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# Tracker Subject Story Points
3311 Bug With French translation, editing a location or an organization show tabs in 2 lines instead of 1
4325 Bug foreman unable to create new host if it exists in DNS already

Closed Sprints

Sprint 16


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3210 Bug We set foreman_url to foreman.domain by default
2855 Bug API authentication controller does not fail gracefully
3050 Feature foreman-gce packaging
3543 Feature add support for external nodes script to run as different user
3338 Bug Grey out VM form when CR does not support editing
3196 Bug Tokens should default to ON
3182 Feature Remove requirement for entering an IP address when creating a new host
3279 Bug roles edit page is long and missing a filter
3344 Bug rubygem-ruby-libvirt / foreman-libvirt shouldn't pull in libvirtd
2951 Bug Host API documentation lacks compute_resource_id in the create and update methods
3205 Refactor extract report importing logic into a separate service class
1830 Bug Puppet run triggers "no puppet proxy defined - cant continue" after 1.0 upgrade
3138 Bug rbvmomi required by a clean install of foreman
3140 Feature Provide API to allow importing of puppet classes
3274 Feature Add a full screen mode to the provisioning template editor.
3347 Feature Add rake task for the Rails console
2818 Bug Partition tables miss validation of associated os families
3150 Feature foreman-proxy support for invoking sudo as a different user for mcollective
3364 Feature Add option to disable automatc host creation when a report is received
3241 Bug Default password is not set properly for Red Hats
3495 Feature Fix the foreman-cli metapackage to install hammer
3538 Bug pluck(:id) in puppet class import API breaks on Rails 3.2.8
3550 Bug apidoc for import puppet classes API shows GET, not POST
3566 Feature expose Orchestration tasks via the API
3568 Bug Add facter to Gemfile for source installations
3569 Bug Port in use by the browser is used in rendering the templates
3577 Bug import_puppetclasses is only accepting @"false"@, @false@ is treated as true
3578 Refactor Improve smart proxy class SQL and whitespace
3587 Bug invalid JSON returns 500 server error
3597 Refactor Test: Remove rr gem

Sprint 17


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3555 Bug Many organization and architecture "add_*" sub-commands fail with error
3107 Feature Alphabetically sort hostgroups
2572 Feature FreeBSD Operating Systems Support
3047 Feature Support puppet run via SSH
3626 Feature Package the unf and unf_ext gems since they're dependencies for the latest version of fog
3017 Feature API v2 - create separate controller for all objects rather than fallback to v1
3516 Bug Architectures etc: resources created/modified should not use multibyte names in URLs
3137 Bug API v2 - show error if nested object does not exist for nested route
2931 Feature API v2 hosts JSON response, add *_name for each *_id
3018 Feature API v2 metadata for pagination in index collection response
2763 Feature Wiki links should be replaced with correct doco links
3510 Feature As a GUI user, I would like to know what plugins are installed
3011 Feature default root name for api json index response to :results but make it configurable
3493 Bug Users created from LDAP even if auto creation is not checked
3622 Feature SmartProxy Features need to be defined/loaded dynamically
3312 Feature Make it possible to use the REMOTE_USER / sso/apache.rb authentication with mod_auth_kerb
3637 Bug Improve output of exceptions list rake task
3640 Refactor Rakefy this package
3646 Feature Default root name for api json single object response to no root node but make it configurable
3659 Bug "no implicit conversion of URI::HTTP into String" running rake reports:summarize
3669 Bug Migration: Unable to migrate db, if Katello engine is included
3672 Feature Add zanata project file
3673 Bug partition tables are not audited
3683 Feature display free and available space in vSphere datastore selection
3684 Feature Add unique IDs to Foreman UI menus
3699 Feature Smart-proxy should support proxying from chef-client to foreman
3712 Bug Change develop versioning to indicate upcoming release
3722 Bug Default partition table names should be "Red Hat" and not "RedHat"
3724 Bug Some UI text doesn't use the "Red Hat" name correctly
3732 Feature Add support for SaltStack to trigger Puppet runs
3736 Bug GET /api/users/loginname throws 500 error
3737 Feature Add localboot template for PXEGrub
3762 Bug Some of menu urls are being incorrectly generated when rendering engine views
3768 Feature API v2 - child nodes should not have an object root for each object
3769 Bug Add man pages for foreman-rake and foreman-debug
3772 Bug When defining a sub-menu from a plugin, block should be optional
3776 Bug NAME_MAP in Feature model is a constant
3777 Bug Typo in development Setting.delete_all message
3794 Bug IP should not be required for OpenStack CR hosts

Sprint 18


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3539 Refactor Drop foreman-mysql
2878 Bug Import Classes fails when using parser = future
3537 Feature Debian: Fix the foreman-cli metapackage to install hammer
3721 Bug OS families should use a label instead of class name when rendered
3720 Feature Operating system name should be different to Facter operating system string
3067 Feature Request Support for Oracle SPARC provisioning with ISC-DHCP server.
2374 Bug Libvirt host creation fails with LVM storage pool
3811 Refactor Upgrade foreman to Bootstrap 3
1489 Bug AIX not showing up on Hosts page
2600 Bug Missing string extractions on compute resource VM forms
3280 Bug API gives errors when user logins are turned off
1431 Feature Add support of whitebox hardware model through motherboard facter
2794 Feature update examples in API docs
3261 Bug Message shows wrong power state when powering off an VM from webUI
3524 Bug Cannot reference smart proxies by name when they contain a "."
2983 Feature Add autosign#index to API v1 and remove from UI controller to Add autosign#index to API v1
3339 Feature Support for nested facts and specialised plugins
3528 Feature When new users are created based on REMOTE_USER authentication, their attributes should be populated as well
3394 Feature Run puppet with --trace
3491 Feature API v2 rabl templates base, main, show for each controller
3583 Bug "os set_parameter" fails with undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
3658 Feature Foreman should support Chef-enabled smart proxies
3693 Feature API v2 - accept GET json format of object in PUT/POST requests to add/remove has_many associations
3752 Refactor Move all data addition in DB migrations into a seed script
3753 Bug Plugins built using isolate_namespace don't redirect to the login page
3756 Bug hammer medium create --help shows --operatingsystem-ids twice
3790 Bug Plugin definitions don't support isolate_namespace engines
3814 Bug Errors when using the CLI
3820 Bug Plugin menu authorization check hides errors
3821 Bug Plugin menus are lost after page refresh in development mode
3830 Bug os list does not work with ruby 1.8.7
3833 Feature Ship config.ru in RPMs to run proxy under passenger
3838 Feature Add ability to define a divider when declaring plugin menu items
3847 Feature List versions of loaded hammer modules in log
3853 Bug allow rabl overrides to taxonomies_controller
3872 Feature Foreman application layout should support customization and follow best practices
3874 Feature Update binary search paths to support FreeBSD
3882 Feature Use ruby-libvirt's latest version
3885 Bug Occasional HostTest should import facts idempotently test failures
3889 Bug No validation errors for nested class parameters on Puppet class edit page
3896 Bug OVirt console connection fails
3905 Bug API v2 method delete in reports has wrong route in apidocs
3928 Feature API v2 - update os_default_templates for operating system
3930 Refactor editing_self permission check is 'global'
3932 Bug incorrect label for libvirt volume deletion
3935 Feature update the login page to RCUE style
3936 Feature Allow to trigger puppet run's via custom command
3937 Refactor fix title wording for Compute Resources and Smart Proxies
3941 Feature Proxy TFTP support for Junos Zero-Touch-Provisioning
3942 Bug cannot edit organization or location in UI
3943 Feature libvirt/virsh providers for DHCP and DNS
3945 Bug VMWare VM Build Fails w/ 'Configuration file does not specify a guest operating system'
3960 Bug Could not find 'fastercsv' gem with Fedora 19 RPMs

Sprint 19


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3931 Bug compute resource vmware generates unknown VMODL type AnyType after upgrade to 1.3.2
3701 Feature Fail if a hostname has a dot in it
3875 Bug Can't create smart proxy using the CLI
3828 Bug API messages and error responses not in English
3697 Bug Field Validations Should be more Comprehensive
359 Feature Add support for 'hostname=<hostname>' spoofing for Unattended Installs
3867 Bug Wrong Compute Resource type shown on overview
3948 Bug Cant update user data
3826 Bug Unable to search environments
2613 Bug foreman-debug creates tmp/foreman-debug-$rand in tarball
3940 Bug extlogout page layout broken
3854 Bug Hammer fails with exception when it tries to load a module that is not installed
2866 Bug Changing a hostgroup name doesn't update associated Smart Variable matchers
3983 Bug Package rake trends:clean in RPM cron file
3973 Feature Foreman-debug upload via rsync feature
3977 Bug undefined method `keys' for #<HighLine::ColorScheme on Ubuntu 12.04
3617 Feature Debian: foreman-gce packaging
3906 Feature Support for Junos Zero-Touch-Provisioning
3955 Feature Define param_defined? and param_true? methods for Host
3965 Bug chefproxy smart-proxy's feature should map same API as Foreman
3966 Bug Puppet gem is not listed as bundle dependency on smart-proxy
3975 Feature add audit to domain and subnet that are currently not audited
2231 Bug Hostgroup deletion follows adoption policy
3709 Feature update the environments pages to display puppet environments rather then just plain env
3099 Feature Adding parameters to locations
3515 Bug Associated resources not found by ID causes 500 Internal Server Error
3911 Bug jquery.multi-select.js should disable selected ids that are passed to :disabled =>
3920 Bug Foreman throws 500 when searching for not supported term
3925 Refactor create apipie param_groups for API v2 to DRY documentation
3927 Feature Use user-data instead of SSHProvision on Openstack / EC2
3958 Bug foreman-debug should include installer and proxy logs and configs
3760 Bug API v2 metadata @total is not defined
3972 Feature Convert from custom apache module to puppetlabs-apache
3984 Bug Custom window._ in i18n.js conflicting with underscore.js
3962 Refactor Operating system children overwrites class method
3178 Feature add ability to apply a virtual hardware template at hostgroup level
3967 Bug Align help text with Fedora/RHEL cloud images
3858 Bug No menus shown for non-admin users
3974 Bug Drop v2 api wildcard route
3733 Feature deploy SLES with Foreman
3571 Feature add possibility to ignore/hide :debug and :info logs
3989 Feature ruby193-ruby-wrapper is required to build on RHSCL 1.0
3991 Feature dnscmd provider for smart-proxy (Windows)
3992 Bug Unused coffeescript gem
3998 Bug api v2 error on /api/compute_resources
4001 Refactor Remove old comps from extras/packaging/rpm
4005 Bug allow Rabl.render(object, 'something/show') to work
4014 Bug OS labels not used on media and arch index pages
4019 Bug Compute Resource -> New Image renders on Compute Profiles tab
4020 Bug @static only works in kickstart templates
4021 Feature Upgrade to Rails 3.2.16
4022 Bug Puppetrun through the API is a GET instead of a PUT
4023 Bug API v2 - compute resources partials should should attribute alias names and not database column names
4024 Bug Virtual machine state indicator is not correctly positioned
4031 Bug TFTP record is not updated after host is built
4032 Refactor TFTP orchestration uses direct object comparison
4034 Bug Managed state of host should be respected
4115 Bug No LICENSE file shipped
4116 Bug No LICENSE file shipped
4117 Bug No LICENSE file shipped in package
4120 Bug minor glitch on architectures page with Firefox
4139 Bug Foreman-debug should not ask for upload in quiet mode
4152 Bug Host / Hostgroup : syntax error in erb
4161 Bug NoMethodError: undefined method `name' on non-foreman ActiveRecord models
4173 Bug oVirt: Failed to set Build: undefined method `symbolize_keys' for nil:NilClass
4174 Bug Discovery 1.2.0 rc1 does not start
4178 Feature Make changes to i18n extraction scripts to support plugins
4186 Bug foreman-rake db:seed fails in 1.4 RC2
4188 Bug api/v2/status shows api_version: 1
4189 Bug Facts charts are not rendered
4190 Bug Fix error handling to match the updated api format
4196 Bug "Power ON this machine" disappeared for new VMWare hosts
4200 Bug Sosreport from RHEL 6.5 hangs with new foreman-debug

Sprint 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3869 Bug API error messages poorly formatted


# Tracker Subject Story Points
1244 Feature smart proxies overview page needs a button to 're-read' the supported features of a proxy
2741 Refactor change old Rails 2 syntax to Rail 3 syntax
2961 Refactor Add foreman specific adapter
2975 Feature Create VMs using short hostname, not FQDN
2986 Feature Remove #show method from controllers and routes.rb when not used
3044 Bug CLI is unable to use credentials stored in settings file
3091 Feature strip leading and trailing whitespace on names of all objects
3094 Feature Reports search should allow searching for hostgroups
3101 Feature API for images misses some features
3116 Feature NIC type selection for vSphere
3123 Feature vSphere VM info misses MAC address and displays memory in bytes
3134 Bug vSphere UI host create/edit requires some fixes
3136 Feature host cloning should auto-suggest a new IP address
3144 Refactor Remove user_id and inherited_from from models User and UserRole
3168 Feature Add FreeBSD logo in host list
3170 Bug Allow all mac address notations
3177 Bug Cloning an existing system (libvirt) fails to save
3184 Bug Hammer's spec file is out of date
3248 Bug missing N_() on validation messages
3249 Feature change regex syntax from start/end of line to start/end of string
3250 Bug [RPM] cronjobs should use foreman-rake
3254 Feature Add support for two pane UI functionality