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Team Marek backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17272 Bug Searches on `parameters` with "!=" does not work as expected
17463 Bug Importing classes for a new org fails when the environment already exist in a different org
17525 Bug User unfriendly foreign key exception when creating/updating a resource
17897 Bug Response of the api to get host status in the apidoc is incorrect with the actuals
18690 Bug Cannot query most auditable_types in API

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
4166 Feature VMWare - VM editing is not implemented for this provider
6006 Bug OS facts should not overwrite the OS selected to provision with
6817 Bug Compute Profile not saving/using Security Groups for AWS VPC groups. EC2 groups work fine.
7495 Feature Support for adding autosign entries via API
8290 Bug dry the foreman_url logic that exists in both renderer and host_templates_helper
9063 Refactor Revert pinning of Rack to < 1.6
10539 Feature Automatically assign oVirt name and network
12163 Feature Add ability to expire facts based on fact name.
12419 Bug Template review host list limited by pagination
12599 Bug Missing API for associating config groups with hosts and hostgroups
13618 Feature Cache vSphere compute resource lookups
13810 Bug Reports fail to upload, Mysql2::Error: Out of range value for column 'id' (logs table)
14492 Feature Remove 'minimize' from dashboard widgets
15610 Feature vmware should support efi firmware
16288 Refactor Move ace editor from bundle to npm
16459 Refactor Remove 1.15 deprecations
16792 Refactor Don't modify AR record attributes in-place during normalisation
17257 Feature Allow rebuild of specific configurations (TFTP, DHCP, DNS, etc) via API
17287 Feature Introduce Storybook for demonstrating react compontes
17485 Feature Using a bonded interface as provision interface should provision TFTP for all child macs as well
17533 Feature Using a bonded interface as provision interface should provision DHCP for all child macs as well
17545 Feature Add required rails models and JSON endpoints to UI notification
17574 Refactor Update to scoped_search 4.x
17580 Bug React Chart Component has unsafe function
17600 Bug Storybook does not draw chart
17654 Feature Add a mention-bot config
17657 Refactor Permit fog-aws 1.x
17679 Bug Log In Page usability improvement
17796 Bug Disable cop: Rails/HttpPositionalArguments
17837 Bug foreman-rake hosts:scan_out_of_sync fails with "LoadError: cannot load such file -- ping"
17850 Bug API/UI: err 414 on manipulating entities with long name
17852 Bug Pin concurrent-ruby-edge to 0.2.3
17853 Bug to_ip_address should be part of the interface scope
17856 Feature SmartProxy should support multiple dhcp reservations for the same ip address
17872 Bug Update the button label from New XXX to Create XXX
17874 Refactor extract contains_erb? logic from lookup keys
17879 Feature Add DNS CNAME entry for nsupdate
17906 Refactor Move create_*_record remove_*_record functions into dns_common
17910 Bug unable to click on puppet ca links
17913 Bug deprecation warning on ACE editor
18001 Feature Allow plugins to easily add their permissions to core's Viewer and Manager
18025 Feature Unify sorting tables by name
18031 Bug Administrator flag label differs in User and User group form
18039 Bug Change documentation buttons to secondary button style
18061 Bug Smart Proxy uses terms "Actions" and "Select Action" for the same set of lists
18064 Feature Ability to import and provision existing VMs
18072 Refactor Defer to dhcp providers for their intialization.
18085 Bug Change "Build PXE Default" button to secondary button style
18099 Refactor Change the close button style in the right pane
18102 Bug validate host's uuid uniqueness
18127 Bug Group Base field is shorter than LDAP Filter
18130 Bug Fail to import facts and reports - auto increment ID is no longer set on many reports and facts table.
18136 Feature Reports type column should have an index
18143 Feature Snippet macros should support passing variables
18155 Bug OrganizationsControllerTest empty array test uses invalid data for form encoding
18157 Bug Actions::Foreman::Report::Import.cleanup_after parses ActiveSupport::Duration#parts incorrectly
18159 Bug Test sets @request.session to nil, should use #clear
18176 Refactor Replace call to private clear_association_cache in Subnet#known_ips
18193 Bug When there are no notification events, the notification drawer should mention it
18199 Refactor HostgroupsControllerTest empty parameter values test should pass "", not nil in request
18205 Feature Add save_to_file template helper
18208 Refactor Change audited-activerecord to audited, update to 4.3.0
18214 Refactor Accept `params` as either ActionController::Parameters or Hash
18215 Feature I want the installer to optionally install generated REX key for root account
18216 Feature Make volume size editable for existing VMs on VMware
18227 Bug Snippet with variables does not reset @vars after they finish in unsafe mode
18232 Refactor Add phantomjs-prebuilt dev dependency for integration tests
18233 Bug SmartProxyIntegrationTest clears pagelets manager, causes subsequent failures
18234 Bug notification icon is incorrect when having no notifications
18235 Bug PageletsHelperTest doesn't entirely isolate Pagelet::Manager state
18238 Bug AuthSourceLdapTest::refresh ldap#test_0003_update_usergroups test failure
18239 Bug Intermittent AboutIntegrationTest.test_0002_about page failures, AJAX expectations not satisfied
18252 Bug Foreman uses docker0 ip address as primary interface if docker package is installed
18264 Bug when adding ~1000 hosts to host group, getting "414 URL too long"
18280 Feature Provide compute resource provider name in API
18345 Bug Better rescue from syntax error in template rendering
18364 Bug Hosts bulk action drop down should be always visible
18373 Bug VMware vm saved with firmware set to automatic if no firmware is passed
18395 Bug Smart proxy - 1.14.1 - Windows 2008R2 - uninitialized constant error - DHCP
18397 Feature Verify CNAME targets are valid DNS names
18433 Bug 'data not available' for certain smart proxy features
18440 Refactor Delete unused access_setting permission
18464 Feature refactor statistics page to use redux
18466 Refactor JS hosts store should uses singular function name vs plural
18467 Bug search input is layed on top of notification drawer
18476 Feature add ssh public keys to user
18477 Refactor Update Ruby on Rails to 4.2.8
18481 Bug Host index listing takes a long while
18489 Bug auth_source_ldaps controller test sets account_password to nil to test missing parameter
18530 Bug Move redux devDependencies to dependencies
18534 Bug rubocop not configured for Ruby 2.0, suggests using 2.3 safe navigation operator
18538 Feature Installer should have a better default for --foreman-proxy-dns-reverse
18540 Bug Host#update_attribute(domain: ...) tests fail on Rails 5, model not saved
18551 Refactor table_exists? in initializer should ignore missing database
18560 Bug Remove searchbar from 403 page
18565 Bug AccessPermissionsTest causes app syntax errors to be ignored in `rake test`
18566 Refactor Permit apipie-rails 0.4.x
18568 Bug KeepParam helper returns Hash (WIA) instead of AC::Parameters on Rails 5
18576 Bug OpenSUSE Leap provisioning does not work
18581 Bug user_data preview for image based provisioning with SUSE OSes broken
18591 Refactor migrate host power status indicator to redux
18638 Feature Add SCSS webpack support
18640 Refactor Update Foreman templates according to cummunity-templates repo
18657 Feature Allow ERB based settings files
18662 Bug Ensure Taxonomix empty default scope isn't overridden by association scopes
18664 Refactor Ignore missing actions in SmartProxyAuth calls to skip_before_action
18665 Refactor Foreman::Controller::Parameters tests should ignore hash/AC::Parameters differences
18676 Feature allow bulk update of notification expiry
18678 Bug notification actions always open an external tab
18681 Refactor notification subject should be part of the notification model, not notification blueprint
18687 Bug API updates with parameters_attributes throws "undefined method `map!' for {}:ActionController::Parameters"
18688 Bug sass-loader dep has a peer dependency on webpack 2.x, not 1.x
18691 Feature Add as_deprecation_tracker to prevent use of deprecated features
18695 Bug Missing test/functional/ directory causes rake test:functionals failure
18716 Bug Fix storybook to work with scss
18719 Refactor Replace deprecated Fixnum constants
18726 Refactor Test failures due to deprecation warning
18728 Bug notification drawer scroll size does not match drawer area
18735 Bug Encryptable unit tests fail under Ruby 2.4: key must be 32 bytes
18737 Bug pagination css is visible within the notification drawer
18740 Refactor Remove erb format from host_checkbox.js
18745 Refactor Depend on xmlrpc gem on Ruby 2.4
18748 Bug /etc/rc.d/init.d/foreman is jammed by source tar.bz2
18760 Feature Create method for exporting tables from the UI as CSV
18762 Feature Make export csv available on reports table
18763 Refactor Change "Delete" button to standard style
18764 Bug In hammer current user cannot change his own password due to current password validation
18788 Bug Let Rails to log forbidden attributes
18796 Bug Operating system chart disappear
18804 Refactor Popovers should not be right of form field, it should be part of the label
18813 Feature Sort smart class parameter overrides by resolution order
18815 Feature Adding VMware vSphere Disk Mode support
18821 Feature Set PassengerMaxRequests and PassengerMemoryLimit to reasonable values
18830 Bug The Windows OS family only supports the PXELinux BIOS loader
18853 Bug when acknowledging notification as read, there is no indication it is marked as read until next api call
18868 Bug unable to submit Parallels PSBM facts
18888 Refactor refactor power status component
18893 Bug dashboard widget for puppet report latest events can be very slow on large amount of reports
18898 Bug Hosts show pages "Host Architecture" seems odd
18901 Bug bottom notification dropdown causes scrollbar to appear
18906 Bug notification has an empty hover
18940 Feature Cache notification content to reduce server load
18954 Feature Add CSV export to facts table
18957 Refactor Notifications to redux
18958 Bug UnattendedController test sets multiple remote IPs incorrectly in REMOTE_ADDR
18976 Refactor HostsControllerTest REMOTE_USER tests should not assume format of subsequent requests
18980 Feature create ssh keys page needs breadcrumbs
18986 Feature Upgrade patternfly-sass to 3.23.0
18995 Bug Puppet class import removes existing environments when orgs/locations are disabled
18996 Bug User#visible_environments limits to misspelt "view_environemnts" permissions
19020 Feature Use --allow-dns-alt-names when generating Puppet certs
19030 Bug Plugin permission and pagelets tests commented out
19035 Refactor Refactor TopbarSweeper to remove rails-observer dependency
19036 Feature Add custom-hiera.yaml to the foreman-debug
19068 Bug SeedsTest#test_0005_populates config templates fails, missing autoyast_default_user_data, create_users
19123 Bug Wrong labels in multiple hosts action pages
19126 Feature On capsules collect katello-reverse-proxy_access_ssl.log
19176 Bug Parameters and plurals incorrectly translated in select all hosts related strings
19238 Bug Return exit code in katello-change-hostname
19252 Bug Associating VM fails with unknown permission for compute_resources_vms#associate
19309 Bug Select all on hosts first page selects hosts on other pages
19419 Bug Invalid syntax in aws fog extension
19436 Bug dropdowns on discovered host do not work

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14013 Feature Add setting for the default owner of new hosts
16043 Bug Unable to select all hosts from the GUI

Team Daniel - iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17503 Bug Host model load causes unnecessary loads on instantiation
17587 Bug Upgrade autoprefixer gem
17599 Bug Smart variables allow you to select 'none' class

Team Marek Iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15779 Feature Make report, puppet classes and environments importing asynchronous using foreman-tasks
17483 Refactor Async HTTP API calls should return code 202 Accepted instead of 201 Created

Team Ivan Iteration 7


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16440 Feature Create Smart Variable directly from Configure -> Smart variables
17500 Feature Introduce providers for realm module
17548 Feature Smart class parameters without a connected puppetclass shouldn't be showed in the index
17810 Feature Delete smart class parameter when a puppet class is deleted

Team Anurag Iteration 7


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3158 Refactor Remove rescues from try calls where method doesn't exist
17678 Bug API-doc : Create a compute resource - URL param description missing "docker and rackspace"

Team Daniel - iteration 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16682 Refactor add compression to webpack
17516 Bug Update jquery to 2.2.4 to fix XSS
17602 Bug mention-bot should not mention inactive past contributors
17631 Bug Validate realms/puppetrun providers

Team Marek Iteration 7


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14394 Bug WEBrick server version disclosure
16850 Bug Password change activity does not show in Audit log
17015 Feature Add ability to get private keys or use existing key pairs when provisioning on EC2
17364 Bug User search using usergroup do not work
17495 Bug Align foreman configuration report expiry with Task expiry

Team Marek Iteration 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16148 Bug Enable/disable module descriptions in help output are confusing

Team Daniel - Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3551 Bug Foreman removes all puppet classes from a hostgroup when the environment is changed.
6502 Feature Add a list of ignored classes in the Puppet classes view
6952 Bug Correctly set hostgroup after provisioning from PXE menu
14714 Feature Puppet classes inherited from a parent host group should indicate which one
16204 Bug NameError: uninitialized constant ExternalUsergroups
16752 Refactor Extract template-related code from Host::Managed
16982 Bug CVE-2016-7078 - User with no organizations or locations can see all resources
17005 Bug CVE-2016-9593: Filter out passwords from answer file and cert keys
17526 Bug Taxonomy.ignore? does not work with "any context"
17680 Feature Allow accessing all template names for a host (in safe mode)
17844 Refactor unify js code for email test buttons
17898 Bug Virtual machine power off/on does not work for compute resource provider "rackspace".
17971 Bug move taxonomy added function from users.js to tfm.users
17972 Refactor Trends JS is overly complicated, form & helper are outdated and inefficient
17977 Refactor remove es6-promise polyfill
18010 Feature UI Notifications front-end implementation
18017 Refactor Disable Style/StringLiterals for Hound
18045 Bug Puppet classes don't show up without hostgroups
18191 Bug notification should not keep initiating new pull requests when there is an active request
18192 Bug notification should not keep fetching events when timeout occured
18194 Bug notification expand toggle should not be used
18248 Bug dashboard auto refresh causes notification component to duplicate it self
18321 Feature Provide migration to fix cloned roles
18326 Bug Notification drawer doesn't preserve open group tab after navigating to another page.
18343 Feature add method to deprecate JS functions
18348 Feature Foreman debug is very slow for big tarballs
18412 Bug Host times are adrift error styling
18425 Bug Update README
18426 Bug Provide support for Notification actions
18490 Bug eslint does not run correctly on all files
18491 Bug foreman_users.test.js is failing on develop

Team Ivan Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15403 Refactor Move puppet actions outside of UI controller
15405 Refactor Move puppet related helpers to a separate helper class.
17653 Feature Allow parameters and smart variable api to unhide values without changing the hidden_value flag
17899 Bug DeleteOrphanedSmartClassParameters migration fails
18026 Feature Add support for smart-proxy to selectively listen on multiple interfaces
18070 Bug When adding a new dhcp reservation, ip and mac addresses should be checked not only against existing reservations but leases as well
18071 Feature Handling of removal of non-existing record by dhcp provider should be the same across all providers

Team Marek Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17330 Bug Initially seeding the database fails with "TypeError: can't dup NilClass"

Team Ivan Iteration 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14716 Feature Provision thick disks from thin templates
18410 Bug Foreman role permission violations are not logging

Katello - Team Brad - Iteration 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12652 Bug Cannot change the disk name when provisioning a VMware host

Team Marek Iteration 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12294 Bug hammer host update ... --parameters=... fails if parameters already exist
18367 Refactor Patternfly User groups index
18461 Bug Reword External groups
18462 Bug Change LDAP filter field
18469 Bug Add Patternfly empty style page for subnets
18473 Bug Add Patternfly empty style page for compute resources
18474 Bug Add Patternfly empty style page for operating systems

Katello - Team Brad - Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18514 Bug Subnet page, ipv4 network prefix field should be above the netmask field

Team Marek Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17228 Feature Allow selecting a template used as global default for each kind
18317 Feature Clone role from API
18767 Feature I want to know the origin of a cloned role
18768 Refactor Remove useless field description from User and Role form
18783 Refactor Role form should not use inline notification for help regarding organizations and locations

Team Ivan Iteration 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18399 Bug Failed to initialize puppet class cache, will use lazy initialization instead

Katello - Team Brad - Iteration 12


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18403 Bug capsule sync not working after hostname change

Team Ivan Iteration 12


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12272 Feature Support for multiple certificates in ca.crt for oVirt
17902 Bug smart variable puppet class should not be auto selected
18949 Feature Include information about current user when loggin
18952 Bug Notifications issues prevent host to be destroyed
18962 Refactor Make isc dhcpd file parser accessible to 3rd party providers
18977 Bug Do not raise an exception when creating a role during plugin initialization
19017 Bug Use request id instead of session id of tagged logging

Team Marek Iteration 12


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18065 Bug The "Foreman API v1 is deprecated" warning should be bigger text
18639 Bug All templates that are shipped with Foreman should be locked by default

Team Marek Iteration 13


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19169 Bug CVE-2017-2672 - audit trail leaks sensitive data for Image events

Team Marek Iteration 18


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16740 Feature Host parameters should be available in templates using some macro

Team Anurag Iteration 9

Team Anurag Iteration 9

# Tracker Subject Story Points
12547 Bug Search raises PGError on feeding a non-integer value for a integer field
12649 Bug Index search not retained when using form's cancel button
16846 Bug Org create returns unclear message when trying to assign a non-existent subnet