Patch release of Foreman 1.11.x.

Foreman_111_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15268 Bug CVE-2016-4475 - API and UI org/locations actions not limited to user's associated orgs/locations
15490 Bug CVE-2016-4995 - view_hosts permissions/filters not checked for provisioning template previews
15570 Bug PG Error in Trends
15639 Bug OpenStack 8774 port is not associated on RHEL6
15653 Bug CVE-2016-5390 - access to API host interfaces, parameters etc. are not restricted by view_hosts filters
15712 Bug rabl 0.13.0 breaks ruby 2.0 support

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15527 Bug api/v2/hosts is slow to load permissions for non-admins