidlines
16142 Bug ASCII encoding error in Transifex POT file import
16166 Bug rubocop raises offences for files under node_modules/
16172 Refactor Remove base_class override in template subclasses
16193 Bug 'templates'.'type' column default is renamed ConfigTemplate class
16194 Bug remove_foreign_key called from RemoveAuditUserFk with wrong table name
16198 Refactor Remove therubyracer support
16220 Refactor Replace skip_callback in factories with stubbing
16221 Refactor private method `zones_map' called for ActiveSupport::TimeZone:Class
16240 Bug module_enabled? in post hook returns true when module is disabled
16243 Refactor Remove required `options` argument to Host::Managed.new
16357 Feature Optimize png assets
16371 Feature User defined text on the login page footer
16376 Bug required flag not set from puppetclass
16384 Bug Email notification preference names are not localized
16439 Bug Don't fail rebuild if DNS record is already ok
16547 Bug Fact importing fails with NoMethodError: undefined method `first' for nil:NilClass
16576 Bug Structured facts importer is extremely slow
16577 Bug String::to_gb fails to parse "0 Bytes"
16578 Bug Resolve templates button throws undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass on image hosts
16681 Bug Attempt to create config group via API returns ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError
16765 Bug IPAM unused IP error: undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - iteration 1


Discovery 6.0, Webpack, Infoblox installer, Azure installer, JS linting, React charts

# Tracker Subject Story Points
12364 Refactor Use NPM+Webpack to manage external assets (js, css, fonts)
15864 Refactor Pxelinux kind as an alias for Syslinux
15912 Feature npm modules required by Foreman
15913 Feature Azure support in the installer
15925 Bug audited 4.2.1 breaks migration testing

Team Ivan Iteration 1


# Tracker Subject Story Points
2687 Bug Performance issues with large ISC dataset (DHCP smart proxy)
15942 Refactor Update dns providers to use new module initialization and configuration
15959 Bug Remove recursive require from lib/proxy/log_buffer/decorator

Team Marek Iteration 1


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15364 Refactor Disable Style/ClassCheck cop

Team Daniel - iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12635 Feature Options to deploy Grub and PXELinux EFI loaders in TFTP root
13047 Refactor Update datatables
13768 Feature Provide a default hostname
15806 Feature Add eslint to foreman
16025 Bug Import subnets from proxy returns 500
12634 Feature New HW Model flag pxe_loader in UI/API
16044 Bug Errors in individual dashboard widgets fail entire page
16057 Feature Create getname helper method and allow it in safemode
16075 Bug Changing any setting fails: Invalid authenticity token
16104 Bug Hardware models should use Parameterizable::ByIdName
16120 Refactor Add CSS handling to webpack
16222 Feature Make Hound run ESLint on new JS
16239 Feature Enable rubocop checks in HoundCI
16260 Bug Intermittent DashboardIntegrationTest failures
16264 Bug Template combinations cannot be created
16291 Refactor move datatables from vendor to npm
16318 Bug PXE templates do not work in safemode
16358 Bug smart proxy puppet dashboard is broken
16379 Bug Improve layout of host name randomization button
16424 Refactor Extract create_new_host_when_facts_are_uploaded into method of host

Team Ivan Iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12544 Bug Trying to cancel a build on a host with invalid data doesn't provide any additional information to address the problem
16099 Bug Running smart-proxy in daemon mode results in missed inotify events on isc leases file
16145 Refactor Remove pointless tests for common dhcp entities

Team Marek Iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
7806 Feature As a user, I would like roles to associate roles with organizations.
16144 Bug UI raises "can't be blank" when we click on "Load datacenter" while adding vmware compute-resource
16163 Bug selecting vmware cluster shows a continuous spinner
16164 Bug Testing connection gives false positives for multiple compute resources
16405 Feature Allow scoped search on the builtin flag for roles

Katello - Team Brad - Iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15814 Bug Updating a puppet class fails with "Validation failed: Merge overrides can only be set for array or hash, Avoid duplicates can only be set for arrays that have merge_overrides set to true"
16212 Bug A couple test files in the test directory don't end in '_test.rb'

Team Marek Iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
2314 Bug Smaller grains for VM memory/RAM choice needed
16415 Bug api/v2/ptables accepts only wrapped hash of attributes with "layout"
16461 Bug Role filter is not overriding from CLI and API

Team Daniel - iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15644 Bug import_facts assumes orchestration is available
16532 Bug Selecting architecture in hostgroup doesn't update operating system
16565 Bug Searches with global parameters and overrides returning incorrect results
16599 Bug "SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier" webpack build error in svgo package
16649 Bug PXE helper pxe_kernel_options renders as array

Team Daniel - iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16702 Bug dashboard widgets ignore filters