First patch release of Foreman 1.12.x.

Foreman_112_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7920 Bug Foreman should never block init, also not when daemon=false
11749 Bug new host puppet environment jquery selector too liberal
13575 Bug Don't fail due to missing PXEClient DHCP opt on 2008R2
14953 Bug License file needs updating
14955 Bug Error instead of nice validation message when creating host with invalid mac
15140 Bug Input for editing settings too small
15276 Bug Viewer role user can manage Content Views
15278 Bug Organization/Location edit fails for user with granular filters on taxable resources
15341 Bug Smart Proxy - dnscmd - Case sensitivity issues with MS DNS
15345 Bug Can't update CA certificate for existing oVirt compute resource
15348 Bug filehandle close code wrong in native ms dhcp execute()
15355 Bug Interface selection screen sometimes unusable when provisioning VMWare hosts
15372 Bug libvirt: does not merge volume attributes
15373 Bug ping timeouts are too short
15391 Bug Hostgroup host links not quoted
15466 Bug New User without email should not be shown a success message
15471 Bug Foreman Fails to load Smart-Proxy PuppetCA page
15525 Refactor Fact-type specific host's last_compile time
15534 Bug unable to add newline to end of parameter value in UI
15576 Bug Pin google-api-client to < 0.9
15622 Bug About section not displaying in the non admin user
15625 Bug VMWare compute resource always adds a cd-rom drive even if the new option is not checked (Feature #3910)
15641 Bug foreman-proxy config file migrations fail with missing migration state file
15642 Bug auth_kerb.conf error when using external authentication and foreman-installer
15657 Bug Import button on puppetclass/environments index page shows double button styling
15684 Bug foreman-rake with no options raise an error
15709 Bug SLES doesn't get mediapath set in PXELinux config file
15718 Bug Hashes defined in matchers do not save properly after the first time
15773 Bug Dashboard search breaks with foreman_discovery installed

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - iteration 1


Discovery 6.0, Webpack, Infoblox installer, Azure installer, JS linting, React charts

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15675 Bug reports:expire is slow and affects the performance of the application