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Sprint 25


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4416 Bug 500 FK error when deleting old image in compute resource
4736 Bug org edit ui has unselectable environment
5129 Bug Host Group creation may fail if Host Group with id 1 exists with same parameter name
5566 Bug Fact Values Query Produces Error
5675 Bug DNS Proxy Issues
5722 Bug Unable to clone a VM-based (virtlib) host
5777 Bug filters page 500 on search
5848 Bug Can't search for host with class inherited from config group
5928 Bug Foreman-debug is missing any selinux-related info
5994 Bug Power and Console links are disabled for non-admin users
6003 Bug user management through hammer not working
6160 Bug False positive validation prevents saving network provisioned host with compute profile with image
6162 Bug "WebSock error: [object Event]"
6177 Bug Setting host build flag via API doesn't clear facts and reports
6216 Bug Trying to delete a subnet that is associated with a host group throws foreign key error
6234 Bug sorting compute resources and subnets tables by different keys produces ISE
6331 Bug Permission to view individual compute resource VMs is incorrect
6337 Bug VM tab is hidden, when we deselect "Compute profile"
6355 Bug OS free text search is broken
6358 Bug Renaming host orphans lookup_values
6374 Bug NIC with domain but no hostname tries to create ".domain.com" DNS record
6399 Bug No VM listing in the Compute Resource oVirt
6410 Bug deep_cloneable 2.0 API change
6501 Bug couldn't find file 'jquery.ui.autocomplete'

Sprint 26


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4699 Feature Support Puppet environmentpath and environment config files
5235 Bug Filter creation allows me to enter and save with a field that isn't available for searching and blows up the resulting entity page
6065 Bug Inverting the admin flag has no effect on menu cache
6357 Bug user: Firebug raises: ReferenceError: taxonomy_added is not defined while selecting/updating user's location or Org
6375 Bug Can't create parameters for operating system with id 1 using API
6396 Bug an error removing a DHCP record (record doesn't exist) stops the delete process for a host
6402 Bug Using "run puppet" feature fails: undefined method `gsub' for #<Array ...>
6412 Bug Trying to remove a DHCP record fails due to an invalid subnet check
6483 Bug oVirt network dropdown not being populated
6533 Bug rest-client 1.7.0 dropped Ruby 1.8 support
6580 Bug CVE-2014-3531 - XSS in operating system name / description
6779 Bug ci_reporter 2.0 gem breaks CI
6790 Bug ci_reporter 2.0 gem breaks CI